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Health Systems Administration

: Specifications : 1 Page , 3 Sources , APA Style: language non-for- attachment . A growing aspect of the continued transformation occurring in the wellness oversee system include changes in self-will part of hospitals , wellness systems and health plans . This includes the conversion of non-for-profit to for-profit , and from for-profit to non-for-profit These transformations have raise a number of concerns and questions What is your assessment of the impact of these changes on health administer And the quality of service to the patientsPreviously , healthc are was being provided to the stack as a merciful service , usually turn out of commiseration for the sick and the ill . However towards the later portion of the twentieth century , this has changed , and it is being increasingly put in that healthcare is much of a business rather than a charitable work . People are suggesting that if healthcare were financed , the quality of function and some(prenominal) an early(a)(prenominal) criteria including outcomes , accessibility , effectiveness would improve . Before a decision is made on whether a healthcare geological formation should function for the sake of profit or for not-for-profit nerve reasons , several(prenominal) issues need to be taken into considerationRosenau et al conducted a equalise to determine the procedure of for-profit yardbird psychiatrical operate and non-profit psychiatric services in the US , in the socio-economic class 1980 . several(prenominal) literatures were reviewed to study the differences betwixt non-profit and for-profit services in the field of inpatient psychiatry , and likewise other types of healthcare services . several(prenominal) criteria including quality , cost-effectiveness accessibility and jack ladder were being assessed . Aft er conducting original research in those ar! eas , the examiners found that in terms of performance , the non-profit services were equal to or even better than the profit services . The study alike found that this was a analogous finding across other specialties .
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Hence , at to the lowest degree during the period or so 1980 , non-profit services performed better than for-profit psychiatric servicesIn the US , today a majority of the organizations are nonprofit and count on on Medicaid for financing . In the year 2005 , Medicaid has paid for to a great extent than 16 of healthcare provided . Nonprofit organizations are more(prenominal) third estate in the northern and eastern states compared to the southern and western states , as competition and policies favor the functioning of the nonprofit organizations . In the year 2005 , about 85 billion to one hundred five billion went into Medicaid living for the nonprofit organizations A trend , which has been seen in the US , is that around of the managed care organizations are becoming for-profit and the hospitals are becoming nonprofit . Medicaid spending is increasing in sealed areas such as psychiatric services , mental health , hospice , community care , etc and is decreasing expenditure in other areas . In this government agency , it can be say that Medicaid is beginning to reshape the healthcare industry in the US (Burke , 2007The organizations that are providing healthcare on a profit base of operations are causing a serious effect on the quality , outcomes and effectiveness of the services . They are becoming more and more interested in increasing profits and l ittle interested in improve the quality and effectiv! eness of...If you deficiency to get a affluent essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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