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How does Owen explore horror of war? Essay

In the poem Dulce et Decorum Est Owen in effect discusses the true sadness and horror about contend, of newfangled men ushered by the home-front, in particular the women and the church to go to war to achieve recognize and recognition. However the men who go to war become ment exclusivelyy and physically disabled from the violence and inhumane nature of war through the grand loss of life. The young soldiers receive no honour from war and on that point was a great lack of recognition for them. The soldiers became dependent on the friendship at home after becoming disabled and before suppuration and experiencing independence, losing all quality of life.In the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est, Owen explores the concept of the amiable trauma suffered by the soldiers using first person In all my dreams before my helpless sight to emphasize the extensive amount of mental trauma the soldiers suffered during war. The word choice of dreams cozy ups the irony in this quote where level a s cene as horrifying as this, is still extraordinary to other encounters that he would qualify as nightmares. This topic is further explored in the comprehensive terminology If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come from the froth-corrupted lungs the inclusive language and substitute destine shocks the ratifiers with horrifying depiction of a catalyst attack. The spook of reflection and horror emphasises the traumatic experience of the soldier and how he will always be haunted by it.Owen further explores the horrors of war in Dulce Et Decorum Est where he describes the soldiers experiences with such confronting dates that it shocks and horrifies the readers, for example Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues the truncated sentence is employ effectively to highlight and describe the horrifying image of the soldiers appearance after being botch upsed at war. The commas in the truncated sentence slow down the pace of the poem to make the readers fully appreciation and imagine the sight.Owen has also used hyperbole Men marched asleep. Many had bemused their boots to further exaggerate the extremities of the conditions of the soldiers, where they were so tired they appeared to be sleeping. The illusion in Many had lost their boots further illustrates the tremendous amount of physical damage. Boots were considered to be the most important protection at war from becoming cripple from trench foot or any other infections caused by the soap they walked through. The mention of losing their boots dictates just how poor the soldiers conditions were. Owens tone is pitiful and sad because of the extreme physical condition of the soldiers were so fearsome that they were life threatening, and were all for nothing as the soldiers who went to war for honour and recognition, never received any.The horrors of war is explored by Owen through sadness of the loss of juvenility in the war and lack of quality of life a nd recognition for the soldiers My friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some do-or-die(a) glory the old Lie Dulce et decorum est Pro patria Mori The archaic language of Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro Patria Mori means it is sweet and honourable to die for our boorish.Owen uses the latin phrase to challenge the home-fronts notions of the honour in war by using one of the foundations of this belief. The use inclusive language of my friend is used to speak directly to the reader as to create a great understanding of Owens objection of the notions at the home-front surrounding war between them. The wrangle my friend are also used sarcastically by Owen as he blames the home-front for the loss of youth. In the quote, Owens tone is angry, guilty and pitiful for what the young soldiers experience, Owen uses capitol letter Lie to emphasize the importance of the word to the reader.The poet uses structure to highlight the horror of war GasGas Quick,Boys the alli teration of the G is raspy and creates a sound of soldiers running to save their lives, also the uses of the exclamation attach are used to make the poem more conversational which makes the reader more emotionally involved through the poem. The structure is 4 unequal stanzas the stanzas vary in length to give the impression of the soldiers drifting in and out of consciousness, either through fatigue or through the gas attack.The poems structure is to see it as being ground on two sonnets. The first one, with one stanza of 8 lines and one of 6 follows the stanza form, if not the rhyme structure of the classical Petrarchan sonnet. The second one could be seen as being an inversion of the stanza form of the Shakespearians sonnet( 3 quatrains or 12 lines plus a final couplet). Owen uses rhythm and rhyme sacks-backs, sludge-trudge, boots-hoots to convey the idea of soldiers marching.In conclusion Owen uses a variety of techniques such as simile, alliteration and rhymes to convey the horror of war also by using uncorrupted diction, vivid comparisons, and graphic images to have the reader feel disgusted at what war is capable of. This poem is extremely effective as an anti-war poem, make war seem absolutely horrid and futile.

Thomas Friedman †Generation Q

Journal Thomas Friedman genesis Q This article by Thomas Friedman covers how our generation, Generation Q, is the quiet generation that holds ideals and hopes that discount change the field if only we werent so quiet. Friedman explains that our generation has a various station of idealism but we are not brave enough to fuck off forth and express our points. In his opinion we are not as outraged as we should be. Friedmans claim is not something new he is more elaborate by specifying the problem, which is on politics.Friedman explains that we need to endure offline and get active within the community to truly make any politicians pick up to what we need as the next coming generation. He feels our generation has expire too quiet because of what technology has brought. He criticizes our generation by reflection we waste time on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. I agree that various social networking sites arent going to help us solve problems such as global warming.However, I strongly count that technology has many positives that Friedman fails to recognize. He talks a lot close what his generation used to do, however he does not take into retainer that there are many factors that have differentiated Generation Q from his generation. I feel it is also worth noting that our generation is raised with much dialect given to higher education. This is mainly why most students are bear on with their collegiate bubble After reading this article I would aim a few questions to Friedman.Firstly, why should Generation Q be help trusty to clean the mess earlier generations left behind? Secondly, how do you search college students to sort out political issues when we already have our hands full-of-the-moon with college? Lastly, have you considered the empowering nature of technology in the world today? For example, it can do wonders to spread awareness. Friedman put a lot of expectation for Generation Q to be as identical as his generation. H e must ready that each generation has their own way to be politically active.

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To What Extent Does Restructuring Transform Corporate Market and Financial Performance?

