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Need And Benefits Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

Need And Benefits Of practise Life Balance Social mold EssayIntroductionWork animateness equaliser has become the vitriolic publicize around the world. In the united Kingdom, a high train of support has been stipulation to act as vitality commensurateness. Employers think people bunghole lone(prenomoal) bust best performance when they butt end strike a rest period of change state and behavior. In the United States, to a greater extent importance has been given to ladder animateness relaxation, it has accounted for to a greater extent than than ii-thirds of bend characteristics that has been rated by pursueed companies which they think to be absolutely essential to attract and retain the talent. (Michaels, Handfield- Jones Axelrod, 2001)In Hong Kong, a survey is conducted on stool spiritedness residuum has indicated that more than 80% of employees universe interviewed and they put one over considered snuff it flavor chemical equilibrium as substanti al to them and only slight accordingly 50% of them said that they were able to extend to it. books ReviewOver the past decades, balance amongst lick and some other factors of action has been do much difficult which happened ascribable to changes in technology, demographic doingforce and melodic phrase environment. It is flat become a ch all toldenge for new(a) employees to achieve subject area sustenance balance without jeopardizing their well being and gaiety with other aspect of the lives and boilers suit quality of liveliness. Technological advancements, like prompt phones, internet, fix enabled people to conduct work anywhere and at any clipping, whether they atomic number 18 on holidays or flying on planes. Furthermore the use of computers has changed their lives as people argon taking their work to home. Long functionals hours now becomes a norm in many countries worldwide. Which progress to indirectly change magnitude the workload, persistent hours culture and job insecurity?Over the past decades, the consumption of women has increased substantially. In some developed economies, women are occupied one-half or more of workforce (International Labor Office 2007). In 2005, approximately 88 million women whose ages lie between 20 to 64 were engaged in the United States, which was the 50.8% of the total workforce (US Census Bureau, 2005) and 70.9% of the women were participated in working class force in 2005.Work Life BalanceWork life balance was first used in the late 1970 that actually describes that the case-by-case has a in the flesh(predicate) life too. Work and life balance is of the essence(predicate) and it should be get away in way that increases merriment. Individuals ad hominem life in which family, friends, love, play and so oncomes.Work life balance is about people manage the difference between work and life. How they manage work and life. Work life balance is important only in the framework of what clappe rclawer-up does for the single worker.The work life balance however is a two branched approach, it is achievement with enjoyment. If the employee is freehanded his best input to the ecesis but not really enjoying the same then happiness then satisfaction bathroom not be achieved.Work life balance does not mean value only balancing the profession and family, it means balancing the mental and billet quo and balancing the emotional intelligence. Organizations facilitate their employees via implementing work life balance and training.thither is a life at home and at work and life having space for leisure time. If the employee work life is unstableness then it feeling comes on productivity means productivity is declining and efficiency direct is in any case decreasing, the imbalance work life has a negative impact in professional and personal life. Imbalance work life conducts in absenteeism, turnover, less pull to organization.Employee retention is seriously important for o rganizations. Now organizations are think on grooming their employees and treating them as human capital of the organization.Thats why companies approximately of the companies are implementing work life balance by facilitating part time work, work at home, attend meeting via video conferencing, can do job sharing.Work life and personal life are two sides of the same coin. According to various work life balance surveys, more then 60% respondents said they are not able to relegate the balance between them. They contribute to make difficult decision between work and personal life. But now it is close to equilibrium. Traditionally managing a balance between life and work was considered to be a womans bed but increasing work pressure, technological changes and globalization have made this issue for male and female, all professionals working across all countries. Achieving a balance work life is not simple as it seen. private life and work life both are inter-connected and interdepen dent and doing long hours job, dealing with clients, deadlines in jobs can interfere and affect the personal life of an individualistic and sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the relationship. On the other side, personal life can also be demanding such as kids, wife, parents and relatives, full-grown them time is very important. If not managing then it leads to absenteeism form work, stress direct increases and concentration on work diminishes.The work life balance meshing occurs when burden, obligations and responsibilities and family roles becomes incompatible.Need and Benefits of Work Life BalanceToday the deadlines of work are getting tighter and its really much difficult for an individual to achieve it. collect to these deadlines it becomes difficult to maintain a family life. It is difficult to have engagement of min with the engagement of body. In every individuals life there are four-spot stakeholders- his or her personality, family, job and the society.It is very important for an individual person to give equal importance to all stakeholders (personality, family, job and society) and then an individual can term as successful person. When a life is imbalance then happiness, peace and harmony of life vanishes and it has a negative impact on work life too. So it is very important to nullify imbalance of life. The transition of work life imbalance and work life balance has negative and positive impact on organizations success.On an individual level work life balance bring phenomenal changes in his life and also have impact on society. A balance work life results in good wellness, stress level decline due to health levels and can derive more value form work and life and which leads to satisfaction and self actualization.At the organizational level, balance work life enables productivity and efficiency and employees becomes more creative and derive more satisfaction. Employee better communicate and do better teamwork in a working environmen t. Work life balance leads to fully enjoying the work and which increases passion for it, which results in employees commitment level increases and thus develops a strong value system.Advantages of Work Life BalanceMany organizations such as IBM, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer and Accenture have introduced work life programme within their companies to help their employees to achieve effective balance between the work and personal life because they believe that it makes good business sense to provide such programmes to their employees due to financial and non-financial benefits that can be reaped.Policies and practices of work life balance are good for business there are many benefits for the business who have implemented it.The one of the most important advantage of work life balance is that employee feel satisfaction because of managing the work and life.Organizations implement work life balance in locate to attract or retain ingenious employees.This work life balance was implemented by o rganizations to decrease the labor turnover in the organizations.It increases the productivity in the organizations because of the work life balance.When people are satisfied with their life as well as work means they have unplowed the balance between work and personal life, which results in less absenteeism in the organization.It increases the overall profit in the organization because of balance between work and personal life.Organizations implemented work life balance then it increases overall profit in any organization as employees are working hard to increase productivity.Employees are loyal where organizations have implemented work life balance.An overall more enjoyable workplace as all employees are achieving and enjoying.Employees give best input to organization as they are happy with their life and work balance.Work life balance initiates an individual to give his best input to organization and work hard to achieve organizational goals and provides innovative ideas and thus organization rapidly grow in the direction of success.When an individual has work life balance then he or she can better know how to egest the time.Employees less bunk the time as they have well manage the work and personal life.Depression is a condition of mental disturbance and when employees work life is balance and he or she can perfectly manages everything.Individual have other things to do in life then work which is as playing, giving time to family means expense time with the family, meeting with friends etc. So work life balance is very important in individuals life.There are many responsibilities of an individual such responsibility parents, wife, children and as well as of society so work life balance is very important in respect to managing these multiple responsibilities at a time.Companies who have implemented work life balance programme, they have reduces the health cost as employee have to work less and thats the reason they have good health.According to the Corpor ate Executive Boards Research, effective work life balance encourages workers to work harder and discourage them for leaving the job.The worker can soft meet the need of family, personal obligations and the life responsibility.Employees are more committed to organizations who have implemented it.Employer can recruit outstanding or talented employees in the company.Implementation, heart and soul and Results of work life balance in PakistanImplementation, Effect and Results of work life balance in PakistanThe Unilever Pakistan LimitedThe Unilever Pakistan Limited, formerly open Brothers Pakistan Limited was constituted in 1948. Unilever Pakistan is one of the largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in the Pakistan and has a multinational operational network.The Unilever Pakistan Limited has implemented work life balance to facilitate their employees to enjoy and improve productivity in the organization.Unilever, Pakistan has given employees the chance to work flexibly wi th different schemes which is as part time job, work at home and job sharing.They have change the way they work in past. But now they avoid travelling to meetings which cost money and it also impacts the environment and takes the people faraway away from home. Thats why they have introduced effective ways to communicate through new generation video conferencing, virtual meetings, videophones and online collaboration environments.In the result of work life balance implementation in Unilever, Pakistan employees are more committed, highly satisfied and loyal to the company and have less turnover.Procter Gamble, PakistanProcter Gamble, Pakistan was established in 1991 and is global consumer goods company which is locally operating in a Pakistan that provides premium quality product for their consumers.Procter and Gamble has implemented work life balance. According to their view, they believe that work life balance is as important as the performance. They have fitness clubs, days-off to work from home programmes. They are giving special consideration to working mothers. In results of implementing the work life in Procter Gamble employees are more productive which translates to success.Telenor PakistanTelenor Pakistan is owned by the Telenor base and is an international provider of voice, data, and content and mobile communication service.Telenor has implemented work life balance which they believe is critical to their business success. They have provided in-office facilities to their employees such as gyms, game rooms and cafes to get relax at work and enjoy these facilities.The other organizations who have implemented work life balance in Pakistan are swanIslami Pakistan, Pakistan State Oil, Netsol Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Pfizer Pakistan, Nestl Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, Daewoo Pakistan, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan, Pakistan Steel Mills, Dubai Moslem Bank Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Gourmet F oods (Pakistan), State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan, PEPCO Pakistan, Qubee (Augere Pakistan), Citibank Pakistan, United Energy Pakistan Limited, OCS Pakistan, Tetra Pak Pakistan, Mobilink Pakistan, PepsiCo, Chartis Insurance Company, Pakistan Water and Power Supply Authority, Roche Pakistan Limited, Publicis Pakistan, Engro Foods, The Coca-Cola Company, World call Telecom, Nokia, XavorConclusionWork life balance remains an important issue that requires considerable attention from organizations. Nowadays many organizations operates 24/7 enrolment and technological advancement has made it easy to connect all the time. Employers have found out that burnt-out employees are nearly useless term satisfied employees are the key to organizations success in future. To this ends, many organization has implemented work life balance programs to facilitate employees in handling conflicts that may arise between work and life. The work life balance programs incorporated at organization s providing the flexibility and support that help employees manage the complexities of juvenile life.Outcomes of imperfect Work life balanceStressThe number of employees damage from many ailments including hypertension, heart attack, diabetes has grown in recent years, which worst effect by long working hours and stressful working hours.Relational ProblemsIf the employees spend more time in the workplace rather then spending time with the parents, spouses, children and family, can disturb the relationship as there is no longer time to give for these relations.Unethical PracticesTo handle the stress in the organizations as well as in the home, employees tend to adopt unethical practices such as smoking, drugs, improper relations etc.

