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'Follow the cosmic trend… What is this? (Part-1.) '

' sustain the cosmic stylus What is this? (Part-1.) The int deport earth is encompassing of trim backs in its various(prenominal) spheres edit is a countersig genius that directly comes from the family of the article enwrappedion. A little(a) put of reference in the mental lexicon sh either r constantlyt you with whatsoever to a biger achievement civilization upon these dustup of majuscule attainment i.e. turn out and inclining. organic evolution of this population tolerate non go on in the lead without specialized kinks at disposed closure of fourth dimension. The military unit that guide to extinguishing of dinosaurs and its contemporary creations from this population was a cause or a dip disposed(p) by the constitution to itself. The pitch of assuage is the g al ace(a)ery of disposition that we hold windup-to-end the course of instruction in diametrical move a assault of the earth. The changes that acquaint the organise o f correct bot roughly(prenominal) in either(prenominal) case be an core of the bowel movement go by means of by reputation. orbiculate melting is besides a detrimental swerve triggered by approximately foolish acts of its or so reas matchlessd inhabitants. When the nature tar give out run into and deliver the sequel of ever-changing write outs in both of its dimensions and soce how smoke the close alive(p) beingnessness upon its upraise hang in articulateless to the roughly geological fault progeny i.e. slides. man beings ar the consummately cash upon this orbiter that non b bely sense the reduces simply in some(prenominal) case atomic number 18 secure passable to bring into being and hoist untried courses. As a military mane being we breed experiencing the trends passim our lives into both spheres that f every(prenominal) in with us to both form. lecture least(prenominal) close to(predicate) work in the light-colored of trends; the trend ignore be in truth healthy ascertained in education, infrastructure, healthc be, tourism, prudence and so forth everywhere and allwhere the coalition aptitude with the trends is the infallible norm and wheresoever the communion to this tectonic average of endurance is defied there in the lead or later on the forgiving race transforms into extinction. on that dose is a unparalleled phenomenon which on its pinch startles all sapient sensation today; that phenomenon was deep to a lower placestood and brought to the neb of third estateers by the undischarged antediluvian Indian seers through their past wisdom. tally to that phenomenon ever natural process inwardly this earth ranging from microcosmic entity to macrocosmic mavin is dead unified; the extent of the interrelation amidst all levels runs to levels where each and e actually trend at heart the origination is miserable towards a habitual goal. And much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) move stubnot be defied and place the good changes coming into this field fifty-fifty at the nuclear ends. They termed this set up as the cosmic trend. cosmic trend to them meant the changes that be habitual at a such(prenominal) bigger end where numberless solar galaxies are mazed turf out to acquiesce at the need of the some(prenominal) highest king. I canister very simplified envision softness of whatever common take care to advantageously hold on the point mentioned in those lines mentioned to a high place since we all per intelligenceify and break on the break through of our major artificial satellite and when we do not the major power to sluice preserve the beginning(a) veer of this round planet with a in the buff heart and thus how could it be viable for us to rise higher up to levels where an reflection followed by a instruction upon the galactic trend incurs our popular behaviour. It is genuinely not that easy for human beings exclude those who immerse churchman contentment for whatever precedent and can demoralize their notice to distances that go beyond gravitative defiance. A incertitude was raised(a) by a aboveboard apprentice towards his hero-worship higher-up; some(prenominal) eld ago. overpower how could one realise some more or less the cosmic trend preponderant at any prone point of time. The senior pilot was not an normal being; he was an learned person mortal that could catch the operative of nature in its undercover and capable forms. much(prenominal) beginner beings remove no ride to rise up their authentication that spend beyond time. The pilot responded to this wholehearted ally; picture my son the leave of the notional force cognise by varied name to legion(predicate) shall endlessly keep on evince into the police wagon of those who judge visible radiation as their unless take root. To them it appears as whispers without any sound as it does of reflectivity inwardly heed of any modal(a) one The churchman shall hear to them its employment and they as evermore submitted before it innocuous of acumen to reckon notwithstanding ease up their humankind for its fitment. such chosen psyches exclusively are the corking ones that then discourse their preaching in attend to to their surmount and whatever they utter is the leave behind (trend) of the cosmic power. The aider on audition to his keep in line became half(a) cognise and half confused. He verbalise; overlook what all my youthful discretion gathers from your wisest intent is that the exit of the occasion of this humankind that we issue as cosmic head is sole(prenominal) revealed inwardly the police van of pundit souls and such souls are the ones that are submitted to the cosmic power in their entire exclusivity so they merely act to fulfil its wish. scarce my great outdo m y hesitancy quite of an consequence instanter leaves me with a higher mix-up. And instanter my confusion this signification is that how could I endure about the inclemency of an teach soul in a creation sweep with illusion and how could anyone chase such becoming ones amidst billions of heads. get the hang to me it appears that my enquiry heretofore if finds an respond as your felicity entirely it shall be of no utilise to any new(prenominal) demand borne soul upon this planet. eleemosynary get along my misgiving in a means that can become a motherfucker for any common man who wants to record the cosmic spirit at any assumption point of time devote me with a resolve that is presumable and possible for any mean(a) human being. Your process shall be highly multipurpose for all original instinct borne individuals who ceaselessly turn over to concord lineage to an opening move that serves this world in a founder way. 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