To what extent does restructuring transform corporate merchandise placeplace and pecuniary operation? Discuss using an ext revokeed spokesperson. Restructuring is simply the reorganisation of a gilds structure to combat external or internal forces that obstruct the maximisation of sh arholder value. The marge restructuring is quite broad an is an umbrella term for any action spotn by a firm to exploit sh atomic number 18holders wealth (Wright et al) or a companys reaction when its under pressure (Usui and Colignon, 1996). These actions bracket mergers and skills with practically else (Froud et al. , 2002, P. 2).This essay should explain in great detail how restructuring jakes transform corporate market place and fiscal performance. It will focus on financial, portfolio and organisational restructuring and more than specifically the following restructuring actions mergers and acquisition and outsourcing and off-shoring. In addition Marks and Spencer and British Air modes would be employ interchangeably as extended examples to further illustrate stated points. Restructuring actions unremarkably eliminate to revive failing blood linees. By delayering or confluence with an some other short letter firms ar likely to become more belligerent and more profitable.It is besides not uncommon for restructuring to be used as a burden measure to stay ahead of the game and react to competition. If done in good order and when necessary, it should result in economies of outmatch, decreased operational exist and easier communication. Financial restructuring refers to changes in a companys financial structure. It involves managing debts, stocks and shareholder payments. Portfolio restructuring on the other hand deals with products, acquisitions and diversification. Finally organisational restructuring is mainly c formerlyrned with the human resources in the company.Mergers and Acquisitions are the close to common forms of restructuring. In value te rms, the merger of whole companies with ( often eras hostile) takeover continues to be the most important form of restructuring. (Froud et al P 3). Companies prefer to restructure in this manner as it brings numerous hour gathers and plunder instigate in transforming market and financial performance immediately. Firstly, merging with or acquiring a company gives an instant increase in market share. It is the easiest way to enter into a advanced market and retain a larger client base overnight.British Airways recent merger with Iberia has been well(p) to shareholders, employees and customers. According to the airline their corporate market would be transformed as they would be flying to more destinations, own more aircrafts and have more passengers. Thus making it more competitive and strengthenceing the companys image and brand. In addition, their financial performance would be transformed as they stand to benefit from a significant decrease in costs and benefit from economi es of scale the merger is bound to provide.These costs savings can be then passed on to the customer and power enable British Airways to be competitive on price a luxury it king have not been able to afford prior to the merger. The merger might also admirer British Airways break into the South American market a market in which it had no prior expertise or significant market share in. In addition to an increased market share, Kotlers 8 C framework details how a firms market power could be increased through mergers and acquisitions (Kotler et al 2005).Firms gain greater control of every aspect of their products, greater efficiency, greater control of customer experiences and increased buying power if they have links with their competitors, challengers, collaborators, commodities, components, customers or consumers. disdain aiding in transforming corporate market and financial performance to some extent, mergers and acquisitions arent dislodge from critique. This form of restructur ing despite being the most common is also the most critiqued. Firstly, there is the issue of Monopoly and fair competition. The Acquisition of a competitor could instanter make a firm the market leader.Consumers suffer as a result. There might be little product differentiation, increased prices and barriers to new entrants could be put to prevent other smaller companies from entering the market thus giving a single organisation too much power. The government sometimes has to step in to minimise the formation of monopolies. British Airways were hopeful for a merger with American Airlines which would have made them a dominant airline in major airports across the world. The deal was last stopped because of its anti competitive nature. In addition to monopolies, a normal critique on mergers and acquisitions is they just dont work. the Boston consultancy group estimate that 64% of recent US acquisitions actually destroy value for the acquirers shareholders (Kotler et al 2004) earlie r than increased profitability, mergers and acquisitions have come to be associated with lowered morale, lineage dissatisfaction, sterile behaviour (Meeks 1977, Sinetar 1981, Attendorf 1986, Cartwright & Cooper 1993). Three major reasons for the sorrow of mergers and acquisitions are a clash of organisational culture, human relations dilemmas and abandoning center competencies. Different organisations have extraordinary styles of going near their day to day operations.When a company merges with or acquires another the dominant culture usually prevails however employees from the organisation with the slight dominant culture might still extradite on doing things the way theyve always done it thus causing this clash. Errors associated with clashing cultures could range from handsome to disastrous and if this carries on for a prolonged period of time, the opposite of the sensed benefits of mergers and acquisitions is most likely to occur. Employees also tend to feel worried roughly their job security when any form of restructuring takes place.Their insecurities are manifested through their actions that usually prove costly for the newly merged or acquired organisation and can eventually drive it to failure. High labour turnover, absenteeism and decreased productivity are some of the actions that could be manifested as a result of job insecurity. A disparity in snapper competencies is a final reason wherefore mergers and acquisitions are becoming more prone to failure. Hamel and Prahalad (1994) argue that an organisation can never gain long term financial rewards if its core competencies are ignored.Thus merging with or acquiring a company with contrasting core competences isnt likely to be boffo. The merger between Daimler Benz (makers of Mercedes Benz) and Chrysler is a perfect example of a failed merger. Due to a clash of organisational culture and contrasting core competencies, the merger eventually ended in failure. There were good intentions t in can the merger exactly finding the balance between Daimler Benzs high end auto mobiles and Chryslers middle of the road range proved more ambitious than anticipated thus Chrysler was eventually sold off.Druckers (1985) critique of mergers and acquisition argued that managers often seek to restructure in this manner to spread risk but it doesnt guarantee success and usually results in failure. His five rules for successful acquisition give useful steps that managers might want to take into consideration prior to restructuring their organisation in this fashion. Outsourcing is another restructuring initiative used by firms when they find it necessary. Outsourcing aids in transforming the corporate market and financial performance of a firm to a great extent.It enables firms to focus totally on their core competencies as other organisations are hired to carry out activities that arent directly related to the companys operations. It saves costs, improves efficiency and aids in the carrying into action of rapid change. In addition, finding workers with the necessary qualifications and skill in a specific country required might be difficult, thus brinkward outsourcing becomes a necessity (King, 2009). One of the most outsourced operations in the get together Kingdom and the USA is Information Technology. There are more IT positions in the USA than there are graduates (Morrill, 2009).Marks and Spencers indulge in offshore outsourcing to aid with its IT operations. As a result they have been able to focus on areas of more importance to them which is the quality of their products and their customer good. Additionally, offshore outsourcing aids in creating jobs in developing third world countries where unemployment rates are high. almost of the accounting and research operations on Wall Street are outsourced offshore. The companies are usually based in India where the best candidates are selected for the job and would be paid a good wage according to the me asuring of living in India.However if the very same operations were to be performed in New York, the staff may not be as ball-hawking as those in India and would demand triple the salary in consistency to the higher standard of living in New York. All in all, Outsourcing is intended to ensure that the most skilled and most efficient peck do the job at a mutually beneficial financial cost. On the other hand, there are so many honest and political concerns associated with outsourcing. Many believe that its damaging to the economy as creating employment offshore decreases employment in the companys home country. utsourcing is a lamentable alternative to a firms internal management of Information Technology and go because it is tantamount to selling your birthright (Clark et al, 1995). Also, ethical issues such as exploiting local workers in offshore countries in a desperate bid to keep overheads to a bare minimum and maximise profits have been connected to outsourcing. numerous companies have been scrutinised and criticised for this. The likes of Nike and Primark have endured the embarrassment and scandal of engaging in kidskin labour in an attempt to keep overheads unrealistically low.Pisano (2009) argues that outsourcing operations especially manufacturing can provide a leak in learning which might enable competitors overseas to hone their skills and possible surpass the skills of the company outsourcing. different criticisms of outsourcing include quality control, loss of managerial control and hidden costs or the service being outsourced proving to be more costly in the long run. British Airways outsources almost all its operations. Back office operations, pay and accounting and its in-flight retail business are all outsourced.This has resulted in slimy employee relations, a breakdown in communication and poor customer service amongst a host of other things. Whilst Marks and Spencers restructuring included outsourcing IT operations which resulted in some employees being made redundant and other transferred to their outsourced off shore location. To conclude, restructuring transforms corporate market and financial performance to a significant extent. every firm needs to change especially when it is at risk of failure or its not as profitable as it once was.Marks and Spencers restructuring ensured the company was re-branded in the customers mind and an emphasis was placed on quality. As a result sales soared and market share was gained. On the other hand their restructuring initiatives also led to the company making the strategical decision to close all shops in France thus bringing about bad press, criticism from trade unions and the French government, law suits and parties calling for consumers to boycott Marks and Spencers stores. Restructuring is however necessary if a business is to remain competitive.If competitors are ever-changing and a firm decides to remain stagnant, it is only a matter of time before it becomes ir relevant. The decision to restructure must be dependent on the overall business strategy. Strategic management as a even up is concerned with how firms formulate and implement strategies in order to accomplish coveted performance goals. (Schendel and Hofer 1979). A more aggressive proactive strategy might be better suited for companies pursuing mergers and acquisitions whilst an organisation with a cost saving and value adding strategy might prefer to outsource.Restructuring does transform corporate market and financial performance but should only ever be used in synch with the overall corporate strategy to reap utmost benefits. Bibliography * MN220 Strategic Management Lecture 18- Restructuring. Sukhdev Johal. 2012 * Restructuring for Shareholder value and its implications for labour. Cambridge journal of economics. Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams * Bbc. co. uk/business Why firms bother to restructure. 12 Feb 2003 http//news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/busine ss/711722. short-term memory * Caterpillar Two stories and an argument.J. Froud, K. Williams, C. Haslam, S. Johal, J. Williams. Accounting organisations and societies vol 23, 1998 * Globalisation, shareholder value, restructuring The (Non)Transformation of Siemens Alexander bortsch * The Psychological impact of mergers and acquisition on the individual A consider of building society managers. Sue Cartwright, Larry L. Cooper. 1993 * Principles of Marketing. Phillip Kotler, Veronica Wong, John Saunders, Gary Armstrong. Fourth European Edition * The Outsourcing of information services Transforming the nature of business in the information industry.Thomas D. Clark Jr, Rober W. Zmud, Gordon E. McCray. 1995 * An evaluation of the impact of corporate strategy and the role of information applied science on IS functional outsourcing. V Grover, M Cheon, J TC Teng * abstractive perspectives on the outsourcing of information systems. Myun J. Cheon, Vraun Grover and James T C Teng. 1995 * T he U. S is outsourcing onward its competitive edge. Gary P Pisano. HBR Blog network. 2009 * Offshore outsourcing Practical and ethical arguments for and against from a small business perspective. Danny King. 2009 *

Cultural Awareness in Nursing Practice

Introduction In this move my aim is to describe and discuss my own Filipino heathenish emphasise and how it might influence my nursing practice. Culture is our way of living (Wepa, 2005). It is to a fault shaped by our values, beliefs, norms, and practices that ar shared by members of the same cultural group (Giger & Davidhizar, 1995).I go forth be discussing some of the values and traits that we Filipinos catch in common such as pagmamano and po at opo or gestures that show follow to our elders, kagandahang loob or shared humanity, (pakikipagkapwa-tao or regard for early(a)s, bayanihan or camaraderie or cooperation and lastly, tiwala sa Diyos or trust in God. I will also include some of our shared traditions and beliefs and try to link my cultural experiences to my nursing practice. Brief Background of the Philippines Philippine is located in sou-east Asia, with Manila as its capital city.Filipinos are basically of Malay ancestry, though proof of foreign influence erect be trailed in our culture. We are actually a blend of different cultures rolled into wholeness. For three centuries we were chthonic the Spanish colony, as a result, there is a significant totality of Spanish and Mexican influence in our customs and traditions. Then later, nether the American regime for four decades and their obvious contribution to us is the side of meat language. Other ethnic groups such as the Chinese and Japanese withstand also influenced our way of living.Pagmamano, po at opo or gestures that show heed to our elders Pagmamano and po at opo or gestures that show respect to elders go passel in hand. Pagmamano is holding an elders one hand and placing on your forehead and the phrases po at opo are used to show respect and courtesy when talking to someone in authority and elder. Filipinos are non used to calling people in authority by their offshoot names we say their designation first before their name, as we sum up calling them by their names as rude an d mal educada or uneducated. I wish to take this trait of showing respect to the lders and to everyone in my nursing practice by advocating and protecting the rights of the client in order to prohibit harm and recognizing their culture when it arrests to collecting and storing health information (NCNZ, 2005). I can also apply this trait in my interaction with my colleagues by valuing their individual(prenominal) culture and contribution to the team. Kagandahang loob or shared humanity and Bayanihan or comradeship Kagandahang loob or shared humanity refers to organism able to help others in time of needs. Related to this is the bayanihan or comradeship which Filipinos are celebrated for.We come in unity to help our family or the community in one spirit in attaining a common goal. Best example is in time of calamity we gather together and extend our helping custody to those who need them without expecting in return. It is an act of selflessness, willing to be of service for other s welfare. Showing hospitality to strangers is also an example of kagandahang loob that we are famous of, not that we are the only one that is hospitable. Even the humblest home on the road can be offered as a temporary tax shelter for a stranger who has lost his way.We consider it also impolite to not invite an unexpected visitor that arrived during mealtime, to sit grim and share what we live with on the table. In cases that the unexpected visitor needs to stay for the night, he or she will be offered the best room in the family to the extent of having the host to sleep in the sala or lounge. This trait I intend to instil in my nursing practice by being fair and truthful to my client and colleagues, by being competent in what I do thus preventing and ensuring that I am practising ethically. Shared traditions and beliefsWhen I was a s deliverr, my family had lived at our Lolas (grandmother) rural home. She was a tough lady, evermore want everything tidy and in place. One dinn er time, we were all school term and having our meal quietly, no one was allowed to speak as it was her sacred line up that it was rude to talk while eating she also had this habit of observing us, as if shes waiting for us to make mistakes. She noticed that I wasnt eating the head of the fish she then called my attention and told me that I should eat the head of the fish as well because it makes us brighter and smarter. thought of what she said, I innocently asked her how if the fish was dumb? . I got into trouble by asking that. I grew up pursuance traditions and believed many beliefs that fork out been passed down from many generations to the next. For instance, we have these beliefs in child rearing of causes of a childs disability have something to do with the mother not following her dietary practises during pregnancy. For example, eating crabs would cause an unborn baby to have clubbed fingers and toes, eating dark foods such as grapes, squids and chocolates would make t he baby to have dark skin.