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Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe

Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan PoeThe fabrication of The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe is integral of conflict from arising to end. The narrator of this figment does not reveal why such a conflict exists other than to say roundone has impugned his honor. Poe take fors exercising of banter, symbolisation among other linguistics core to tell a visit story under Montresors, the strikeer, view and ideas. Even knowing the narrator is not reliable and he probably is mad, the reader stands on his side from the set about to the end of the conflict. This article ordain try to analyze the tools used by Poe to create this short story.The Style of Poe in The cask of amontilladoStrengthening readers cellular inclusion of his writing is likewise a key function of the imagery Poe uses. The compartmentalisation of stylistic devices used by Poe to create the atmosphere of horror and timidity includes the setting, one of the things the author uses to paint a dark and gloo my determine in the readers mind. For manakin as described by him in the beginning of the short story It was about dusk, one evening during the supreme lunacy of the carnival season or like in this paragraph At the most remote end of the crypt there appeargond another less spacious. Its walls had been run along with human remains, piled to the vault overhead, in the fashion of the great catacombs of Paris. Three sides of this home(a) crypt were still ornamented in this manner. From the quartetteth side the bones had been thrown down, and amaze promiscuously upon the earth, forming at one point a mound of nearly size. Within the wall olibanum exposed by the displacing of the bones, we perceived a still interior crypt or recess, in depth about four feet, in width three, in height six or seven. It agnisemed to micturate been constructed for no especial use within itself, and formed just now the interval between two of the colossal supports of the roof of the catacombs, and was backed by one of their circumscribing walls of solid granite. Imagery in Poes style of writing clearly involves readers in the story, and his use of complex vocabulary controls that readers understand his themes and implications.The use of symbolism is what makes Poes short story even much interesting. Symbolism, according to the The Dictionary of literary Terms, is an object, person, idea, etc. used in a literary work, film, etc., to stand for or suggest or sothing else with which it is associated either explicitly or in some more subtle expression. It may not be clear for some readers, still in The Cask of Amontillado the fight between two social split up conflict and the aristocratic social codes is very well pictured.Montresor meets Fortunato as if by chance when it is clear that Montresor already of Fortunatos attendance during the Carnival celebration at a banquet. When Montresor leads the intoxicated Fortunato into the blind wall in the subterranean passages of Mo ntresors family threatening and takes him prisoner, he already has mortar and trowel prepared for walling up his victim. Since Fortunato had condition Montresor a Masonic sign and asked him if he were a Mason, a disbelief which response was that Fortunato was nothing more than a real stone stonemason and the murderer laughingly showed the real trowel he had with him, it kindle also be a humorous imitation of the French Freemasonry, whose motto was libert, galit, fraternit.Fortunato is of burgher origin and Montresor, who is full of aristocratic pride reflected in his thoughts of backups of nobility, genealogy, escutcheons, coats of arms, quarterings, the bones of ancestors, fiefs, and familial property, could not handle an offense against ones honor called for justice and punishment. The motto on his coat of arms is Nemo me impune lacessit (No one insults me with impunity). He cannot challenge the ignorant Fortunato besides, with his purchased title he holds some official post in the government, is by chance an intendant, and is thus a personification of the evils that had been foisted on the provincial aristocracy by the crown. Since Fortunato has power, Montresor turns on to murder.The symbolism can also be noticed in some other aspects and details of the short story. Ironically, the victim is named Fortunato, which in English means lucky man or fortunate. He is said to be wearying motley a tight-fitting parti-striped dress, and his head was surmounted by the cone-shaped cap and bells, just like a jester. The ironic heart and soul of Fortunatos name, for the story proves that he is greatly unfortunate, creates a symbolic image of a light-minded, flyaway man, who shows little understanding of his own life.On what it comes to the narration style, Poe does what he did in other two of his short stories (The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart) he conveys the story through the murderers perspective. In a very wise way, Poe presents the narrator in the fi rst-person, Montresor, what makes him not reliable, since he tells the story under his perspective. As we can see in this part of the story, Montresor never tells the reader the real cause of his retaliateTHE thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that gave utterance to a threat. At length I would be avenged this was a point definitely, settled but the very definitiveness with which it was resolved precluded the idea of risk. I must not only punish but punish with impunity. A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser. It is equally unredressed when the avenger fails to make himself felt as such to him who has done the wrong.Poe uses irony as a catharsis for his inner angst. Even beneath the grotesque visions of dead remains everywhere in the underground vault, the reader feels little sympathy for Fortunato, perhaps becau se of his elitist attitude when he mocks Montresor, saying You are not of the brotherhood. It is important to dream up that Fortunato had countless opportunities to leave at the narrators insistence, but this man disregards them nevertheless, forever waterproofing his own fate when the narrator proclaims his family motto and the description of his family crestas a snake in the grass biting into the heel that crushes it, all of these are clues that could potentially allow for Fortunatos escape. In recalling the image of the snake, it is Montresor who plays this role against the man who would mercilessly step upon him, demeaning him, as Fortunato had done so many times before.The Cask of Amontillado is filled with irony, offset by the title that mentions a barrel of a rare booze which is a secondary, if not a mere detail in the square story. We also have a situational case of irony as Montresor takes the luck of the carnival season celebration, a date to celebrate joyfully, to tra p and murder Fortunato.In this short story we can find three geeks of ironyVerbal irony which involves saying one thing but meaning the opposite.Situational irony which occurs when events turn out the opposite of what would ordinarily be expected. For example the title of the short story as mentioned before.Dramatic irony is when readers or viewers of a story know more than the denotations or can interpret more accurately what they have to say. When Montresor repeats Fortunatos Let us be gone, readers probably make a second interpretation of what Fortunato understand by that.The first reciprocations Montresor utters when he meets Fortunato is full of irony, since he did not met his associate by a chance, neither Fortunato was luckily met My dear Fortunato, you are luckily met. Fortunatos jester costume is also very satirical.The way the story unfolds itself and the way Montresor talks to Fortunato is full of irony from the beginning to the very end when he screams Fortunatos nam e right after he died. Here are some excerpts to illustrateMontresor expressing himself worried about the nitre-covered walls and exacerbation of Fortunatos cough-this is an example of verbal irony. As the victim replies the cough is a mere nothing it will not kill me. I shall not die of a cough.The second nursing bottle of wine consumed is a flagon of De Grave here Poe plays with the wine brand and the word grave in English which means sepulture I skint and reached him a flagon of De Grave. He emptied it at a breath. His eyes flashed with a approximative light. He laughed and threw the bottle upwards with a gesticulation I did not understand.They make a toast to Fortunatos long life, who did not know he was about to face death Drink, I said, presenting him the wine.He raised it to his lips with a leer. He paused and nodded to me familiarly, while his bells jingled.I drink, he said, to the buried that repose around us.And I to your long life.Fortunato is the real ignoramus, term he used to insult Luchesi, whom Montresor has several(prenominal) times suggested as a connoisseur who could substitute for Fortunato As you are engaged, I am on my way to Luchesi. If anyone has a critical turn, it is he. He will tell me Luchesi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry.Let us go, nevertheless. The cold is and nothing. Amontillado You have been imposed upon and as for Luchesi, he cannot distinguish Sherry from Amontillado.Poe uses repetition to ensure readers to deeper comprehend the concepts and story development.conclusionIn this short story we do not have a violent, drunk or psycho character that kills for no reason or disconnected from reality. Montresor knows what he is doing and maintains focused and straightforward all the time and that is what apart The Cask of Amontillado from Poes other tales.This tale contains a great amount of dark humor and is somehow a type of warning for those who thread other people by bullying them because the anger ones might always c ome back urging for revenge.

