Sunday, January 27, 2019

Different kinds of festivals Essay

In a grade we contri unlesse celebrated different kinds of festivals.Sometimes,we do celebrate festivals following our religion.Different religions have different festivals to celebrate.Festival are celebrated in a grand counseling and gives much joy. The same thing goes for me.I am a Hindoo and I celebrate many festivals.The best festival I have incessantly experienced is Deepavali.Deepavali comes on the month of November and it is usually on the second hebdomad of the month.Deepavali is known as the festival of lights for the Hindus. Last year,my family and I celebrated Deepavali at our grandparents house.After we woke up,we had to take an oil bath which was massaged from the head down to our toes.Then, we wore our modernistic traditional clothes,dhoti and sari.We got ready to go to the temple near the house.The priest in the temple made a special offering and prayers to the God on this special day. After prayers in the temple,we went back home.A fe w proceeding later,my rela tives and neighbours came to our house.My grandmother served them with scrumptious traditional food.For instance,murukku,vadai,and tose.They really enjoyed their food and they said it was very(prenominal) tasty. Before the guest left the house,my grandfather gave them ang pows.I was really shocked because end-to-end I know only Chinese gave ang pows during their festival,Chinese New Year but I never knew that Indiansdid that too.Then, it was time to take our lunch.My father prepared whatsoever banana leaves to use as plates.It had really a different gustation when eating from a banana leaf.It really potraits a traditional style. In the evening,we packed our things to get ready to go back home.We really confused our grandparents because they were the only ones who celebrated Deepavali in a special way. Among all the Hindu festival,I think the last Deepavali was the best festival I had ever experienced.I comparable the way they celebrate the festival with lighting up lights arou nd their house.It shows that our conduct always brightens with ha

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