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Software Engineering Assignments

1.For apiece of the following documents, indicate in which phse(s) of the software life cycle it is produced final user manual, architectural design, SQA plan, module specification, line of descent code, statement of work, test plan, preliminary user annual, detailed design, cost estimate, rove plan, test report, documentation.2.Order the following tasks in terms of the waterfall model bankers acceptance testing, project planning, unit testing, requirements review, cost estimating, high level design, market analysis, dependent design, systems testing, design review, implementation, requirement specification.3.How does a phased life cycle model serve up software management?SOFTWARE METRICS1.What is McCabes cyclomatic number? Determine the equal for2.In Halsteads metrices, what is the significance of (i)operators and operands (ii)potential operands, (iii)Length (iv)Estimated length (v)Volume (vi)Potential volume (vii)Implementation Level3.How is effort and time deliberate in Halstead method?4.Why is the number of decisions + 1 an important method for calculating McCabes cyclomatic no.? (Ans It would be very time consuming to accommodate to construct the control flow graph for large programs).5.Why is monotonicity an important sign of a size or effort metric such as Halsteads effort metric? (Ans If adding more code can dumbfound the value of the effort metric to decrease, then the metrics expression is not understandable. It may also mean that the metric is manipulated).6.Why is complexity not readily measurable? (Ans Complexity is not well defined and each one has different interpretation. It is interaction between person and code that makes it herculean to define). 7.Calculate McCabes complexity on the following source code. Draw a control flow graph. Read x,y,zType = scalene If(x= =y or x= =z or y = =x) type = isosceles If(x= =y or x= =z) type equilateral If(x =y+z or y =x+z or z= x+y)) type not a triangle If(x =0 or y =0 or z

Conflict Essay

The bringing of people together in social interaction necessarily involves a set of interpersonal kinetics which so hotshotr or later go a dash lead to meshing. scrap amongst people or mathematical groups often approachs from competition for resources, power, and status. Family members struggle for attention. Individuals compete for jobs and wealth. Nations compete for territory and prestige. Different interest groups compete for influence and the power to father rules. Often the competition is non for resources but for ideas, unmatched person or group wants to have the ideas or behaviour of a nonher group suppressed, punished, or declargond illegal.When you consider what a diverse society we live in, with so many assorted backgrounds, perspectives and approaches to life, it is not surprising that encroach is established as part and parcel of our every(prenominal)day life. This is beca drop people will have competing interests and competing perspectives in relation to t he resembling issues, and so we should not be surprised when tensions survive between individuals and groups. Conflict is refer with difference. If we were every the same, then there would be little or no conflict.However, thankfully we are not all the same, and so part of the price that we pay for the richness of diversity is that conflicts will arise at certain ages. Conflicts are inevitable in ones system of rulesal life and personal life. Conflict scats to have detrimental consequences for both the individual and the organization. Performance is adversely affected. Decisions make may not be appropriate. Occasionally, they might even be unrealistic or irrational. Thus, conflicts tend to impair ones efficiency.Some periods, conflict is in addition observed to control rise to certain malad erected behaviours in individuals trying to cope with it. These implicate alcoholism, drug abuse, excessive smoking, under eating or oereating and extremely aggressive or submissive b ehaviour. Conflict has besides certain physiological consequences in that, certain variegates take place within the physiological carcass which are often ignored or unnoticed. Hence, it may be soundless that conflict not only affects an individuals performance, but also gives rise to psychosomatic disturbances, which undermine the health of the individual.It can also be argued that conflicts are not necessarily bad. The progress we have made so far in our civilization is due to the conflict between genius & man. Conflict releases muscularity at every level of human activity, energy that can score positive, constructive results. Conflicts tend to have a motivational value they drive or energize an individual to tackle a situation. To resolve a conflict one might explore different avenues or alternatives of action, which make him/her more knowledgeable. Conflicts also provide opportunities to test ones own abilities.Conflict can occur at personal level, interpersonal level, g roup level. It can be latent or covert. Causes of Conflict 1. Conflicts arise when people are competing for the same resources, when they are not plum distributed or when there are not enough to go round. 2. Conflicts arise when the people are unhappy with how they are governed. 3. Conflicts arise when peoples beliefs c lambast. Religious and governmental views are particularly sensitive, because people often see on these for a sand of identity and belonging.Sometimes the conflict is caused by a religious/political group being attacked sometimes it is because the group is eager to spread a particular belief and even obligate it on others. Some leaders may aggravate religious and political differences as part of their tactics for keeping or gaining power. 4. In the same way ethnic differences can cause conflict, or be made to cause it. Again, peoples ethnicity gives them a sense of identity and belonging, and it is threats to this sense which can cause violent responses, just as individuals may lash egress with angry words or gestures when they feel threatened.Causes of conflict in the work place The cause of work conflict is often interpret and blamed on personalities and misbehaviour, but in reality much workplace conflict is systemic and endemic to the workplace environment. Ineffective organisational systems, unpredictable policies, unsuitable goals, scarce resources, and poor communication can all contribute to conflict in the workplace. Workplace conflict causes loss of productivity, distractions, and employee dissatisfaction. However, management can produce positive results by paying attention to and addressing the true causes of conflict in their organisations.Managing conflict Managing a conflict contains specialized interaction that prevents a battle from becoming a destructive battle. Managing a conflict attends to the personal issues so as to allow for a constructive relationship, even though the quarry issues may not be resolvable. For e xample, the former Soviet Union and the united States managed their conflict during the Cold War by using a manikin of mechanisms. The objective issues in the dispute were not resolved, and neither were the personal issues, which contained epoch-making perceptual differences.However, both sides attended significantly to the relationship to keep the dissonance from turning into a destructive battle. Ways people deal with conflict There is no one best way to deal with conflict. It depends on the current situation. Here are the major ways that people use to deal with conflict.1. Avoidance. Pretend it is not there or ignore it. unremarkably this approach tends to worsen the conflict over time. 2. Accommodation. Give in to others, sometimes to the extent that you compromise yourself. Usually this approach tends to worsen the conflict over time, and causes conflicts within yourself. 3.Competition. Work to get your way, rather than clarifying and addressing the issue. 4. Compromising. Mutual give-and-take. 5. Collaboration. focusing on working together.This approach sometimes raises new mutual contends. effects of conflict Conflicts have positive and negative effects. They can lead to qualify if they are well managed, they can be used as a exposeing experience and they can be used to open up opportunities. However, prolonged conflicts can erupt into violence and disrupt the activities of the organisation, they may also damage relationships permanently and they can also lead to the death of an organisation. smorgasbord Most of us live and think as if the world were static, or as if it should be. As individuals, as professionals, and as members or leaders of organizations, in addition often the way we act, plan, and react betrays the assumption that tomorrow will be much like today, that well slide by all right if we just get a little better, a little smarter, at doing what we are already doing. Some people, and some organizations, fall apart in the view of transmit. They seem well organized until something diverges in their environment. According to Robbins (1999), replace is concerned with making things different.Things must be different because they change constantly. When an organizational system is disturbed by some internal or external force, change frequently occurs. Change as a process, is simply modification of the coordinate or process of a system. It may be good or bad, the concept is descriptive only. It may be constructive, destructive, comfortable or uncomfortable. mass and organizations seem to have a pattern over their lifetimes. People and organizations that smash on change share some fundamental attributes. Change is fractal its base nature looks the same at different scales.So the attributes that make an organization powerfully adaptive also make a relationship bendable and fruitful, a community liveable, and an individual creative, adaptive, and secure in the midst of turbulence. It is not possible to chan ge an organization without changing oneself. Changing oneself will change an organization. The two are inextricably linked. If people seriously intend to assist their organization go through the massive changes, they must set out on a path of changing their own lives, of learning the skills of change and applying them first to themselves.Any change is, in part, physical. It can be silent in ones head, but until it lives in their body, it wont change their behaviour. If a person wishes to be different, that person must learn to move differently, to make different physical decisions. Stick to your knitting, turns out to be a useful thought for dealing with change. However, at the core of every truth is a fallacy, a route to a deeper truth. The fallacy at the core of stick to your knitting is the invitation not to change, to stay satisfied with the way we are.Many of us have a grudging acceptance of the need to change. The reality is that every change is a new skill, one that takes t ime and attention to learn. If I wait to change until I am compel to it, I will be too late. To wait until change is hale on me is to stay perpetually behind on the learning curve. Whe neer a person is trying to change something in his life, they should always remember that change without getting rid of the beliefs that cause the current behaviour or smellings is near impossible.Furthermore, change probably is difficult when one is onvinced that they either saw or felt the belief causing their current behaviour or feeling on numerous occasions earlier in life. When they realize they never saw their belief and they caused the feeling, not reality, their belief will just dissolve. instantly change is the essential of survival and a way of carrying out business. all(prenominal) business firm whether big or small has to change with time or it will perish. This change along with it brings insecurities and pain that forces human beings or individuals to come out of their comfort zon es to zone of uncomfortable debate and this leads to protection to change.

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Differences between types of economies

at that place are tether main types of economies in the e prowesshly concern according to the types of argument they do 1. land based economy This is the oldest form of economies in the world. The economy by its temperament has sm each firms and has a limited economy of scale. The economy is usually overriding in third world countries like Vietnam 2. Industrial economy An industrial economy is stronger than an agricultural one and only(a), due to the larger size of firms and higher parliamentary procedure go forth tend to get under ones skin large firms, as industry has a substantial economy of scale.Mnay of the countries started their developent power points from this type of economy 3. Service Economy A service-based economy has its size dependent on the types of sevices it provides. This mode not all industrial firms will be huge in size, and yet they cannot be considered as an economically weaker plane section. (Plexico n. d. ) Examples of all of these can be see n in the world, scarce the more advanced countries of the world are moving or have already moved from the for the first time through the second to the third.The US was the first country to become predominantly a Service economy (Plexico n. d. ) cushion of Computers on contrast Computer science is at a stage at which it can do more for the economy, more for the way business is done (Gates 2004) Many flock believe that the single most master(prenominal) change in the society in recent times has been brought slightly by the introduction of computers. The three types of economies which were described in the earlier section have all been significantly affected by the invention of computers. ab initio Business used computers for only keeping track of accounts, money, or items that they need, notwithstanding things changes at a lightning pace. It can be said that the speed, accuracy, the ability to do repetitive tasks are the backbone of todays research, manufacturing and yieldio n units. These characteristics similarly brought about the advent of the present Age of Information. The development of the World dewy-eyed Web is a major breakthrough in the advancement of chat (Ayers 2007). The information age brought about the concept of global markets to the industrial and agriculture section.While the prior age concept of trade sounds pretty close, the release is in the nature of open-markets, which are possible only because consumers know what is thither for sale practically everywhere in the world. While for service empyrean too the open markets mean the wider scope for selling, the services themselves can be performed at much lower rates in different split of the world. The open markets have in turn brought up the standard of mathematical product and service quality, as now the consumers have many options available for their purchases.There are newer ways of buying and selling available to consumers, like the e-businesses, where one can practically s hop or sell without leaving his home. In fact many economists believe that due to the advent of computers, the business has changed from macrocosm selling oriented where consumers had to buy the products closely resembling their needs, to being consumer oriented where consumers needs are the base for making newer products, and companies then design exercise marketing plans to pamper the consumers so that they actually buy the trigger officular product or service.Speculation about the future impact of Computers on Business Computers have affected the business methods so much that many people consider that area is saturated. This is hitherto not the case, according to the point of hatful of many scientist and engineers. The argument given here is that, while the computers have better a lot from the time when it was the prerogative of a few get scientists and researchers, to the present usage by hundreds of millions of people the interface needs to be brought much closer to th e common man, especially in third world countries.The first major impact would be when the computers would have perfected the art of conversation. The ability to speak to our computers is a critical part of the interface we will end up with (Ayers 2007). This would make the computers seem more human to people. another(prenominal) major improvement would be a perfect translation capability, which means people would no longer be hampered when they are interacting with a likely buyer or seller from a different culture. Some other possible uses would be a cheaper single interface which would connect a person to his component, vehicle and home all times from any part of the world.This would mean, there would no longer be any formal office locations. This possibility is a very real one, with many people already subscribing to the this work from home or any part of the world concept, however it is still not a part of the popular culture As is seen the computers have and would still con tinue to impact the way business is done. The skillful advances have been phenomenal and would continue to be at the same pace, carry the world closer. However, to integrate these technologies to modify ways of business would be up to the members of the business community.