Custodial Deaths and Human Rights Issues

Custodial Deaths and gracious Rights IssuesWhenalways we go through daily newspapers or news on broadcast media or internet, iodine of the approximately rough-cut topics we piece of ass puzzle is oddments in hold. This is something that we get to hear nigh nigh often from people surrounding us, and it has been happening for quite a persistent time, non only in a particular country or region, but in the whole world. However, galore(postnominal) people is dying in durance each year. The ends fleck in work force remains a very controversial topic as it is believed that the main reasons of these deaths be unplowed in darkness from the world.1These deaths could be a regular subject for the ones in charge of the clutch, but bring a major issue in the limelight which is the gross violation of human chastens. check to the Joint commission on clement Rights (JCHR), When the render takes away a soulfulnesss liberty, it assumes full office for encourageing their human recompenses. The most fundamental of these is the right to life.2As we go through this paper, we depart discuss more about protective deaths and its move on international law and human rights.Custodial deaths are referred to those deaths, epoch in keep of the constabulary, prison service, or other authorities. The causes of these deaths or we can say that the custody authorities are often accused of abuse, cover-ups, racism and neglect.3Some examples of custodial deaths are Operation Clean Heart by the giving medication of Bangladesh where a minimum of 32 people died death of about 100 prisoners in United States custody in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002 and at least 650 people were killed in Jamaica by the natural law officers in 1999 which were totally vicious killings, but none of them were convicted since then.4Human RightsHuman rights are rights and freedoms to which all earthly concern are entitled.5These rights protect us from good political, legal, and socia l abuses. A a few(prenominal) examples of human rights are the right to freedom of religion, the right to a upright trial when charged with a crime, the right not to be tortured, the right to engage in political activity, and the right to life.6All these rights are saved by law for the wellbeing of a society. These rights, if violated, can lead to severe consequences or penalties if prove guilty to the sovereign sureness.Human Rights against Custodial DeathsThe most fundamental part of human rights is the right to life.7This type of human rights which protect people detained by the State falls under the law of Human Rights work on 1998. A death penalty or even custodial deaths violate these rights according to many human rights activists from around the world. A state checkers protection of its people enforced by law. They have more responsibleness about a persons protection when they take them into custody in doubts of illegal acts. Therefore, whenever a person dies in cust ody, it raises a major human rights issue. as well people who are serving whole-life sentences, many others die in custody. These custodial deaths maybe caused cod to natural causes or diseases, attacks by other prisoners, self-infliction, third-degree tortures succession in remand, and many other reasons. Many of those people who die in custody are held on remand in either guard custody or prison for doubts of unrule-governed acts, and are convicted of no pitiful offence. These are dear violations of human rights as every individual has the right to life, which is protected by the State and these deaths are not enforced by law.Custodial Death and Human Rights Concerns around the WorldIn Bangladesh, a huge battalion of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) killed more than seventy army officers and others dead in February 25 and 26, 2009. After that, most soldiers of Bangladesh Rifles were held in prisons as suspects for the massacre. More than a thousand soldiers including twenty urbaneian s were detained, and the others are belt up in the police custody. From a statement of the Bangladesh Rifles on April 23, 2009, it was said that Sixteen detainees have died in custody four from suicide, six from heart attacks, and six from other diseases.8But fasten Adams, Asia Director at Human Rights Watch9, said that he couldnt find a solid reason for which the detainees have committed suicide, and thus, he has urged the government to take immediate actions to stop such deaths in custody.From credible sources in Bangladesh, reports were found by the Human Rights Watch on torture of detainees term they were in custody. One of the suspects told that he was tortured with electric shocks for seven eld by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)10. After the death of other suspect, a family member said that he was in good wellness before taken into custody and has no reason of sudden death. In a medical report of a dead suspect, wounds of torture were inflicted, which the authority deni ed by saying that the wounds may have been caused while they were trying to escape valve following the rebellion.Adams said that these explanations are not credible and that torture is a regular investigation technique in Bangladesh and killing of detainees in custody is an endemic problem. The detained suspects have been denied access to family and lawyers in most cases.In Vietnam, Human Rights Watch reported that they have received nineteen documents of brutality cases in twelve months till September 2010, which resulted in deaths of fifteen people. Deaths in custody were reported from major cities in Vietnam which has provoked the public protestant in the country and raised serious concerns.In a few cases, the detainees died due to massive beatings while in custody of the police or civil defense force, and in other cases, people died in public areas where the police used excessive forces. In many cases, detainees are taken into custody and killed for minor violations of law.In J une 30, 2010, a person died in police custody after being detained following a dispute with his mother. In some other case, which was on July 23, 2010, a man was arrested for riding a motorbike without a helmet. He was then taken is custody for questioning and hours later, it was reported that he died. This has raised serious concerns in Vietnam for such a custodial death.In all these nineteen incidents in just twelve months time, not a whizz involved police officer was convicted by the local court of justice for their actions. There have been major protests by the media as the government has mellow restrictions and control over their local press. Only a few police officers have been detained or suspended, which was caused due to media exposure of the incidents and severe protests from the public. Unless the government shows serious concerns regarding such human rights issues, it is very uncertain that such killings can ever be stopped.In Afghanistan, a soldier named Jamal Nasse r died in March 16, 2003 while in custody of the United States Army.11After eighteen months of his death, it was reported that his death attributed to a kidney infection. Later on, investigations found that the cause was just a fiction. According to Senator Patrick Leahy, The detainee, Jamal Naseer, died in March 2003, allegedly after weeks of torture by American soldiers. Because theSpecial Forcesunit that reportedly controlled the detention facility failed to report the death, it was never investigated. This incident is very troubling on its own, but, like so many other incidents we have discovered, it points to a much larger problem. TheU.S. Army reprehensible Investigation Commandreceived a tip about Naseers death earlier this year, but could not investigate the matter due to a lack of information.12An army detective at Bagram Airbase told the LA Times that in that respect are no records for which they werent able to conclude the investigation process.Human Rights faithfulnes sThere are many human rights law assigned by the sovereign authority for the well being of a society by ensuring the safety of every individual. The law which concerns with the deaths in custody is hold 2 of The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR), The Human Rights Act 1998, which states that1. Everyones right to life shall be protected by law. No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally save in the death penalty of a sentence of a court following his conviction of a crime for which this penalty is provided by law.2. Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this Article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary(a) in defence of any person from wicked violence(b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person de jure detained(c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.13Article 2 clearly pro vides that the state should not deprive you of your life, except in very limited circumstances.14According to the article, whenever individual is killed by a police, army or prison officer, the incident pull up stakes always link to right to life. In such a circumstance, investigations allow be called and a failure in the investigation at the reach of a state official is likely to be a intermit of Article 2.ConclusionMany people have been killed and are still being killed while in custody of the state officials in nigh every country. The state is responsible for the protection of its each and every single individual and the ones violating laws shall be detained or punished after the consequences has been sanctioned by the higher authority. But any kind of custodial deaths are unlawful as every human has the right to life, and they cannot be punished unless they are proved guilty. Custodial deaths fall under the Human Rights Act 1998, Article 2 which states that custodial death s should be investigated and if not done, then it would be a breach of law. After studying this paper, we are able to conclude that custodial deaths have become a global human rights issue and these deaths are gross violation of Human Rights. The state must take all necessary steps in order to prevent deaths in custody, ensure that every individual is well protected by law, and only the ones proved guilty are punished or detained. Success in preventing will lead to the well being of the society.

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Impact Of Culture On Negotiation Cultural Studies Essay

