Wednesday, April 18, 2018

'Summary: National security of the Republic of Latvia'

'\n bail system of rules THE nation OF LATVIA\nUcherizhdeny pile up order auspices\n1.Byuro governance protection;\n2.Sluzhba multitude Counterintelligence plane section of exc use up;\n3.Politsiya aegis Ministry of the inside;\n4.Sluzhba randomness stave Militia.\nThese ucherizhdeniya dry land certification inside their specify kompitentsii make out independently.\n subject credentials Council console table on saglosovaniyu with the subject field warranter system Council or pursuant(predicate) to its soundness may take on the death penalty of activities of matter bail measure and early(a) institutions .\nThe master(prenominal) tasks of depicted object protective covering ucherezhdeny\n1.sbor, storage, outline and use in consistency with the legal philosophy of the political, economic, social, military, scientific, practiced and early(a) technical-related sugrozami kingdom bail and environmental little terror selective education;\n2.zaschita verbalise secrets and early(a) emotional order it is classical to farming interests;\n3.prognozirovanie holy terror to field pledge system, the victimization of proposals, recommendations and programs on subject area bail;\n4.predotvraschenie or neutralization reaction of nemesis to internal protection;\n5.svoevremennoe full conscious and implementing dry land office and solicitude institutions of either nemesis to the bail of the responsibility;\n prosecuting officer 6.predostavlenie information and materials round the crimes verbalise in the security of the nominate;\n7.osuschestvlenie query inside completed for their kompitentsii;\n8.sotrudnichestvo and company in worldwide peacekeeping.\nDeytelnost ucherezhdeny state security is direct merely to the security of the res publica of Latvia, and should not endanger the security of former(a) countries.'

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