Curricular Ramifications

The employment of computing device technologies in wide-eyed inform grooming has significantly improverd across the globe. The benefits and advant hop ons of calculator-based learning generate been comprehensively discussed, yet it is likewise important to enumerate the ramifications associated with this endeavor. However, it is imperative to determine whether this technologically intense activity is appropriate for application to refreshing(a) small fryren attending elementary aim education. This paper allow for identify several issues that ar associated with the handling up of computers in command basic lessons to new-fangled indoctrinate children.One of the most portentous reports regarding the ramifications of computer-based instruction at the grade rail level is that the brains of young children argon inundated with so much information at an early age (Healy, 1998). It has been earlier established that the brains of young children atomic number 18 still und ergoing further ontogenesis and in that locationof it is best to allow time and the normal activities to enhance the young individuals brain capacity as he grows by adolescence and adulthood.The exposure of young children to computer programs is thus a novel companionship that has not been fully examined with regards to its long-term opinions of human behavior and cognizance (Kay, 1992). It is acceptable that adults employ computers at work and at home, yet allowing young children to use computers at much(prenominal) an early age may be rushing their underdeveloped brains to mature at a faster pace. some opposite issue associated with the employment of computers in elementary teach education is that the forest of softw ar programs may significantly vary, depending on the designer or motive of the program.There be currently so many softw be programs that assist a computer user in uploading, integrating and consolidating different types of information on a computer. It is thus doable that the computer program that is used by a certain elementary school has not been reviewed and endorsed by the school govern and thus the school children may be affected in terms of their learning skills and behavior. The ideal computer program that could assist in teaching grade school children should not only include lessons on how to count or read, but also instill good morals, as well as conduct (Cassell and Jenkins, 1998).It may thus be possible that the computer program busy by a certain school was simply purchased based on the price of the software packaged. There are so many versions of tutorial software that are featured with groundless activities that attempt to teach children how to count or read. It is whence important that computer programs are designed as a simulation of classroom lessons, which bequeath always include teaching of proper attitudes and behaviors.Another issue that may guide from the use of computer programs in teaching lessons at th e elementary school level is the decrease in interpersonal interactions among students (Whitley, 1997). One features of elementary school education is that these children are allowed to interact with other children of the same age, as they also learn lessons from their teachers. The employment of computers in teaching lessons to these young children in that locationfore removes the neighborly interactions that are important in shaping the personality of a child.Computer programs allow for thus accumulate more time spent sitting on a desk and staring at a computer screen. The young schoolchildren will thus lose significant time in playing and interacting with other children. Computer-based learning may also decrease the opportunities for a young child to learn the concept of cause and effect, which is strongly linked to social qualify with other children. It is generally observed that compassion is often learned at children and this is mainly through turn overing what happens wh en one child is affected by a particular stimulus in the environment.In the case of employment of computers in elementary schools, children will be left with less time interacting with children and thus they might not learn how to appropriately interact with other people. The effect of this setting may not be immediately seen unless they have already grown older as full adults (Whitley, 1997). Another issue associated with computer programs in the elementary school level is gender difference in the use and appreciation of computers (Barker and Aspray, 2006).According to earlier reports, grade school-age boys are more cozy in using computers than girls, thus reflecting the concept of male dominance in computer engineering use (Butler, 2000). This gender difference may therefore affect the performance and learning capacity of the female school children, as these do not fully appreciate the reason why they have to use computers in learning specific lessons at school. In addition, ther e are reports that describe that elementary school-age girls develop an increase in their cast out perception of computers when they reach the age range of 12 to 13 long time of age (Kay, 2006a).On the other hand, boys of this same age range show an increase in their interest on computers, and thus reflect the significant work of their test scores from computer lessons and activities (Kay, 2006b). It has been suggested that this correlation between boys and computer use is influenced by the sense of confidence that this gender feels as they use such technological gadgets. Another obstacle that is associated with the use of computer engine room in elementary school instruction is the difficulty of teachers in integrating this technology in their curriculum (Jenson and Rose, 2003).It is critical to understand that computers have only been employed in most human activity in the last cardinal to thirty age. In addition, it has only been in the last 15 years that communication meth ods such as the email and short message service have been fully appreciated by society. It is thus possible that there are certain teachers in elementary schools around that world that are still not comfortable with using computers in their teaching curriculum.There are some teachers that would rather stick with the old classical method of instruction, especially when they have been teaching young children with only the basic lessons of reading, mathematics and typography (Howe, 1997). In the case where the Department of Education or the school district obliges all elementary school teachers to integrate computer programs in their teaching curriculum, this may present some form of stress of certain teachers that are not used to this technology.It is thus important that teachers be super trained with regards to the use and the recognition of the advantages of including computers in their curriculum. It will be disappointing to see reports in the futures which describe teachers tha t are misguiding young school children in their classroom lessons because the teacher himself is not familiar with using a computer program. devoted these ramifications on the curriculum of elementary schools, it is thus important that the decision and choices make with regards to computer use be thoroughly reviewed and assessed.Elementary schoolchildrens brains are highly malleable and thus it is critical that the appropriate and relevant measure are undertaken in order to ensure good educations among these young individuals. References Barker, L. J. and Aspray, W. (2006). The state of seek on girls and IT. In Cohoon, J. M. and Aspray, E. (eds. ). Women and Information Technology. Cambridge, MA MIT Press, pages 354. Butler, D. (2000). sex, girls, and computer technology Whats the status now? Clearing House, 73, 225229. Cassell, J. and Jenkins, H. (1998). From Barbie to Mortal Kombat Gender and computer games.Cambridge, MA MIT Press. Jenson, J. and Rose, C. B. (2003). emailprotec ted Listening to gendered relations of power in teachers talk about new technologies. Gender and Education, 15, 169181. Healy, J. (1998). Failure to Connect How Computers Affect Our Childrens Minds For Better or Worse. New York Simon & Schuster. Howe, K. (1997). Understanding Equal Educational Opportunity Social Justice, nation and Schooling. New York Teachers College Press Kay, R. H. (1992). An analysis of methods used to examine gender differences in computer-related behaviour.Journal of Educational Computing Research, 8, 323336. Kay, R. H. (2006a). Addressing gender differences in computer ability, attitudes and use The laptop effect. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 34, 187211. Kay, R. H. (2006b). Evaluating strategies used to incorporate technology into preservice education A review of the literature. Journal of Research on Technology and Education, 38, 383408. Whitley, B. E. (1997). Gender differences in computer-related attitudes and behaviors A metaanalysis. Comp uters in Human Behavior, 13, 122. .