contact Of cultivation On dialogue Cultural Studies Essay12 fantastic Men happens to be whizz of the intimately apt examples for understanding the pagan diversity of a component particular base. Twelve men from totally different backgrounds come together to give their verdict on a causal agent and it has to be a unanimous decision. In the end, they do contact a consensus. But what is interesting for our study is the process through with(predicate) which they pass to r to each one this consensus. The dialogue quoted above is one of the some(prenominal) clashes that occur amidst the jurors in the first place casting the final vote. The process reflects the contravention between the flori finishs of the twelve jurors as clearly, ending of each juror did not match with the early(a)s. (Source)Introduction gloss is an integral part of difference resolution. The way each party in a dispute infers, be come upons, reacts in front of the new(prenominal) in the dialog ue raft be attributed to the culture that the party carries in itself. In trusted cases, culture crowd out be the deciding factor as to whether the conflict resolution will work or not. Amidst all issues connected with the transnational talkss the one that has been attracting the most attention has been the operate of culture on negotiation. This show makes an movement to understand the importee of culture, study the various factors surrounding and influencing it and thus highlight the importance of the selfsame(prenominal) in negotiation. The ultimate aim of this analyze is to try and provide an insight into the aspects of cross- ethnic negotiation thereby preventing the lector from underestimating the importance of culture in any negotiation.Meaning of gardeningTo pin down the meaning of culture, we first need to appreciate a few descriptions which break been widely acknowledged and used to understand the various aspects of culture and so observe the characterist ics of culture.A Definitions1) Edward Tylor (1871)Culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom and any new(prenominal) capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of the society.This is the foremost attempt made to define culture and was afterwards used as a model to rely upon and improvise the definition by several anthropologists and sociologists. The harm manage knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, etc. demonstrate the wide ambit of culture through Tylors perspective.2) Clyde Kluckhohn (1951)Culture consists in patterned ways of thinking, feeling and reacting, acquired and transmitted in the main by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievement of human groups, including their embodiments in artefacts the essential snapper of culture consists of traditional (i.e. historically deprived and selected) ideas and especially their attached set.This definition is quite comprehensive as culture has been composed of t wo determine and beliefs. Kluckhohn adds special importance to the aspect of traditional ideas and attached values which accentuate on the preserved behaviour of an individual which passes on from one coevals to the another(prenominal)wise.3) Geert Hofstede (1991)Culture is the collective programming of the sagaciousness which distinguishes the members of one group or category of great deal from another.Hofstede suggests that patterns of thinking, feeling, and potential acting which were learnt throughout a lifespan of a person argon mental programs, i.e. softwargon of the mind and the popular term for such mental software is culture. Although it is not very apparent(a) from the definition, Hofstede gives a lot of importance to values while determining the meaning of culture which is addressed further in the essay.B CharacteristicsMichelle LeBaron in her article has mentioned authoritative complications in working with cultural dimensions of conflict, and the implications that flow from them. For our purpose, these complications outhouse be enured as characteristics of culture as culture is a complex whole. They are1) Culture is multi-layered what you see on the surface may mask differences to a lower place the surface2) Culture is constantly in flux as conditions tack, cultural groups adapt in dynamic and sometimes unpredictable ways3) Culture is elastic knowing the cultural norms of a given group does not predict the behaviour of a member of that group, who may not correct to norms for individual or contextual reasons4) Culture is largely below the surface, influencing identities and meaning-making, or who we believe ourselves to be and what we care about it is not easy to ingress these symbolic levels since they are largely outside our awareness and5) Cultural influences and identities incur important depending on context. When an aspect of cultural identity operator is threatened or misunderstood, it may become relatively more import ant than other cultural identities and this fixed, narrow identity may become the focus of stereotyping, negative projection, and conflict.Culture is dynamic, not timeless or changeless. It is a starting point that orients us in particular ways and away from other directions.As quoted by Raymond Williams, Culture is one of the two or three most mixed words in the English verbiage. Looking at the various dimensions which have been brought under the definitions mentioned above, we offer comprehend that the term culture is inexhaustible. We butt end resolve by saying that every notion that the human mind emerges with can be ascertained as a part of culture. Whether that notion subsequently becomes an activity or simply remains a thought is irrelevant. It can be said that culture sets the pattern in which these notions materialize in an individuals mind.Factors surrounding and influencing culture (Raymond Cohen, Robert janosik, hofstede?)Normally, the most instant thought that occu rs in ones mind when he or she thinks of culture is the national identity. Horacio Falcao is of the credence that people decry cross-cultural negotiation. They tend to only look at national culture when they go to foreign negotiations. There is also educational culture, race culture, sex activity culture, religious culture and these cultures also impact the way people behave, think and communicate. There are numerous other factors which form a part of the culture or invariably affect the way a cultural pattern is developed in a person. Although the pace of cultural change naturally varies from one group to another, cultures evolve in reaction to many factors, from trends such as urbanization, globalization, or modernization to specific historical experiences, including the influence of other cultures, and even, occasionally, government policies.Each individual has a culture. In fact, each individual has potentially several cultures. The culture groups may share race, ethnicity, or nationality. But they also arise from cleavages of generation, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability and disability, semipolitical and religious affiliation, language and gender to name only a few.The most widely recognised and discussed components of a cultural pattern are beliefs, values and norms. According to Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester, Culture is a learned set of shared exposition about beliefs, values and norms, which affect the behaviours of a relatively large group of people. Norms are the outward manifestations of beliefs and values they are evident through behaviours and can be readily observed. While beliefs romance on what is true, values tap on what is important. Shalom Schwartz conducted a survey Schwartz Value Inventory (SVI) by involving 60,000 people to identify the values which are commonly prioritised by people. raze Hofstede is of the opinion that mental programs can include a lot of things, from religious beliefs, nutrient preference s, and aesthetic choices to attitudes toward authority. He has categorised these things under symbols, heroes, rituals and values in which symbols are the most specific and values are the most general components. He suggests that values are the innermost core of an individuals culture as symbols, heroes and rituals appoint the layers of culture that are visible to outsiders.Cohen understands culture by addressing three refer aspects which are widely quoted and recognised1) It is a societal and not an individual quality,2) It is acquired and not genetic, and3) Its attributes cover every area of social life.Hence, we can see that culture is not only surrounded by national identity or a certain geographical background but other more profound and intangible factors like values, beliefs, ideas also play a significant role in developing a culture.How Cultures affect NegotiationEvery negotiation is a cross-cultural exercise. Each of us belongs to bigeminal cultures that give us messag es about what is normal, appropriate and expected. When others do not have-to doe with our expectations, it is often a cue that our cultural expectations are different. This is where the veridical conflict arises.Several anthropologists and sociologists have written extensively about the effect that culture has on negotiation. We will look at the prominent work by a few of them. Robert Janosik has derived four distinct approaches to understand the impact of culture on negotiation. First, culture is a learned behaviour. It focuses on actions without giving a good deal attention to the reasons behind those actions. Second, culture is a matter of shared raw material values. This approach assumes that thinking precedes doing and that ones thinking patterns derive from his cultural context. Third, culture is cause by the dialectic tension between paired, opposing values like individualism and collectivism, idealism and pragmatism, etc. And fourth, culture draws on a systems guess a nd offers multi-causal explanations of negotiation behaviour.Hoftsede and his quintette dimensions on which country cultures differ are discussed extensively in many subsequently published papers and books. According to him, these quintet dimensions reflect basic problems that any society has to cope with but for which solutions differ. These five dimensions are1) Power DistanceThis dimension is explained by emphasizing on human inequality. The degree of acceptance of the unequal distribution of power can vary among different cultures.2) Uncertainty Avoidance,3) Individualism and Collectivism,4) Masculinity and Feminity, and5) Long-term and short-run Orientation.Culture affects different varieties of negotiation differently depending on such factors as the particular objectives, the number of parties, and the extent to which the cultures clash or complement one another. The manner in which culture affects negotiation is further complicated since individuals differ in the extent to which they exhibit cultural influences. Since personalities, training and other variables sovereign of culture come into play, people reflect to varying degrees certain of the values, attitudes, and beliefs of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, profession, or occupation. The extent to which cultural factors are likely to pose additional obstacles for an international negotiation will depend upon the individuals involved as well as the cultures and circumstances at issue.Culture may deeply affect the dynamics within a negotiating team whether formal or informal, egalitarian or highly conscious of rank. It may affect the teams propensity to share reading directly, avoid disclosing it, or reveal it only indirectly, for instance, through communicating triple offers through which preferences and priorities might be inferred. Ethical norms associated with negotiation frequently vary among cultures, with lies and deception, bribery and bluffing viewed quite differently.Although the national culture and its elements have been mentioned above, the factor of language deserves to be noted separately. One function of language is to structure verity and to order experience. Therefore, the language of an individual significantly influences his or her perceptions and thinking. Certain ideas or concepts are linguistically culture-bound in that no equivalent exists in other languages. Literal translation of terms from one language to the other can lead to grave miscommunication and can affect the whole interaction between the negotiating parties deeply. For example when Chevrolet introduced the Nova in South America, they were apparently unaware that in Spanish No va means It wont go.Thus, all the factors mentioned are not just important while dealing with international negotiations but domestic negotiations as well.Summary and ConclusionsJust like Hofstedes Onion where value lies at the utmost(a) core of culture, culture happens to lie at the extreme core of neg otiation. Even if we were to assume a perfect situation where just everything is right with the actual paperwork and the statistics of the deal on each side of the negotiation, but if the culture of the other party is not understood, then it would not turn to out to be a successful negotiation. To be successful in the international negotiation arena, negotiators need to develop high sensitivity to cultural factors, identify and pursue a culturally responsive strategy most appropriate in a given negotiation setting but at the same time acknowledge and consider also individual and structural aspects occurring in this setting.A person would be able to negotiate and persuade the other negotiating party better if he is aware of the cultural difference that both of them might have.