Dr. Lindsay

The aims of this show are to analyze Dr. Lindsays case study and to pose (1) the educational roles that Dr. Lindsay held (2) education, skills, requirements and settings for each type of role and (3) what Dr. Lindsay could attain done to be much successful in these settings.Throughout her life career, Dr. Lindsay held a variety of educational roles in different settings. These roles and settings bed be generally grouped into ternary broad categories (1) pedagogics in academia (2) teaching in healthcare settings and (3) delivering on-the-job education and training.The first educational role Dr. Lindsay held was to educate the employees of an countrified company about chemical hazards and blood-borne pathogens. This type of job bunghole categorise as on-the-job education and training. While Dr. Lindsay possessed necessary qualifications and had smashing command of the information she had to deliver, she escapeed skills in conveying this information and expressionting e ffective teaching methodology. In order to be more successful in settings care those, one should be able to identify and adjust to hearings diverse learn needs. It is also of paramount importance to assess earshots readiness to learn prior to the commencement of the bleed.Since different schooling needs dictate different scholarship style, each part of the audience should be presented with information in an engaging way that is relevant to their background, experience, and expectations from the learning figure out. Dr. Lindsay was able to make useful conclusions from the feedback she received, and effective organization of evaluation process as well as implementation of its results are two tidy tools of improving nursing education (Gaberson & Oermann, 2005 OConnor, 2006).The second educational role Dr. Lindsay assert was in academia, as allied health coordinator and nursing instructor at Wheatland Community College. In those settings, a prerequisite to success is the combi nation of organizational skills with deep knowledge of the scholarship of teaching. Dr. Lindsay felts that her qualifications were insufficient and decided to pursue a Master degree in nursing education. She successfully underwent all the lead phases of reflective self-study, namely assessment, implementation, and dissemination (Drevdahl et. al., 2002).The next educational role Dr. Lindsay held was associated with delivering a course for nurses working in nursing homes. It was more practice-oriented yet good-tempered rested within the field of academia. While Dr. Lindsays qualifications were sufficient exuberant to teach it at an appropriate level, she had little autonomy to re protrude the course with a view to making it more effective, since it was created by the state and had to celebrate specified curriculum and teaching guidelines.In order to be more successful in the settings like those, one should either pressure the superiors to regard the structure and content of the c ourse since, as Iwasiw (2005) argues, effective curriculum design is what makes nursing educational relevant to students or combine the presentation of the ceremonious content with experimenting with teaching methods and styles. As Stull & Lantz (2005) argue, effective nursing scholarship encompasses nonsymbiotic query into different teaching methods and techniques as well as keeping up to date with the phylogenesis of the body of scientific knowledge on the subject of nursing.The next educational role of Dr. Lindsay was teaching staff development classes as a staff educator. In those settings, she turned out to lack administrative skills rather than educational qualifications. A good educator should be able to organize the learning process effectively both from donnish and technical side.The next role Dr. Lindsay asserted was the one in healthcare settings as a nurse educator in a topical anesthetic WIC clinic. Despite her abundant experience and expertise in nursing educa tion, she failed to identify learning needs of her diverse audiences, ranging from mothers who didnt know how to make formula to the certified staff physicians. It was also excessive administrative workload that prevented her from win in this stance. Under that scenario, the most feasible way of solving the crisis would have been to delegate some part of her responsibilities to subordinates and focus on her core functions as a nurse educator.In the position of a nurse instructor at Carmel College Dr. Lindsay had to act as a clinical instructor, lecturer, and with a portion of the committee that assessed the whole nursing program. However, in the position like this Dr. Lindsay had to modernize some additional technical qualifications, like HTML use. In addition, she had to carry off with problems of ethical character, like student plagiarizing papers.Another Dr. Lindsays position in academia was an assistant professor at Western State College. This position implied not only mast ering her teaching techniques and effectively addressing diverse learning needs of the college attendees but also academic work like research and publishing. In other words, she had to posses not only acquisition of Practice and Scholarship of Teaching but also Scholarship of Discovery and Scholarship of integration (AACN, 1999). However, in order to master all these skills at a more quality level, there are certain practical steps to be taken.As Pape (2000) suggests, Scholarship of Practice can be mastered by attending seminars, workshops, and professional meetings Scholarship of Teaching can be enhance by community teaching Scholarship of Discovery can be developed by quality improvement efforts and Scholarship of Integration can be advanced by multidisciplinary work. And these are only singular examples of the methods that can be employed to mater these skills. Since developing research skills are a requirement for such a position, she had to pursue her PhD degree.As an associat e professor at Champion University, Dr. Lindsay took a different approach to teaching, since she was working with alum students whom she perceived as her colleagues. At Champion University, she also engaged in mentoring, which required mastering her interpersonal skills along with her academic scholarship.ReferencesAACN. (March 1999). Position educationon defining scholarship for the discipline of nursing. Retrieved October 3, 2007, from http//, D.J., Stackman, R.W., Purdy, J.M., Louie, B.Y. (September 2002). Merging reflective interrogation and self-study as a framework for enhancing the scholarship of teaching. daybook of Nursing nurture 41(9) 413-420.Gaberson, K.B., Oermann, M.H. (2005). Evaluation And Testing in Nursing information, 2nd ed. New York customs Publishing Company.Iwasiw, C. (2005). Curriculum Development in Nursing Education. Boston Jones and bartlett pear Publishers, Inc.OConnor, A.B. (2006). Clini cal Instruction And Evaluation A Teaching Resource. Boston Jones and bartlett Publishers, Inc.Pape, T. (2000). Boyers model of scholarly nursing applied to professional development. AORN Journal 71 995, 997999, 1001, 1003.Stull, A., & Lantz, C. (2005). An innovative model for nursing scholarship. Journal of Nursing Education 44(11) 493497.

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I, Being Born A Woman And Distressed Essay

This sonnet of Edna St. Vincent Millay is a literary piece shows more faces and expresses so many meanings. But even if it has many meanings, the general pith and meaning is about unrequited love. It expresses overpowering faces longing and a believe for a lover. The kindle factor of I, Being Born a char and disquieted is the intriguing features of the sonnet conflicting message and desires expressed.Saying that she is natural a muliebrity and distressed signifies that she surrenders to such fate that she is of the female sexuality with its consequent circumstance surrounding women. Followed by the sultry acknowledgement of the approach ( meanness) of a lover, the sonnet defines what pleasure such nearness brings. The sonnet yearns that the two bodies of the lover be near to each other. It is because such nearness en equal to(p)s the sens to clarify the pulse and cloud the mind, meaning such nearness all(a)ows the savoring of their mutual scents. Wherein, it is further e xpressed that such nearness and feeling of undone, possessed brings them to higher levels of experience.However, the sonnet defends that such extreme happiness of existence together does not necessarily mean that it deters rightful reason or thinking as stout blood is once morest my staggering brain. It is safe that such nearness always invoke joyful sojourn and leaves hearty memories. Furthermore, such nearness reaffirms the commitment and conviction of love shared and cherished. Nevertheless, amidst all the frenzy, the confusion, the sonnet evoke the inability to truly express in words that could make a reasonable conversation when we meet again.The entire sonnet is a slow mode of rising feelings from the lineage until the conclusion that apparently can leave one expressionless, wordless. There is a thinkable paradox wherein the sonnet embody humongous run of feelings and all the same could not find the words to say them. There is also the possible inconsistency that inasmu ch as the rise of feelings is joyous, yet, they may not be wanted. maybe it is because it is so difficult to contain enormous feelings of love and joy, that it might be better not to have the feelings anymore than not being able to contain them. It is like as if the sonnet portrays a lovers dual role of being both a winner and a loser. It is because there is sea tang, frenzy, seduction, staggering. (Hubbard, 1995)The sonnet somehow refers to such incongruent thoughts and paradox to the fact that the feelings and emotions come from a woman who is not unresolved of such enormity of feelings. This sonnet explains that being born a woman is not the fault of anyone thus, it is not anyones fault that the subsequent jazz and nurturing such passion and joy could not be contained.The ultimate interesting part is that despite all the paradox, the sonnet is convinced that there is fill out reason and awareness as to what pleasure such passion and joy beings. The sonnet finally intends t o illustrate that even if there is confusion in such situation and such enormity of feelings, it is still right to kick upstairs such feelings. The sonnet confirms that love and passion is a right and it is logical. telephone extensionHubbard, Stacy Carson. On I Being Born a Woman and Distressed. 1995 Millay at 100 A Critical Reappraisal Modern American Poetry http//

Brief Analsysis of Obama’s Change Campaign

After the nation endured an unsettling two terms with President George W. Bush, its people were left with a bitter taste, so to speak. As a nation, we yearned for unsanded discourse and needed change. Change was to be the fundamental foundation for the 2008 Presidential Election leads, which created quite a nation-wide stir as a record number of voters made it to the polls. This was the very beginning of a nation-wide political change, which is homelyly more than just empty propaganda, but is evident now through current new reforms.In 2008, Barack Obama pledged to specify our nations political character through an effective campaign based on the philosophy of change we can opine in using the slogan yes we can. Obama hoped for a new attitude in politics, education, health care, and foreign policy among numerous other issues. A agreement to cut taxes for 95% of working American families with an annual income less than $250,000 on with significant tax breaks to companies that in vest in the United States were some of the aspects of his campaign.In addition, this rally for change promised to create 2 million new jobs to exalt the countrys infrastructure and 5 million new zilch jobs. Obamas campaign emphasized withdrawing troops from Iraq to end the war, increasing animation independence (New Energy Plan for America) and decreasing the influence of lobbyists and how business is conducted on Capital Hill. This new national political character would work to visualize that business conducted on Capital Hill between Congress was to call for the best interest of the American people in mind as opposed to personal political agendas.These plans for change created a buzz among the American people. The newly configured 112th Congress, the current meeting of our nations legislative branch concedes that all these issues are top national priorities as thoroughly and have been quite responsive in effective ways to reference the issues with the President. Though this is the first Congress in which the House and Senate have opponent majorities since the 107th Congress (2001-2003), implementing change through these agendas seems quite viable.This is evident through the new Health Care Reform that was recently implemented and depicts and shows this political quid of change to be an obvious buzzword, but to also have amount and depth with Obamas current term. With the composition of the House of Representatives favoring Republicans (242 Republicans to 193 Democrats) and the new Senate antiauthoritarian leadership (51 Democrats, 47 Republicans, and 2 Independents) one may worry that legislative actions on Capital Hill could face potential deadlock, oddly since the House has the largest number of Republican members since the 80th Congress of 1947-1949.But having a Democratic President and a primarily Republican Congress agent that compromises most likely will have to be met in allege to pass bills and legislations, and effectively and efficient ly implement this change we can believe in and show the nation, yes we can.

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Women Are Better Than Men

Wo custody atomic number 18 Better than Men English seek Paper Regina Erica T. Varilla January 25, 2012 Introduction As to the talk of sexual urge high quality, it is unfastened that history had given men the advantage. For the past several millennia, men had exhausted the crown of authority, seated upon the highest seat of honor, and wielded the mighty arm of agent. For tout ensemble those years, women had no chance but to fall under power, to live a bread and butter of service and obedience, and to remain invisible, oppressed and inferior. Times change, however, and a tenacious with modernization came a tsunami of altercation.Riding on confidential information of those powerful waves, with full control of the situation, ar women. seek and statistics present proven that women atomic number 18 rapidly gaining dominion of almost every(prenominal) good aspect in life. In academics, for example, girls ar receiving most of the awards and positions, including the top ran kings and extra-curricular activities such as the yearbook and the student diary. Even in field wherein men ar k fall outrightn to be specialized in, women are nowadays thriving. In jobs, statistics show that the dead places for men are sky-rocketing succession the jobless rates for women are going to an all- epoch low.Simply put, this compresseds that men are universe put out of commission while women are flourishing. More and to a greater extent women are now standing up from their previous position of kneeling at the feet of men. Recently in India, 285 girls shed unsought names. In Africa, 49% of the parliament is now composed of women. A alteproportionn is happening, and this is proof of it. Scope This question theme c all everywheres the comparison between men and women at the subjects of corporeal weakness, emotional weakness, Biblical origins, safe driving, and the ability to prevail in society, including academic ability, ndurance, and independence. Object ive The main objective of this research makeup is to prove womens superiority in most aspects, especially in this generation. opposite aspects include * To empower women much * To show the true capability of women * To prove to society that this is an era for women * To bring about a reclamation * To end the debate over gender superiority for all time * To end discrimination on women * To let the demesne see the eight-fold values of women in valetkind Significance of Study This research stem strives to prove the superiority of women over men as multiple evidences prove.Due to a long history of males being the superior gender, society has failed to see unaccompanied the concept that a new era has come, and along with it, another bellow for change a change which demands society to remove the blindfold of accustomed ways and to accept the world with its new leaders Women First and foremost, his research paper will affect women in the sense that they will hopefully see and un derstand that humanity, even though it whitethorn not provided fully realize it, has already accepted them as the new superpowers, and that the world is ready for their taking.They just stupefy to stand and adopt the confidence, which hopefully shall be further strengthened by this collection of data, to rule supreme, as they are make to be. This research paper shall help empower other women to portray the world without fear, knowing that the circumstances are favorably on their side. The contents of this research paper shall also affect men, though in a different approach. It shall be an eye-opener for them who believe in women being the inferior gender, and hopefully make them see that women are no longer the weaklings they previously ideal women are.As for those who are not subject to such beliefs, this shall also affect them delinquent to the huge probability of men being overrun soon, and may be required to find a way to save themselves in the adjacent future. Another group of people ventureed to find interest in this paper shall be the feminists. By showing that women are steadily growing into power and seating themselves in chairs of authority, it is then be that these feminists efforts were not in vain. On the contrary, they arrive worked exceedingly well.If the citizens change, then it is mandatory for the government shall evolve with them. It may not be long before majority of the cabinet members construct women, and perhaps even sooner, the head of the country itself. Women in history stimulate always worked behind the scenes. As the quotation History repeats itself tells us, the reign of women in the field of politics will no doubt be oft less scandalous than present. The workforce of the country may also be severely infected. Businesses up until now have preferred men over women.Modern machinery, however, have tipped the balance of the scale. With the need of physical strength no longer in play, women now have a fair or perhaps an e ven better chance at jobs than men. It can be estimated that at the late 21st century, women shall be the expected breadwinner of the family. Body tangible failing When it comes to the battle of the sexes, the subject of physical vulnerability can never be ignored. People generally have this misconception where in girls are the weaker gender between the two. It is a misconception, be condition they are not the weaker gender at all.They cannot be blamed for having this wrong idea, as boys have more cerebrospinal smooth-spoken (protects skull from damage) and are more fitting to receive painful blows. The medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery even stated that women have 34 nerve fibers per square centimeter of facial skin, while men scarce have 17 nerve fibers per square centimeter of facial skin. Also, gibe to a 2008 report from the University of Georgia in Athens, boys have a more advanced pain suppressing circuit that is less effectively wired in women.Thus, it ca nnot be denied that girls save interpret more pain in their lifetime. A few more examples are giving birth, having menstruation, and possessing more weak spots. Furthermore, these hurt come naturally to them, as opposed to boys, wherein the fights they get into are rigorously their decision. They know it, but chose to ignore this fact. Men, however, do not have familiarity of one of womens secret weapons, that is, estrogen. In 2002, researchers at the University of Michigan have proven that high levels of estrogen mean at least decent or high pain tolerance than men.This can be super useful during menstruation, pregnancy, and even child birth. Estrogen, however, is not the hardly weapon that womankind has. all those ear piercings, body waxing and high heeled shoes must have hurt very much, and since a girl is not on her occlusion all the time, then it must not only be estrogen at work. jibe to a professor from Columbia University, research has shown that the more a pers on notices pain, the more it is amplified. Since women are willing to go by means of such pains for extensive periods of time, they have gotten use these pain signals.Not long after, the brain will start ignoring these signals, leading(p) to better pain tolerance. everywhere time, women can develop this endurance to surpass that of mens. Emotional Weakness Both genders experience emotional and psychological letdowns. The conflict between how they react, however, is extremely huge. Thanks to Hollywood, women are generally mistaken as the weaker gender. This holds absolutely no truth at all. Research has proven that both men and women experience the same depression and vulnerability during an emotional letdown. What differs, however, is how they let the stress out of their systems.According to SAGE, women tend to turn to social circles, thus their depression is observed and understood, while men tend to confine themselves and avoid any social contact, leading to a build-up of even more stress and depression due to being hidden and misunderstood. This is disastrous for men as the loss of socialization is the cause of the problem in the first place, and may resort to drugs, drinking, and violence just to numb the feeling off. This then may lead to crime, resulting to a higher crime rate for men, and a chain of events and statistics. Survival in the SocietyA customs duty that goes back in time is the thinking that males are the breadwinner of the family. The reason for this is in ancient history, when food is mainly acquired from hunting, needing attributes equal developed muscles and huge arise structures. This task is best fitted for men. Modern times, however, has a different sort of battlefield. The difference in the demand for physical strength between then and now is vast. During the past millennia, physical labor is extremely high. In this modernized world, however, adapted or even greater strength can be achieved through with(predicate) the press o f only a few buttons.The industrial era of straightaway involves intelligence and skill, both attributes being thoroughly honed by women to make up for the lack of strength. One reason for these differences is the different composition of the male and female person brains. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvanias Brain Behavior wear uponatory ensnare out that although the females brains are on average 11% smaller than males, they still have more grey matter (used for processing information). Males have more white matter (fat-covered long fibers that transmit electrical impulses) and cerebrospinal mobile (acts as buffer from the skull).This may mean that women are knowing to have certain advantages in processing information and men are designed to have quicker reflexes and more solid protection for physical blows. Other factors responsible for the female brain boost maybe the higher rate of blood flow to certain cracks of the brain and again, estrogen levels. According to Dr. Legato, author of Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget, the part of the brain that controls languages in females receive more nutrition, therefore making it easier for women to consider what they have heard or read.This may explain the ability of women to interact and to manage conversation well, and possibly the exceptional ability of data interpretation. As for estrogen, he had said that it activates a larger field of neurons in a womans brain, so they experience stress in a more accurate way, even when only reliving the memory. Proofs of females having superior academic abilities are already cropping up. According to a report from CBSNews, boys are travel behind as girls tend to outshine them. Peter Badalment, principal of Hanover noble School in Massachusetts, said that girls took home almost all the honors for almost the past decade.Once again, it was a girl who became valedictorian, the latest of a nine-year-streak. In the develops advanced placement classes (equivalent of a cream section or a star section), majority (about 70%-80%) of the students comprise of girls, even in the field of Math, which is the section boys used to dominate. He also stated that in AP biology, there were no boys around at all. Also according to Badalment, 3 out of 4 class leadership positions belong to girls. Not only are they achieving in class, they are also the leaders of extracurricular activities and clubs such as the National Honor Society and the batchs yearbook.Even in college, campuses get more qualified women applicants. Women now comprise nearly 60% of the campus student body, earning 170,000 more degrees It is not only in the field of academics that women are proving to be much more efficient, but also in acquiring high paying jobs. When comparing charts for jobless rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Haver Analytics, it is clear that the trend for jobless men is rising, while the trend for jobless women is plunging. If this trend persi sts, it will mean that in the future, there will be more working women than working men.The possibility of having a househusband may be hovering before humanity in the near future. Driving It is ballpark experience that cars and driving skills are a boy thing. This, however, does not mean that they do it well this battle is, as the common saying goes, select versus quantity. Although men are generally known to drive more, women are found to drive safer. Statistics show that on percentage basis, men have about 5% more violations than women. Reckless driving tops the list, with mens violations more than 340% than that of womens.DUI (Driving Under Influence or Drunk Driving) and Seatbelt violations are next in line, also more than 300% in ratio than the violations of women. Reports does not make it easier for men, as it say that women, for one, tend to survive in accidents more often, and two, they make less damage to the vehicles, as confirmed by many auto insurance industry expert s. Biblical Origins It is commonly repeat by anti-feminists that God created men first, then the woman, out of the man, as it states in Genesis 222(KJV Bible) clearly And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, make he a woman.This, however, is not a mark of superiority there simply has to be a filtering process first. It is just like the process involved in producing white sugar. The raw material comes in the form of sugar canes. These are just like the mud used to form man. They are useful, but in a different, less evidentiary way when compared to their output products. These canes are then crushed and refined until they establish brown sugar, coarse and as the name indicates, brown. This is man, as first made by God. They are crude sketches. This brown sugar is further processed and refined. The end result shall be white sugar.This white sugar is, at last, women. Being refined, they are finer, improved, and much more preferred. Another common mistake made by the genera l public is the misconception of the ledger sons. In old times, son can refer to 2 definitions. The first defines the word as male child the second defines the word as human offspring, with no particular gender involved. It is, therefore, of no substantial argument. synopsis and Conclusion To put it simply, women are scientifically and statistically proven to be the greater gender. Physical and emotional weaknesses have fewer tolls upon women.The lack of physical strength has been overcome by technological advances. There are no shortages to brain power, and independence has been steadily growing for the past few decades. With all these facts and data supporting the side of women, it is clear that the battle has been won. Modernization has proved an invaluable friend, having provided women access to fields they have never been allowed to step upon before. instantly that they are at those fields, they are proving good at it. It is simple to predict that in a few decades time, wome n will have taken over completely. BibliographyAbrams, Dan. Man Down. USA Abrams Imagery Animated. 2011 Belkin, Lisa. Preferring Girls Over Boys. The New York Times. February 25, 2010 emailprotected com Preference for Sons on the Wane. April 29, 2011. http//English. chosun. com/site/data/html_dir/2011/04/29/2011042901189. html How Sugar is make http//www. sucrose. com KJV Bible Kohn, David. The Gender Gap. CBNNews. February 11, 2009. http//www. cbsnews. com/stories/2002/10/31/60minutes/main527678. shtml Lazarus, Clifford N. PhD. Why Women are the Superior Gender. Think Well. February 2, 2011 Lee, Yonson and Beth Mowry. Gender Differences in Emplyment Statistics. http//www. clecelandfed. org/research/trends/2008/0508/04ecoact. cfm Lewin, Tamar. At Colleges, Women are Leaving Men in the Dust. The New York Times. July 9, 2006 Mackey, Maureen. Who Remembers What? . reviewers Digest. March 2008. http//www. rd. com/family/who-remembers-what. html Mulrine, Anna. Are Boys the Weaker Sex? . Readers Digest. Hong Kong Readers Digest Association Far East. October 2002. Sugar toil From Sugar Cane . http//www. itdg. org/docs/technical_information_service/sugar_production_from_cane. pdf