Obama and Romney Campaign Video Analysis

Obama and Romney Campaign pic abbreviationAnalysis of Obama and Romney motion AdvertisementsIgbinosa OjehomonAccording to McNair Brian semi semi policy-making parley simply is purposeful communication about politics1 From his definition of policy-making communication, the main script that strikes a chord is purposeful which according to Merriam Webster dictionary, defines purposeful as having a clear aim or purpose2 So his explanation could be summarized as communication related to politics having a clear aim. Political communication always has an intent and intended target. much so, it usu ally has an accusative and the objective most of the prison term it is to influence and persuade an intended assemblage or populace. Besides political communication is always issue specific. opus time the information disseminated is well-defined to reflect a particular marrow. This is make in other to ensure that the recipients of the targeted information get the intended nitty-gri tty in other to excite maximum clash. Besides political communication has gone beyond just spoken words and composed text besides it has metamorphosed into to the realm of exploitation filmic and photographic cues3. These include deliberate conjunct efforts at manipulate audio-visual and pictorial materials, structured in much(prenominal) a way that it portrays a particular identity. In this fashion this could be referred to as Political Image. It further includes advertising related attributes such as type design for political political party, facial cosmetics, and hairdo making of whoever is going to be a flag be ber of the political party. All this be by design done to ensure positive construe of the political part and the party leader in other to clear a positive apprehension on the mind of the intended target in order to reach an intended objective desired by the political party and the political leader. This processes goes down to include what type of slogan to theatrical role, what color should be apply to represent the party to charge include voice training of the political leader, gesture training, walking steps to dressing style are all portion outfully manage by a specialist to portray and image consistent with what is intended by the party. Funny enough all this duty item in political communication has influence by advancement in communication technology. From paper to newspapers, magazine to radio, television to the social media. in time the coming of the television most especially the colored television has open a fora for exceedingly colorful political advertising programs, speeches, jingles all utilize super creative multimedia tools to produce the most colorful and eye assemblage ikon footage. Besides all entities father components, this divisions that make up the entity. Against the scope the parts that make up political communication are as fol modests the media, the citizens and the political organization4COMPONE NT OF POLITICAL COMMUNICATIONThe citizen, media and political organization are all core parts of political communication. They are passing leechlike on each other and they could be referred to as mutually interdependent. to each one constituent depend on the other constituent depend on the other constituent for relevance. This process is in any case vice versa.Firms 2012 (Barack Obamas commove)https// esteem?v=Ud3mMj0AZZkThis 32 seconds Ad was carefully structured to support the apparent movement that Romney was the problem and non the solution to the Statesns economic woes, by exposing the trading pattern of Romneys firms and money laundering schemes. In the period when these Ads were aired, America has been experiencing a steady increase in un meshing and the saving was in a bad shape. This economic smudge badly affect the nerve class of the American society who were losing their jobs to offshore- outsourcing of labor to countries of cheap labor such as Mexico, India and mainland China. Besides, further investment in Tax havens such as Cayman Island and Bermuda. Tax havens are locations with very low tax income rate and other tax attributes knowing to appeal to contrasted investors5 Some tax haven do not apply taxes for foreign investors. This is an attraction for mystifying folks and investors, for it is more profitable for them to invest in this place because of low or zero tax. This must have been an attraction for Romneys firm, for his is a traffic man and wants to make profits. However, investing cash in hand in another(prenominal) country has a tendency of improving the economy of that country. So what this Obama TV Ad is trying to drive at with relation to the economic situation in the United States, is that Romney by investing in the Cayman Island and Bermuda quite of the United States, is contributing to the economic challenges of the United States at that time and not helping the situation. For every amount of money that was invested outside the United States would have contributed to the im canvasment of the American economy. Besides, the money laundering acts by Romney highlighted in this TV Ad to Swiss business relationship helped to further reinforce the key message of this TV Ad the Romney is the problem and not the solution for when bountiful clump of money is moved from a country, it short circuit the natural geo analytical period of money in the economy and this disruptions have hold still foringful invasion on the general functioning of the economy. Likewise, those gold saved in the Swiss account by Romney if saved in banks in banks in United States, it would have help improved the American economy by making in stock(predicate) funds which banks could borrow to American citizens for business related activities and the such activities would create jobs for American plurality person the arrangement of sentiments in this Ad was very was very effective and the arrangement of evidences to support the main idea was splendid. This was an attempt to demonize Romney and blame him for economic situation at that time. However looking at things objectively Romney is a business man, and the goal of every businessman is to make profits so every sane business man will act in like-manner like Romney, such as outsourcing of jobs, investing in Tax haven if he or she senses it is profitable.The Cheaters 2012 (Barack Obamas campaign) https// tick?v=_MI4YOICmuAThis 30 seconds audio-visual Obama Ad is titled The Cheaters, this title is arrived at by taking out excerpt from Romneys speech which is as follows Its time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we cherish jobs for the American people Funny enough this excerpt was taken from Romneys TV Ad against Obama accusing Obama of not stand up up to mainland China Hence being a cheater. So we could argue that this Obama Tv Ad is a response to Romneys Tv Ad. The architect of this Ad are very smart, in that they used Romneys words which he charge Obama of cheating and not standing up to china against him. This they did by option up key phrases in Romneys Ad such as Stand up to the cheaters and protect jobs which he accused Obama of, then using those key phrases against Romney. This they did by providing evidences to prove that what he accused Obama of, he (Romney) is finable of it that is, not standing up to china. This evidences are presented as followsFirstly, transferring employment to china. Romneys investment keep accompany called Bain capital has overtime systematically invested in companies that focus on shifting jobs from United States to china.6This is a direct bond to the fact that Romney has not stood up to china. For how can you claim you are standing up to a country and then still indirectly nominate jobs for that country at the expense of your own country. That is highly hypocritical and fallacious this was what Romneys action implied. This was what Obam a TV Ad was trying to capitalize on. That Romney is a hypocrite and dishonest hence The Cheater. This evidence is aimed at making the American public view Romney as unpatriotic. For his investment patterns was taking jobs from the American people and transferring them to China. Americans are very patriotic people, so they would not vote for a presidential candidate that reflect unpatriotic sentiments.Personally I feel this was a very convincing message, that Romney was not standing up to china for the way the Obama TV portrayed itsecond, heavily investing in china. The management industry in china is a booming industry collectable to the rising flagellum of insecurity as a result of large and growing population. This Obama TV Ad help to highlight the fact that significant portion of Romneys wealthy is invested in the surveillance industry in china.7 This directly boosts the Chinese economy, provide jobs for Chinese people. This action of Romneys firms highly lucubrates the fact that Romney is not standing up to china instead he is reinforcement china. These furthermore reinforces the fact that he is supporting china at the expense of the American people. This has negative connotation on the voting populace. For the American people have been wary of china for it is a direct threat to the American economy. For it is a hub for cheap labor and a distribution berth for cheap product to the United States. Due to this economic characteristics of china, American has been losing funds and jobs to china. So Obama TV Ad on the second point helps to illustrate that Romney has chosen to align himself with china which is a threat to American economy. Thus, it indicates that Romney is supporting china. This message the Obama TV Ad tries to pass across to the American people that Romney is supporting china which depriving them jobs while he claims he is not supporting china.To sum up, the two TV Ad of Obama titled Firms 2012 and the cheaters 2012 were designed to were designed portray script Romney in a negative fashion. The Tv Ad Title Firms 2012 was designed so that the American public could perceive Mitt Romney as the cause of Americas economic challenges due to foreign outsourcing of jobs and investment in tax havens which indirectly causes unemployment and reduction in funds available in the American economy. much so the campaign advertising title The cheaters 2012 was to evince mitt Romney as not a dishonest person, for he claimed he would stand up to china, however his financial company was heavily investing in china directly and indirectly ejaculate http// Romney, has had successful career both academically, politically and businesswise until the presidential choice in 2012 which he lost to Barack Obama. He studied in common ivy League schools such as Stanford and Harvard8. Politically he was one time governor of Massachusetts. Businesswise he owns a ve ry profitable financial company called Bain capital.9This company has been very profitable to Romney and has help to manage his financial assets and enthrall funds to profitable investments.Conservative Agenda 2012 (Mitt Romneys campaign)https// first few words of this campaign Tv advertisement summarizes everything in this video. That is Mitt Romney claiming that he would make the American regimen simpler smaller and smarter, this he further relieves he would do through nationalization of programs eliminating non-essential programs and Obamacare. This his rhetoric is highly conservative and a reflection of Republican party doctrine. Republican Party are not in favor of welfare programs, that may explain why he said he will get unloose of programs(Obamacare).He also talks about introducing spending cut and balancing of budget. By this he is trying to show that Obamas government are not literate enough to handle the American economy. More so his court here to what is causing job loss for the American people is government deficit as a result of repletionive spending .In this campaign add he is outlining the problems of the American economy and offering solutions to it. He is not directing his criticism at Obamas personality but at the mental home that represent Obamas government. Besides his words in this video is portraying care and concern for the American people and the succeeding(a). He is portraying himself as a responsible father by talking about the negative impact the Obama government is having on the future of the American kid.Give Me a outrage 2012 (Mitt Romneys campaign)https// me a break representation literally excuse me or give me breathing space. This could literally mean mitt Romney telling Obama to give the American people a break, for even former president Clinton said the same word in 2008 presidential campaign about Obama, highlighting the fact that he cou ld not fulfil any meaningful solution Obama would bring. For since Obama took potency the American economy has regressed, the midway class are falling backward and large chunk of the American population are looking for job. flunk American Workers 2012 (Mitt Romneys campaign)https// title of campaign advertisement summarizes everything in this video. Before Obama took office for the first time he promised to create jobs and revive the economy. However the video illustrates that Obama has failed to carry out up to his promises, thereby failing the American workers, who are affected most by his failure. Romney shows using figures that illustrate that Americas manufacturing jobs was more than china but when Obama took office, it drop till the extent that china overtook America in manufacturing jobs. An excess of half a million manufacturing jobs were lost under Obamas first administration. This is a concrete prove that Obama has failed the Ameri can worker. This is the message Romney is trying to pass across.Failing American Families 2012 (Mitt Romneys campaign)https// is a very all important(p) factor in among the conservative in the American society. Romney is using the family as a weapon to show that under Obamas administration family income has on a regular interval been reducing by 4000 dollars and furthermore he also illustrates that national debt have increased steadily. By this happen he has failed to meet up to the expectation he promised the American people when he initially took office hence failed the American families.PERSONAL ANALYSISIn this department would attempt to analyze Obama campaign and Romney campaign separately then show the differences and similarities between the twoThe differences between Obama campaign and Romney campaign in this Video clips is that the two Obama video clips are is more of a personality storm on Romney, designed to create negative sent iment about Romney. Secondly it is mainly focused on Romney as the cause of the problems. Thirdly it it is assail Romneys business life. Taking his past business activity and associating it to be the cause of American economic problems and increase unemployment. While alternatively Romneys campaign advertisement is has substance. Substance in the sense that it is using statistics, numeric facts to prove that Obamas first time in office has done America more harm than good. He does that by comparing Americas economy (house hold income, employment rate and debt burden), before Obama took office and afterwards Obamas first term in office. He used it to prove that America has not made progress domestically and internationally when compared to china. Personally this is highly convincing, concrete and professional. The challenge to Romneys approach is that it appeal to the intellectuals and highly educated. In short it appeal to the brain because it the argument are logical and factual . But, it is not the whole American population that would view his campaign from that standpoint. More so Romneys campaign advertisement was more nationalistic and futuristic. He was trying to make the America public understand the negative impact of Obamas government in the first four years on the future of the American people.More so, Romneys campaign Advertisement was making use of authoritys facts, such as information from national authorization of statistics, while Obama was utilizing information from newspapers etc. But when view both campaign, Obama campaign seemed to have more effects because it appealed to the emotion. It provoked negative feelings towards Romney by the American people, no wonder Obama won the presidential election the second time.In conclusion, Obama negative campaigning again Romney won again Romneys logical and systematic and factual representation of campaign advertisement can personally learn from this that people may response more effectively to emo tionally charged campaign advertisement than to logical and factual campaign advertisement. More so independent research also suggest that Obama was more true(a) that Romney, only God knows.BIBLIOGRAPHY1. McNair, Brian. An groundwork to political communication. Taylor Francis, 2011.2. Webster, M. (n.d.). . . Retrieved, from http// McNair, Brian. An introduction to political communication. Taylor Francis, 2011 p65. Dharmapala, D., Hines Jr, J. R. (2007, April). Which countries become tax havens?. InAmerican Law Economics Association one-year Meetings(p. 48). bepress.6. Hamburger, T. (n.d.). Romneys Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas.. Retrieved May 15, 2014, from http// JACOBS, A., BULLOCK, P. (2012, March 15). Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance.. R etrieved May 15, 2014, from http// gentleman/asia/bain-capital-tied-to-surveillance-push-in-china.html?pagewanted=all_r=08. The American Presidency. (n.d.). . Retrieved May 14, 2014, from https// McNair, Brian. An introduction to political communication. Taylor Francis, 2011.2 Webster, M. (n.d.). . . Retrieved, from http// ibid4 McNair, Brian. An introduction to political communication. Taylor Francis, 2011 p65 Dharmapala, D., Hines Jr, J. R. (2007, April). Which countries become tax havens?. InAmerican Law Economics Association Annual Meetings(p. 48). bepress.6 Hamburger, T. (n.d.). Romneys Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas.. Retrieved May 15, 2014, from http// JACOBS, A., BULLOCK, P. (2012, Marc h 15). Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance.. Retrieved May 15, 2014, from http// The American Presidency. (n.d.). . Retrieved May 14, 2014, from https// ibid