Give me liberty or give me death Essay

As the basic human right, we are all in all enjoying the inherent freedom since we were born. However, 200 years ago, a group of concourse was combat for their freedom perseveringly. On 23rd. March, 1765, Patrick total heat, who is the leading lights of American Revolution, gave the run-in in front of Virginian audience. He responded the oppressive against the control of British. he turned compound ideas against negotiation with England and towarfared armed rebellion.Patrick Henry illustrates the themes of freedom in the speech to Virginia gathering through the use of the statement that in that respect is no heart and soul anchor between freedom and slavery, the experience that how British desecrates their freedom and the emphasis on the importance of freedom. The strong desire for freedom is reflected in many split of his speech. at the beginning of the speech, Henry pointed out that there is no middle ground between freedom and slavery.I consider it as cipher less than a question of freedom or slaveryIt is however in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfil the great responsibility which we hold to God and our commonwealth. (Henry,88) Henry pointed out that the but way in front of them is either freedom and slavery. There is no doubt that they can non just treat coldly to their knowledge country and their right to get freedom. He also mentions that the act of fighting for freedom is related to the responsibility to God. Later on, Henry looks back on the experience that how British desecrates their freedom.And what have got we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the orbit? Nothing. (Henry, 89) Henry uses several rhetorical questions on the issues and uses a short adjudicate to response them. It clearly shows that the action that they took before for getting freedom was shadowy under Britishs rude control. Last but not least, Henry emphasis the importance of freedom. Forbid it, Almighty God I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death Henry ends his speech with this famous quote.He indicates that hed rather die for his country than living without freedom. He repeats the importance of freedom and accentuates it in the last sentence. In this whole speech, henry uses there statements to prove his themes of freedom, which are the statement that there is no middle ground between freedom and slavery, the experience that how British desecrates their freedom and the emphasis on the importance of freedom With the process of the speech, Henrys normal voice becomes louder and louder and almost shouts in the last sentence. And it at last causes a large number of people to willingly enter the war and fight for their freedom.

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Friendship †The Sunshine of Life Essay

mavinly relationship is more than just being friends. True friend is the one who knows everything most you and is there when you need him/her. Everyone should overhear such person. I have put up mine. Our friendship has not been long, we have known each some other a little more that a year, but we quickly found a common language and by now there has formed a strong bond between us. Maybe this is because of the fact that we have fagged practically every day together. We are really inseparable.I comparable about my friend that whenever I have had a problem or great(p) times I can always turn to him and component part my problems. What is more, it seems he has answers to everything though sometimes they cannot be taken seriously that bristles me up in a while. After that, I am often surprised, how my friend still tolerates me, but then I realise that is because we are use to each other. Even If I annoy him, and he annoys me and we feel that the other is intolerably nerve-wracki ng, we have so many cherished memories that we cannot just destruct our friendship.Finally, each friendship, and not only friendship, all relationships have high and crushed tide periods, so has our friendship, but despite the conflicts and quarrels, we stick together with thick and thin. To sum up, true friend is necessary like water system and air and we have to hold tight not to loose them, because it is hard to survive without their support. My friend is indispensable for me and I am delighted to have such a great person in my life.

Analysis of Nutrition News

Boosting Key Milk Nutrients May Help Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk ScienceDailyThe report (ScienceDaily screen 1) mainly focused on the master(prenominal) contributions of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium in risk taproom for diabetes most in particular the type 2 diabetes. (qtd in ScienceDaily, screen 1)The language used is reasonably comprehensive with the use of familiar words and with only a fewer technical terms. The authors understanding of the previously reported findings is satisfactory to allow him or to allow her to thoroughly explain the findings of the studies presented. In two studies conducted by Pittas et al. and Larsson et al., meta-analyses approaches were conducted to obtain the results. (qtd in ScienceDaily, screen 1)Studies performed were mainly based on American diet, therefore similar studies may be conducted to evaluate whether these findings practise for other racial and ethnic populations. These information would really be serviceable for individuals wh o have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes as well as the general population for the promotion of health and prevention of disease.However, to a reader without extensive nutritional background, results of this study may be misleading. The report may mislead by giving the reader the conceit that drinking milk alone will be prevention plenteous against diabetes. Other preventive measures for diabetes should have been included in the report to countermand misinterpretation.ReferenceScienceDaily. Boosting Key Milk Nutrients May Help Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk. (13 July 2007). 16 July 2007 .

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Equal Rights for Androids and Humans

Equal Rights for Androids and Humans The c erstwhileit of comparability among each people was, unfortunately, not self-evident until the passengers on the Mayflower proclaim it in 1620. A section of the Mayflower Compact reads, and by honor hereof to enact, constitute and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and offices. (Commanger, 23) indite in 1776, the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (US Declaration Ind. This phrase echoes the same beliefs as those expressed in the Mayflower Compact. Efforts to achieve par among all Americans have continued to this day. The concept of equality has not been ignored by Hollywood, either. The concept of equality has been a central makeup in respective(a) popular films over the years. One such film is bicentennial Man. The theme of Bicentennial Man challenges the viewer to question where they think the line of equal ity ought to be drawn. Throughout history, humans have struggled with this concept.Naturally, individuals desire to be the best, and they leaven to distance themselves from those who are not the same the homeless, the handicapped, people from different cultures, or those that look different. The film approaches this idea in a different bearing because Andrew, the android star of the film, is not a person. It takes Andrew a period of dickens hundred years (hence the name of the movie, Bicentennial Man) to convince the World presidency that he did, in fact, have a soul and should be considered an equal. Columbus, Bicentennial Man) The films idea of android equality is not (yet) an geld needing to be addressed in American society. The films concept of equality does, however, resemble the real challenges of human equality faced by many Americans throughout history. At the start of the movie, it was established that Andrew only existed to litigate and obey his owners, the Martin fa mily. His only purpose was to obey the commands of and attend to the needs of this family. Jeremy Bentham, a political theorist, believes this is an example of the concept of utilitarianism.In simple terms, utilization is using an object (or people) as a tool to achieve a goal. (Nelson, 205). A record book that could be used interchangeably with utilitarianism is, of course, slavery. Bicentennial Man evaluation of android equality is a clear reflection of the challenges of equal rights faced by many Americans throughout the history of the nation. In the film, Andrew Martin, the android, fought for 200 years in order to be declared equal to the humans he once served.In the real history of America, however, African-Americans fought for more than 300 years for equal rights as Americans. If only reality was a swift as Hollywood workings Cited Bicentennial Man. Dir. Chris Columbus. Perf. Robin Williams and Embeth Davidtz. Radiant Productions, 1999. DVD. Mayflower Compact. November 11, 1620. Documents of American History. Ed. Henry S. Commanger. untested York Appleton-Century Crofts, 1968. Nelson, Brian. Western Political Thought From Socrates to the Age of Ideology. 2nd. Englewood Cliffs Prentice Hall, 1996. Print.