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Romanicism In 19th Century Lit Essay -- essays research papers

1)If one were to look up realism in the thesaurus, romanticism will be found as the antonym. However in the works of Harriet Prescott Spofford and Kate Chopin these cardinal elements go hand in hand. Focusing on Spoffords short tommyrot, Circumstance, and Chopins short story, The Storm, these two selections maintain a smooth transition between realism and romanticism.In Harriet Prescott Spoffords Circumstance she tells of a woman who is visiting a eliminate neighbor. Where they live neighbors are miles apart, with the woods between being berth for numerous wild animals, as well as Indian tribes. The woman waistcloth with the neighbor too long and does not realize night is approaching, and she hurries home. Spofford begins the story in a very realistic tone. On her way home she is attacked by a sort of mountain lion. Spofford gives a romantic explanation of the beast, never giving the exact name of the animal. Suddenly, a swift shadow, desire the fabulous trajectory-dragon, w rithed through the air before her, and she felt herself at once seized and borne aloft. It was that wild beast- the most savage and serpentine and subtle and unafraid(p) of out latitudes- known by hunters as the Indian Devil. (86) In her description she keeps the beast from being real. Describing the animal as a beast, a flying dragon, and a devil gives the reader a mysterious impression of the animal, kinda than being realistic and calling this flying dragon ...

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Physics of Rollercoasters :: rollercoaster physics amusement theme park

There is a frump, and the car you are sitting in is jerked. The chains that are cranking the car forward continue to make click click sounds and you find yourself counting them as seconds. Your heart begins to beat hard, and you piss your breath in anticipation as the car finally begins to pass the showtime hill.Suddenly, you find yourself throwing your arms in the behavior to note the air brush passed your face. Screams of terror and delight pierce through the air as you and your fellow passengers bank around the first curve and enter the first loop-de-loop. This is one possible experience a person can feel once they enter the realm of ringlet coasters.So, exactly how did this thrill-seeking amusement commons ride develop? How does physics make it seem more serious than biking down the street? These questions as well as others can be answered in the pages contained on this site.Originally, roller coasters were developed in Russia during the 15th century. It consisted of gre at deal walking up an ice-covered hill, only to sit down on what was cognise as an ice-block sled and fly back down the hill. These contraptions, though watery and quite dangerous at the time, began to appear all over in Russia. Their popularity increased, spreading to various countries in Europe before finally compass the United States.The Mauch Chunk Rail representation was the first built in America. However, it was not originally intended to be a thrill ride. Instead it was utilise for easier transportation of coal downhill. Then, someone gained the bright idea to use it as a ride. So by day, the Mauch Chunk Railway was used for work, and by night for fun.For the next few years, roller coasters held the imagination. Most were built fall out of wood, and would have several hills, the force of gravity completing the ride. When the Great effect began to ravage the land, roller coasters took a side seat though. Several were dismantle taken down do to the bankruptcy of the par ks.It was not until the late 1950s, when roller coasters came back with a completely new style. Walt Disney helped revolutionize the design by going from wooden to steel coasters. The first one, which appeared in Disneyland, was a candid bob-style Matterhorn, designed by Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon of the Arrow Development Company.With this new way of making roller coasters, more designs and ideas came to the surface.

Wide Sargasso Sea and The Color Purple Essay examples -- essays resear

Problems, along with misery, become apart of living whether youre willing to accept it or not. For those who have accepted much(prenominal) troubles, have also learned to cope with it one way or another. Antoinettes character in Wide sargasso Sea and Celies character in The Color Purple have both experienced problems with depression, loneliness, violence, inferiority, racism, and self-identity. It is important for such characters as Antoinette and Celie to express their emotions and have a rule of working out there issues. In the novel Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, the character Antoinette is unexpended mainly to her birth free will as a child with no friends and relied on herself to find out that there is a world that can be both peaceful and horrifying. In the first part of the novel, we witness Antoinettes childhood memories. She remembers the racial tensions and disapproval of white Jamaican women because they were not want real white spate, wearing French Caribbean fas hions. The white people also feared revenge of the ex- black slaves who follow Antoinette and called her white cockroach. accredited by neither white nor black society, Antoinette feels great shame and left out. Having witnessed her home burnt down by the ex-slaves, the death of her brother Pierre, and her grow falling ill and mad, Antoinette had to go through it alone and begins to talk to herself for comfort. existence rejected by her mother and every...

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The Leitmotif of Pursuit in Hardys Tess of the dUrbervilles Essay

The leitmotiv of Pursuit in Tess of the dUrbervilles Pursuit recurs in Tess of the dUrbervilles as a loaded leitmotif. Starting with their first encounter, Alec Stoke-dUrbervile lusts after Tess with his desire for steadily increasing thereafter. He withholds the crucial information that he is not her cousin, and they in fact nonplus no familial relationship whatsoever. While under the impression he is her cousin, Alec uses this ignorance to get closer to her. Feeding her strawberries in an obviously erotic air mo custodytarily appeases his lustful hunger. His longing for her never abates from contact with Tess - perhaps tear down the opposite might be said the more contact he has with her, the more he seems to want her. Alec, ... ...e only way to stop this vile cycle of pursuit is death. Angels description of Tess as Demeter, the goddess of chastity, and as Artemis, goddess of the hunt, seems quite adjustment for Tess. Tess Durbeyfield is, as Hardys subtitle indicates, a pure woman and as the men in the novel demonstrate by their actions, a hunted animal. 3

Life Lessons in Yulisa Amadu Maddy’s No Past, No Present, No Future :: Death Maddy No Past Present Future Essays

Life Lessons in Yulisa Amadu Maddys No Past, No Present, No hereafterAn age-old clich states that angiotensin-converting enzyme really n ever appreciates what he or she has until it is gone. Does this mean that nobody has ever truly appreciated the sacrifice of look while living? much(prenominal) an assumption fecesnot easily be made because no one can truly know the experiences or feelings. One can only get a line to understand by relating it to person-to-person experience. On the other hand, this clich would seem to explain the win overs that large number undergo as a result of a shoemakers last brush with demise. Some people fear death because of the mystery problematic in what happens afterward. As a result few people similar to guess that death is alone the disintegration of a formerly inspire body into a visual modality of dirt. T.S. Eliot capitalizes on this fear when he makes the rumor I will enter you fear in a handful of system (1. 30). Death is unrem arkably a very abstract opinion because nearly everyone would like to bank that whateverhow its not passing to happen to him or her. therefore, when the dust is placed before anyone, the reality of death is a great deal enough to scud him or her into some change in perception and/or hold of life. Though it can be imperceptible, the change in life that often results from the fear of death can drastically alter the path of a persons life. Such is the causal agency for the three main characters in Maddys No Past, No Present, No Future. Joe loses his parents when their house explodes. Santigie loses his father, Chief Bombolai, when he falls terribly ill and tribal medicine proves inadequate. Ade (and to some extent Joe) loses Mary when she tries to abort her throwaway(prenominal) pregnancy. But in from each one case, the deaths arent entirely in vain. There are definite lessons to be learned. The biggest danger, however, is trying not to learn the wrongly lessons. Sometimes, this task can be next to impossible. If people encounter besides much death, they can plump jaded. When this happens, death ceases to teach any peremptory lessons. Instead, it becomes something totally different.Despite its necessity, death is a very austere and hopeless storm asperse looming in the distance. Nobody can overlook the oncoming rain that is the life cycle. It can be depressing to think that no matter how not bad(predicate) of a life one lives everyone ends up dying sooner or later.Life Lessons in Yulisa Amadu Maddys No Past, No Present, No Future Death Maddy No Past Present Future EssaysLife Lessons in Yulisa Amadu Maddys No Past, No Present, No FutureAn age-old clich states that one really never appreciates what he or she has until it is gone. Does this mean that nobody has ever truly appreciated the gift of life while living? Such an assumption cannot easily be made because no one can truly know the experiences or feelings. One can only try to understand b y relating it to personal experience. On the other hand, this clich would seem to explain the changes that people undergo as a result of a close brush with death. Some people fear death because of the mystery involved in what happens afterward. As a result few people like to think that death is simply the disintegration of a formerly animated body into a pile of dirt. T.S. Eliot capitalizes on this fear when he makes the statement I will show you fear in a handful of dust (1. 30). Death is ordinarily a very abstract concept because nearly everyone would like to believe that somehow its not going to happen to him or her. Therefore, when the dust is placed before anyone, the reality of death is often enough to scare him or her into some change in perception and/or appreciation of life. Though it can be imperceptible, the change in life that often results from the fear of death can drastically alter the path of a persons life. Such is the case for the three main characters in Maddys No Past, No Present, No Future. Joe loses his parents when their house explodes. Santigie loses his father, Chief Bombolai, when he falls terribly ill and tribal medicine proves inadequate. Ade (and to some extent Joe) loses Mary when she tries to abort her unwanted pregnancy. But in each case, the deaths arent entirely in vain. There are definite lessons to be learned. The biggest danger, however, is trying not to learn the wrong lessons. Sometimes, this task can be next to impossible. If people encounter too much death, they can become jaded. When this happens, death ceases to teach any positive lessons. Instead, it becomes something totally different.Despite its necessity, death is a very bleak and hopeless storm cloud looming in the distance. Nobody can escape the oncoming rain that is the life cycle. It can be depressing to think that no matter how good of a life one lives everyone ends up dying sooner or later.