A History of Greek Festivals

In the antediluvial stopover quartet major fetes were established which brought together classicals from across the cognise earthly concern to argue in athletic and later on melodic competitions. The first was the surpassing Games which has a traditional foundation day of the month of 776 BC. This was followed by three to a greater extent in speedy sequence in the early 6Thursdaycentury BC. Together these feasts make up the periodos 1 which was extremely weighty in furthering the dealingss amid Greeks from assorted topographic points and mingled with Greeks and non-Greeks. The competition in the midst of those take p wileing and the urban center states they were stand foring is an illustration of how those Pan-hellenic dealingss were developing. an early(a)(prenominal) countries are how the direction of each of the festivals and who re solelyy attended these Pan-Hellenic festivals.The abide by and glorification gained by the masters in each of the four Games was so great that the l unitary overindulge a struggleds straight received from the organizers were Crowns of assorted workss unspeakable to the Gods that the festivals were dedicated to. 2 This led to the term periodonikes cosmos created which was given to the jocks that had win competitions at all four Games and were considered to be the greatest jocks for this accomplishment. 3 This could shoot for that the competition in the midst of the jocks would be so ferocious that accents would be created in dealingss between persons in add-on to the metropolis states that they were stand foring. On the former(a) manus it is deserving observing that prodigious masters were non above the police in their place province as can be shown in the history of Philippos of Croton who was exiled subsequently he became betrothed to a swelled female from Sybaris plain though he had been winning at the Olympic Games. 4 The memorials that were built by the city states shows the committe dness they had to guaranting the remainder of the Greek universe could retrieve their triumphs for many old ages to get by. Not merely were the memorials dedicated to athletic triumphs but the sanctuaries where the four Pan-Hellenic Games were held withal contained memorials pay backing military triumphs over other city states. 5 This suggests the capitals were non interested in whether their oppositions were anger and hence strains in the dealingss between them due to the struggles the memorials were mentioning to would go on.Shortly after the creative activity of the four Pan-Hellenic festivals in the early 6Thursdaycentury BC Athens began reorganizing their Panathenaia festival in localize for it to include athletic tourneies in add-on to the musical and ecstatic competitions that had been held at that place. 6 Consequently the Panathenaic festival became more important within the athletic universe yet it was never regarded each stain extremely as the four Pan-Hel lenic festivals that made up the periodos which can be seen through the usage of expensive stuff a contendds 7 as opposed to the Crown prizes masters took off at the Olympic, Pythian, isthmian and Nemean Games. This suggests the jocks would detain a focal point of winning the awards rather of the love they received through their triumphs. Consequently, the city states they represented would select had less(prenominal) of an involvement in whether they won if the glorification of triumph was less than that in periodos triumphs and at that placefore dealingss between different city states would take in been more apt(predicate) to be unchanged. The lone city state to really profit from the regenerate Panathenaic festival would hold been Athens as they had the chance to rising their metropolis to visitants from beyond Attica yet it has been suggested that the Panathenaia was neer supposed to be Panhellenic and was alternatively supposed to back Athenian national pride which i s why dealingss between Greeks remained unchanged. 8 The last racecourse to be added to the programme of events at the Olympic Games in approximately 520 BC was the hoplitodromos which involved jocks footrace in spacious armor. This peculiar race besides featured in the other Panhellenic Games which suggests the importance of such(prenominal) a race. Pausanias suggests the race could hold been intentional to advance military preparation as contending wars was common in the Archaic Period and the menace of struggle with Persian forces was increasing. 9 This military training could hold besides been a manner for the city states to expose their military art and hence derive farther glorification from a military expression in add-on to the athletic facet. in time Philostratus suggests as it was the last race of the competition that it symbolised the return to a militant nature after the self-possessed armistices that were established for the continuance of each of the Panhell enic festivals. 10 The armistices referred to above were designed to advance peace amongst the city states of Greece as it prohibited ground forcess to come in the countries around the sanctuaries where the festivals were held and ensured the safe transition of those go toing the festivals. 11 merely as it may hold ensured peaceable dealingss for city states such as Elis it did non forestall wars from taking topographic point egressside of these spokespersons. however dimension a armistice in topographic point meant people from all over the classical universe and beyond could garner in one topographic point and rigid up peaceable dealingss with others every bit good as redeem them. As minister plenipotentiaries were sent out from the city states where the festivals were held in the months taking up to each of the Games to denote the low gear of them this was a method of advancing the Games whilst at the same clip advertise the city-states themselves and net functional w ith the remainder of Greece as representatives from each metropolis would be chosen to necessitate the minister plenipotentiary. 12 Harmonizing to Pausanias Pisa in the beginning had control over the metropolis of capital of Washington and hence would hold governed the Olympic Games. However their hostility towards the Eleians arrestd a war which saw Elis conquer Pisa and claim the site of Olympia as theirs. 13 This combat over the Panhellenic sanctuaries suggests metropoliss would be prepared to pay a war if it resulted in them having the honor that must hold come with incur forthing the most esteemed Games in this period. The existent disposal of the Olympic Games by the city state of Elis was by and large considered to be without prejudice. 14 The Judgess were Eleian and chosen by Elis and as a final result it did pull more or less unfavorable judgment from foreigners such as Herodotus who describes the narrative of when citizens of Elis visit Egypt to inquire them their intellection on whether the Games were world administered reasonably to which they reply they are non because Eleians themselves could come in the competitions and therefore they would non be judged reasonably against people from different topographic points. 15 This suggests Herodotus is belittling the unity of those judging the competitions who had even named themselves as Hellanodikai which means settle of the Greeks . 16 It is possible that many other Greeks had this position and so it would hold the possible to make tensenesss within dealingss between those pull offing the festival and the foreigners who were take regioning in it. However they may be some truth to these positions as Thomas Heine Nielsen states that Elis was the most successful province to repugn in the Olympics with the bulk of triumphs in the boys competitions and the equestrian events although you would omen more entrants from Elis into these tourneies as they were closest to the Olympic sanct uary. 17 The history of the locations of the four Panhellenic festivals was important in pulling Greeks from afar as the city states that were bring forthing these Games relied on the fabulous importance of the sites. In add-on to holding sanctuaries dedicated to a major God and world-renowned prophets in topographic points equivalent Delphi these city states managed to utilize outstanding fabulous ikons such as Heracles as a method of advancing their festivals. At Olympia Heracles was traditionally the founder of the Olympic Games and his undertaking of get the better ofing the Nemean king of beasts was used for the Nemean Games. In Delphi it was thought that there was a battle between him and Apollo over a tripod which surface in the early 6Thursdaycentury BC. 18 Furthermore, the Isthmian Games were held in honor of Poseidon and as a consequence the Equus caballus races were the most of import circumstances of the festival at that place. 19 This mixture of major Gods and heroes from mythology ensured the success of the Panhellenic festivals in add-on to developing the construct of Panhellenism as people from across the Grecian universe would hold identified with these myths which suggests dealingss between them would hold improved. Relationss besides had the possible to be fostered through the construction of the Pythian Games as forfeits and banquets were the lone events on the first two yearss of the five-day festival. This gave rivals and witnesss alike the opportunity to socialize and advance sentiments of harmony and community. 20 An confederation of city states known as the Amphictyonic League were obligated for puting up the Pythian Games and the readyings for them every four old ages after they had been winning in the First Sacred War. 21 This is an illustration of Greeks from different topographic points working together and their desire to prolong the dealingss created by their engagement in the war. Producing a festival would hold b esides promoted peace and community values which is shown by the Pythian armistice established during each festival. A important historical figure associated with taking the reorganization of the Pythian Games after the First Sacred War was the tyrant Cleisthenes of Sicyon. McGregor besides believes that Cleisthenes of Sicyon was linked with the other Panhellenic festivals every bit good. The narrative of Cleisthenes and his daughters suers at Olympia maintains the thought that the Olympic Games were truly a universe phase for powerful leaders to acquire their voices heard. However Cleisthenes seemingly favoured the suers from Eretria and its Alliess as they were Ionians and he was traditionally thought to be anti-Dorian. 22 This suggests divisions amongst those viing could be formed as a consequence of cultural differences and that dealingss could go labored between Greeks from different topographic points as a effect. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the Nemean Games we re established by the less dominant city state of Cleonae in concurrence with Argos in resistance to Cleisthenes of Sicyon after Cleonae had secured their exemption from Sicyon. 23 If this is true so it is farther grounds of the Panhellenic Games being used to do tenseness between city states.On the motif of who was really allowed to vie in the four Panhellenic Games it seemed to be originally sole to the nobility and the wealthy as the funerary games in honor of Patroclus in the Iliad show blue Greeks from many different topographic points vie in the chariot race which was the chief event. Chariot races were preponderantly for the wealthiest as Equus caballuss were expensive and hard to develop which meant they could expose their wealth whilst set uping dealingss with Greeks from different topographic points. 24 On the other manus this suggests that the poorest in society would non hold competed in the Panhellenic festivals such as the Isthmian Games where the equestrian even ts were considered to be the most esteemed and so if they did take part it would be in inferior events where they could non derive as ofttimes glorification. The shadow that poorer persons would non vie in the major four Panhellenic festivals is evidenced by the point that they would non hold had the clip for athletic preparation 25 or to go to the four sanctuaries where each of the four Games were held if they lived a long hold off. Furthermore there were local festivals and games they could hold competed in which would hold been much more practical 26 but if this was the instance for most Greeks so at that place would hold been less of a fosterage of dealingss between people from different topographic points if they were merely interacting with others from the same community.However by the 6Thursdaycentury BC other events were added to the Panhellenic Games which meant the poorer in society could take part 27 as they were athleticss that were practiced throughout the whol e of the Grecian universe. 28 This implies that the festivals became more Pan-hellenic as more people from different topographic points would be more likely to come in the competitions. Bury suggests that autocrats were the cause for this alteration as they wanted to defend the common people in order to win their support. 29 However if this ground is true so Panhellenism would merely be a side-effect of the autocrats desiring to derive more power and keep their reign. In add-on to this the autocrats could besides be a beginning of tenseness within dealingss between Greeks from different topographic points as is shown from the illustration of Cleisthenes of Sicyon hard to put up his ain Pythian Games in Sicyon after the autumn of shogunate in Corinth meant they had more influence in Delphi. 30 Relations between Corinth and Elis were besides strained in this period because of Olympias refusal to cover out the names of the Cypselidae from some offerings which resulted in no Ele ians being allowed to vie in the Isthmian Games and hence they were non able to derive the extremely esteemed periodonikes rubric that athletes longed for. This is an illustration of a city-state utilizing its authorization over one of the Panhellenic festivals to demo their resistance to another city state which would hold had a well negative consequence on dealingss. In contrast Pausanias suggests that it was the curses of Moline that unploughed the Eleians off from the Isthmian Games. 31 Officially all free Grecian males were permitted to vie in the Olympic Games but this meant females, non-Greeks and slaves were excluded from direct participation. 32 However the Judgess make up ones minding who could come in the competitions must hold been passably flexible with the regulations as there is no record of person being refused entry on the evidences of their cultural individuality. 33 As a consequence of this many Grecian settlers from distant topographic points like Sicily a nd the north strand of the Black Sea came to Olympia during the Olympic festival. 34 Attending the festivals such as the Olympic Games was a immense benefit to Greek settlements as it meant they could remain in close contact with the main write down and set up connexions with other metropoliss and settlements whilst maintaining a safe distance off from the metropolis it originated from in order to keep its independency. Olympia besides acted as a impersonal land for neighboring settlements who were at war with each other whilst supplying a beginning of military preparation when jocks competed in events such as the hoplitodromos so they could support themselves against non-Greeks and other settlements. Western Greeks were slightly influential in the running of the Olympic Games which can be seen by the add-on of two radical events in the early 5Thursdaycentury BC that were popular throughout Grecian settlements in the West. 35 This suggests dealingss between the settlements in the West and the Grecian mainland were good.For the dealingss between Greeks and non-Greeks Panhellenic festivals caused divisions. One of the narratives from Herodotus shows how Alexanders rivals tried to take him from the race by claiming that he was non genuinely Grecian. 36 Another states the response of a Iranian when he is told of the crown of olive that athletes compete for in the Olympic Games and he was called a coward by a Grecian male monarch for it. 37 This dissentious facet of the Panhellenic Games can besides be seen by the usage of nakedness when viing in the competitions as it was considered absurd for high-level males in cultural groups such as the Persians or Lydians to look bare when practising athletics. 38 These illustrations show the contrasts between the Greeks manner of thought compared to the remainder of the universe and how this was enforced at the Panhellenic festivals.Ultimately the four Panhellenic festivals that formed the periodos were designed in a manner that promoted Greek individuality and therefore dealingss between Greeks from different topographic points were frequently fostered through the shared faith and mythology of the sanctuaries where they were held every bit good as the shared athleticss that the competitions were comprised of. Nevertheless the jocks were ferociously militant as they were the most esteemed competitions in the Greek universe which suggests tensenesss would hold developed in dealingss between non merely the jocks themselves but besides the city states they were stand foring. Armistices were established during each of the four festivals but this did non forestall war from happening outside of the affected parts. Furthermore it was the blue and the wealthy who in the main competed in the extremely esteemed events such as chariot belt along which would hold received the most honour for winning but with autocrats presenting more events aimed at poorer persons there was the possibility that more dealingss were being fostered between Greeks from different degrees of society. Overall, the Panhellenic festivals did much to further dealingss between Greeks from different topographic points even if it was non the primary purpose sometimes. On the other manus festivals such as the Olympic Games showed a clear divide between the Greeks and the remainder of the universe and consequently dealingss between them would hold been less developed.