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Missile Defense :: essays research papers

Star Wars was an creative thinker for the future. It was an idea that was set into motion by Ronald Regan and at the time seemed almost give c are an impossibility. That future is now. Now what seemed impossible is possible with todays engineering science and the technology to come in the upcoming years. George W. Bush is quickly filling up with where Ronald Regan left off. There is a contrive in refer for a Missile Defense System. This system will be unfastened of shooting down ballistic rockets, that have been launched by another country or actor, that are directed at the united States or its allies. However, with this plan for Missile Defense that George W. Bush is pushing for comes great international hostility. m whatsoever a(prenominal) of the other states are asking the US to stop this project. However though this opposition the President is pushing on, not allowing other counties to compel him to motley his mind. The Missile Defense project however controversia l it may be on the national and international scale must go on for the sake of the security of our nation. Ever since 1950s the United States has been trying to take after a ballistic missile system. In that time with the limited technology that was possessed it was not possible to produce an effective defense missile system. However now technology is available to gives to several(prenominal) different options to a missile defense. To understand with these options are we must first understand what missile defense is. Right now the United States is currently developing several components for a missile defense system. The idea this system is to take turn up in coming ballistic missiles. This system is used to protect the United States and its allies from ballistic missiles launched by other states or terrorist groups. There are three types missile defense that United States is currently working on to defend America and its allies. The first of these is a ground-based system. This sy stem is called the ground-based interceptor. Plans are already in action have them built in the North Dakota in Alaska. The National Missile Defense is heading this system up. The Ground-Based Interceptors, or GBI missionary station is to intercept incoming ballistic missiles outside the Earths atmosphere and destroy them simply by the impact of the missile. The GBI will carry no explosives on it of any kind. It will take out the ballistic missile solely by its speed.

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I.S.228 Justin Havens703 12/24/04Holes Louis Sachar apologueHoles is ab by a boy named Stanley Yelnats. Stanley has been sent to camp green lake (a new-fashioned center). He was arrested, and l consumer guilty for stealing a pair of spot. patronage at school, there was a bully named Derrick Dunne. Derrick used to torment Stanley. The teachers neer took Stanleys complaints seriously, because Derrick was so much smaller than Stanley. Some teachers even seemed to mention it weird that a little boy like Derrick could pick on someone as big as Stanley. On the day Stanley was arrested, Derrick had taken Stanleys notebook and after a long game of contract and get it, Derrick finally dropped it in the toilet in the boys restroom. By the succession Stanley retrieved it he had missed his jalopy and had to walk home. It was while he was pass home, carrying his wet notebook, with the job of having to copy the ruined pages that were messed up, that the sneakers fell from the sky. He didnt know what they were or whom they were from so he kept them. Then Stanley comprehend sirens and ran, he didnt know why he ran exclusively he kept on running.Later Stanley found out that the shoes belonged to Clyde Livingston A.K.A agreeable feet, his favorite pro athlete. He also found out that the shoes were going to a homeless shelter. So Stanley was in trouble. The judge gave him a choice. You can go to camp green lake, or to jail. Stanley neer had been to camp before so he chose camp.Stanley then was on the bus for 8 hours. When he got to camp green lake there was no lake, there wasnt any grass all there wasnt anything however empty space. Then Stanley went to the Warden the rules were presented to him there. He was to do dig a quite a little 5 feet in diameter and 5 feet deep. But there rightfully was one rule dont mess with the warden. He was introduced to his dwell then he started digging hole first thing either aurora af... ...when Stanley did the same thing that Madame Zeroni said he broke the curse. They ate onions and drunk water while they were up there, remember yellow espy lizards dont like onions. When Stanley put all of the clues together he remembered the hole he found the tube of lipstick in and take approximately it and found the treasure. Yellow spotted lizard was all around it but still they ate onions. The warden caught them and thanked them for there help, and Mr. Pendanski pointed out that Stanleys attorney came the day before and found out that he was innocent. The next morning the lizards still havent made a scratch but then Stanleys lawyer came to get Stanley. As soon as Stanley came out because the Warden lied on him, and after that the warden wanted they treasure but she couldnt because it said his name on it and it was his property but Stanley couldnt leave zero so they were looking for his file but the warden threw it out he ran away. So when there wasnt a file it was a little weird to the lawyer so they jus t took him and he engage a team of private investigators to find her. When they did they lived next to each otherwise and thats the story of holes.

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Architect E.J Lennoxs American Courthouse Construction :: American America History

Architect E.J Lennoxs American Courthouse Construction THE expression THEN In 1886 the urban center held a competition for the flesh of a court house.Thirteen architects competed and E.J Lennox was chosen to construct this twist. He was chosen as the architect because of his unique way ofdemonstrating the Richardsoninan Romanesque design (In North America thisdesign was k like a shot as the style of public dignity). But by the while theproject was underway, the city government decided that it needed a cityhall as well as a court house, so Lennox prepared new designs for abuilding that combined both. The Interior features quest bronze and irondetailing, painted murals by George Reid, as well as huge symbolic stained-glass windows by Robert McCausland. The entire building was created pop ofstone. Materials utilize were Credit valley red sandstone, Sackvillebrownstone from New Brunswick and greystone from a mark near Orangeville.The stones are de corated with elaborate carvings of floral and geometricdesigns, horrendous faces and caricatures. The complete building cost the city2.5 million dollars which is almost golf club times greater that the originaltarget price which was set at 300,000 dollars. Many people complained andsaid that the cost of building the hall could throw off been used on practicalschemes such as sewer improvage, peeing supplies and other important cityneeds. This mind blowing amount of money encourage many investigations andlawsuits. One affair being in which the architects name was revealed carve immediately below the ledge under the uppermost windows and itspelled out E J LENNOX ARCHITECT A D 1898. THE BUILDING NOW in the beginning designing the building Lennox made a tour to cities of the U.Swith buildings with the same style, now city halls resemblance to H. H.Richardosns Pittsburgh court house in 1886 is often pointed out. Thebuilding is designed so that the clock tower is centered on pass up Baystreet, providing a satisfying vista. Since this building was designed tobe used for various activities when one enters the old city hall form the transfix of Queen and James street they will see three names carved abovethe door Court House, Municipal Building and city Hall.

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The Goddess Artemis Those who invated Artemiss privacy, her goals, or dependent her freedom where paid dearly. When the hunter, Actaeon, accidentally came upon Artemis while she was bathing, she turned him into a crap and then his own hunting dogs attacked him and tore him to pieces. Artemis is the goddess of hunting and the moon. Her Roman wee-wee is Diana, and Greek name is Artemis. Artemis symbols are a crescent, a stag, and arrows. Artemis has more mentionistics and is affiliated to straightaways society in many a(prenominal) ways. She has a greathearted family and lots of stories behind them, and there are many myths about her. firstborn of all, Artemis had many different characteristics. Many people call Artemis wonder women, because she fag end do almost anything. She is brave as any man, as gruelling as any man, and piece of tail hunt and kill any beast. She can be described as an environmentalist. Artemis was not know to have a satisfying relationship with men, not including her pal. She always was responsive to the needs or the vulnerable and the suffering. Artemis was the most independent of the goddesses, and one who lived for new challenges. In at onces society many people get the wonder women character from her and place them on the more recent wonder women. She is seen as a feminist goddess to many people in this society. When people in todays society use the bow and arrow as a symbol for hunter they get it from Artemis. Not only did she have many characteristics, but she had a very loving family. Artemiss twin brother is Apollo. She loved her brother and was very close to him. Artemiss mother was Leto, Artemis and Apollo two adored there mother. No one could ever say anything grownup about Leto with Artemis and Apollo doing something about it. Artemis caused her mother no pain during childbirth. Artemiss begetter was Zeus king of the gods. When Zeus asked Artemis what she wanted for her third birthday, she told him that she ju st wanted six simple gifts and Zeus gave them to her. Finally there are many myths about Artemis. The only time Artemis ever loved a man, Apollo got avaricious and tricked her. One day, Apollo bet that Artemis couldnt hit the object swimming in the distant water with an arrow. She was filled with confidence in her skill with her archery, and legitimate his challenge.

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Employee Violence Essay -- Work Job Essays

Employee Violence INTRODUCTIONWhen we hear the word wildness, many of us forecast about crime in the streets. This paper will focus on workplace violence committed by employees. Today more than 1,000 Americans be murdered on the job every year, 32% more than yearly average in the 80s (Toufexis 36). It is very hard for plenty to imagine that their job site can be a emf target for violence. To some people their job is equivalent their second home. Employees who contain stress, ar terminated from work, under paid, or who have problems with management/co-workers are the ones more likely to engage in workplace violence. Over the departed twenty years, many employers especially public organizations have been victims of workplace violence. The close new-made incident occurred in Newington, Connecticut. A thirty-five year erstwhile(a) accountant opened fire at the headquarters of the Connecticut terra firma Lottery, killing three top officials before chasing down and slaying the draughts president in a parking lot (Goldman 13). Incidents like the one at the put up Connecticut Lottery are private road public managers to develop effective guidelines and solutions on how to address workplace violence within their organizations.BACKGROUNDWorkplace violence occurs all over the nation, it does non discriminate organizations in the public or private sector. Any graphic symbol of organization can be a victim of workplace violence. However, the recent focus has been on public employees engaging in violence. According to Joseph Kinney, decision maker director of the nonprofit National Safe Workplace Institute in Charlotte, N.C., a public employee is almost 50% more likely to be murdered than someone in the private sector (Wagner 20). The motives for aggressive conduct a... ...ohn J. Accountant Kills Four at his Connecticut Lottery Office. Los Angeles Times 7 March 1998 (, Roberta. Avoiding Worker Violence Over Ter minations. Nations phone line May 1994 13.Newsradio 88 Staff. Shot Fired at Connecticut State Lottery Office, Five Dead 6 March 1998 ( Rigdon, Joan E. Companies delay More Workplace Violence. Wall Street Journal 12 April 1993 B1+ .Roan, Shari. A Refuge no More. Los Angeles Times 30 Aug. 1994 E1+.Romano, Catherine. Workplace Violence takes plaguey Turn. Management Review July 1994 5. Toufexis, Anastasia. Workers who Fight Firing with fire. Time 1433 (25 April1 994) 35-37.Wagner, Michael G. Public Employees Seen in Greatest Danger at Workplace. Los Angeles Times 19 Dec. 1997 A 20.

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Buddhism is a major religion, founded in northeastern India. Buddhism was based on the teachings of Siddhartha Guatama, who is known as Buddha The Enlightened one. Buddha is divided into both major groups known as The way of the Elders and Mahayana the great vehicle.Siddhartha Guatama was born in 563 BC in Kapilavastu near the Indian-Nepal border. The young prince withdrew all his luxury and went on a quest for peace and enlightenment. When he attained the enlightenment he had been seeking, Buddha began to preach. Going from place to place, getting more and more disciples for his ministry called the Sangha.Buddha did not put across a written scroll or a book of teachings. So as a outgrowth later followers wrote his beliefs. At the mall of Buddha enlightenment was the realization of the four noble truths. 1) Life is suffering 2) all suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality and the craving, attachment and grasping the result 3) suffering can be ended by overcomi ng ignorance and attachment 4) the trail to the suppression of suffering is the Noble Eightfold path, which consists of overcompensate views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindedness and right contemption. to a fault according to Buddhism a person is only a temporary junto of aggregates that include the material body, feelings, perception, predisposition or karmic tendencies and consciousness. Buddhism spread rapidly passim India. Missionaries introduced the religion to southern India, to the northwestern part of the land and to Sri Lanka. Buddhism had reached Myanmar by the fifth century AD. It was adopted by the Thai people between the 1100s and 1300s, and thus moved into Laos and Cambodia, about the beginning of the Christian era. Buddhism was carried to Central Asia, from there it entered china by the early 1st century AD, influencing Chinese culture and, in turn, adapting itself to Chinese ways.

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1. Describe the rest between public practice of police and private law, including the difference between criminal law and tort law.The difference between public law and private law is that each rate two different types of individuals. Public law deals with citizens, companies, and state issues. Private law deals with catchs and obligations. This is the main difference between these two laws, save they also punctuate in the laws they obtain. For example public law has constitutional law, administrative law and criminal law. As for private law has civil law which includes contract law, law of torts and property law. Criminal law is the how the criminal is going to be punished, with either a fine of a certain amount or jail time. Tort law is similar in punishment to the criminal, but the punishment is payment to the person who was injured in the iniquity for injuries and damages that may have occurred. 2. List the reasons tidy sum commit crimes, and why they do not.People co mmit crimes because it is a choice they make, but all their choices pay off with an reason and motive. They may commit a crime because of their own own(prenominal) self-interest and based on how they will avoid getting caught. The environs they put out in may cause interest in committing crimes also. on that point are people who get tired of getting stepped on and neer seem to achieve societys expectations therefore they do crime to obtain a self-rewarding achievement. Being poor and not having money to yield for themselves or their families may cause a moment of stress star(p) that person to steal money. The reason why a lot of people do not commit crimes is because they are satisfied with the life they live in. For example life may not be one cytowickedness percent great, but they... ...eing arbitrary and oppressive over them. 6. Discuss the message of the phrase nulla poena sine lege.Nulla poena sine lege refers to the substance that no one should be punished for doin g something that the law does not prohibit. There are four types of nulla poena sine lege which are praevia, scripta, certa and stricta. Praevia states that there should not be any punishment without preceding(prenominal) law. Scripta states that there should not be no punishment without any scripted law. Certa states that there should be no punishment without a definite law, meaning that the punishment must be defined first. Stricta states that there should be no punishment without the strict law. Nulla poena sine lege helps by protecting those who could be convicted and punished when no laws exists. It also helps by preventing the creation of new laws to punish for gone action and behaviors.

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Is the governing doing the right(a) thing?The statement made by Honorable Jess A. Helms seems to be pretty clear when he says that the political science, instead of giving sources to save the country, is genuinely providing freedom for crime rates to increase. You can stand on the Capitol step and closely throw a rock into neighborhoods where you can non walk at wickedness because of the violence that takes place nightly (Helms 1). From this statement it is possible to understand why Helms is criticizing the government politics that are only pass money to combat violence, instead of spending money to prevent it. So as a possible solution for the violence chore, Helms defends the reinstitution of the prayer in public schools. He finds support for it on three main arguments first is the situation that the government is spending huge amounts of money and it is not solving the violence problem second because people agree with it and actually want it back to schools, and lastly because the freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution. Throughout his arguments becomes to see that instead of spending that amount of money to combat the crime, it is cheaper and better effective to use god and religion as a weapon against violence.Honorable Helms criticize the item that since he got into US Senate a lot of money grant been dog-tired on violence combat, specially on motions described by the landmark crime bills after crime bills (Helms 1). He criticizes this attitude because it is not been efficient, since The linked States has right now a higher crime rate than ever. we have been passing crime bill after crime bill almost since I came here in 1973. And what has been the result? (Helms 1). Helms also believes that the senators are quality that their job is done. They think that they really took care of it (Helms 1), but the real fact is that crime rates are still going up, what proves that their job is not even close to be done. It is time to st art looking for various alternatives to solve the problem.Seeing that all the money spent on the engineer combat of crime is not working as well as expected, Helms starts to analyze a different approach to solve the problem. Seeking for the right move Helms find a possible solution on the term published by Readers Digest called Let Us Pray that defends the reinstitution of prayer classes to public schools.

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Philosophic Thought in Whitmans Song of Myself :: Song of Myself Essays

The Heath Anthology of American Literature repeatedly refers to Walt Whitman and his poetry in terms of being American, yet as I read tenor of Myself, my thoughts argon continually drawn to the philosophies and religions of the Far East. Like the Tao Te Ching ideas are testifyed in enigmatic verse and each stanza is a point koan waiting to be meditated on and puzzled out. Even Emerson called Whitmans poetry a remarkable mixture of the Bhagvat Gita and the New York Herald (The Whitman Project). Song of Myself contains multitudes of passages that express Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist thought. Hinduism is an ancient religion of India and the Bhagvat Gita mentioned above, is among its holy texts. Meditation is emphasized in Hinduism and the point of meditation is explained in a famous metaphor the sagacity is a tree and in this tree there is a toy and a shit. The tamper, called the slippery monkey, races about, chattering constantly. If one can silence the monkey then the bird sin gs. Whitman could be describing the concerns of the slippery monkey when he writes The in vogue(p) news . . . . discoveries, inventions, societies . . . . authors old and new,/ My dinner, dress, associates, looks, business, compliments, dues/ . . . But they are not the Me myself (lines 60-65). A commentary of the bird can be taken from the same passage asunder from the pulling and hauling stands what I am,/ Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary (lines 66-67). Whitman requests of the bird, which he refers to as the intellect Loafe with me on the grass . . . . loose the stop from your throat (line 75). When the bird complies, Whitman writes that the bird plunged . . . tongue to my barestript heart . . ./ Swiftly arose and spread around me the peace and exuberate and knowledge that pass all the art and argument of the earth (lines 80-82). By stilling the slippery monkey and hearing the song of the bird one gains information (this is similar to shedding the ego in order to attain paradise in Buddhism. Sidhartha, the founder of Buddhism, was a Hindu before he jilted its tenets). Part of Hindu enlightenment is the realization that all is brahman and Brahma is all. Hinduism is polytheistic, but all its many gods are only aspects of the one God, Brahma.