Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Safe Survivable and Effective Combat Systems for U.S. Military Personnel

The changes that ar happening in the society have paved the elbow room for diametric evolutions and threats to become apparent in various countries. The advancement of erudition and technology, the advent of globalization, and other phenomena have created different advantageous effects to the commonplace lives of people. However, exploitation in various fields overly come with it different threats, especially when it comes to the protective cover and upbeat of citizens.The dangers and lay on the lines to the security and welfare of citizens is greatly observable during the 9/11 terrorist attacks that ca hired destruction of different infrastructures and numerous casualties. Due to this attendant and likewise other terrorist attacks that happen in different parts of the world, the immensity of military violence and other individuals that have the responsibility of protecting and unspoiledguarding the welfare and safety of people have become more important than ever. being the case, it is essential that the safe survivable and good encounter systems for linked States military personnel are given ascribable attention and importance. As methods of warfare and terrorism are developing in a rapid pace, it is also gelid that safe survivable and effective flake systems for the United States military are also further developed. United States military personnel have to be right on equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to justly and effectively perform their duties and responsibilities.The facilities that go away be given counselinged in the project testament emphasize the development that need to be through in safe survivable and effective combat systems. The strength of military capabilities is recognized as the foundation of the political protuberance of the United States. The prominent role of the United States in the international hit the books is brought about by the military strength of the country, which becom es observable starting the coldness War. The military capabilities of the United States are necessary in order to unafraid(p) the welfare of Ameri bungholes.The strength and development of the United States military are heavy dependent upon the advancement of science, technology, and economic resources (Bolt et al. , 2005). Being the case, focusing the project on safe survivable and effective combat systems for the United States is justified and appropriate beca uptake it gives due consideration to the political role of the country and the welfare of the people. The project pass on also give importance to the seven ASIS guidelines because it provides the consensus regarding the general practices when it comes to the performance of security adventure judging.The seven-step process is an outline, which comprises system and assess identification, specification of vulnerabilities, determining risk probabilities and event impact, developing risk mitigation options, studying the fea sibility of options, and execute a cost/benefit analysis (Landoll, 2006, p. 22). Among the seven-step process, the most challenging to jazz are the first parts of the ASIS guidelines, namely identity assets, specify freeing events, and oftenness of events because it requires intensive explore and the collection of related data.In addition, it is also gruelling to properly tell and assess the impact of events because it needs the appropriate standard of measurement in order to examine the actually impacts of the events. opponent to the usual perception that the cost/benefit analysis is the most difficult part of the seven-step ASIS guideline, it is actually the least demanding to off because of the needed data in order to make a comprehensive and reliable analysis are already available.The advantages of focusing the project on safe survivable and effective combat systems are observable in the range of literature that gutter be used when it comes to the research of the gove rnment issue. There are different researchers and authors who have also explored the subject of safe survivable and effective combat in relation to the United States military personnel. On the other hand, the in that location are also disadvantages in using the aforementioned topic, as the focus of the project.First, since military personnel are the main subjects of the study, it is very difficult to gain the actual attitude, opinion, and experiences of these people because of the severe military rule and conduct that they abide to. Second, the development of science and proficient when it comes to the field of military is often done in strict confidentiality, which can make it difficult to actual identify and study the level of development of safe survivable and effective combat systems.Nevertheless, despite the disadvantages of the topics of the project, it is still beneficial to study the safe survivable and effective combats because of the purpose and advantages objectives i n conducting the study. Moreover, there will eer be a source of data even though there are difficulties in acquiring some of it. In order to complete the seven steps of ASIS General Security Assessment, the process of doing the project will largely rely on the acquisition of data through research.The sources of research that will be done includes studying related literature when it comes to the topic wherein other studies will be use in order to admit the necessary data for the project. In addition, the participation of the military population will also become helpful wherein a sample population can be interviewed or survey in order to identify the perspective and opinion of United States military personnel, which can generalized a hard portion of the of the population.In terms of determining the probability of loss risk, frequency of events, and impacts of events a mixed methodology of both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment will be used. The project will take into foc us the safe survivable and effective combat systems for United States military personnel by performing document research through the use of policy papers, organizational articles, and other similar documents. In the same manner, quantitative risk assessment will be done wherein the surveyed perspective and experiences of military personnel will be used.The security solutions and the feasibility of implementation study will be identified through the use of data obtained from the other steps of the ASIS guidelines. The use of the gathered data will enable the project to clearly identify the problem and its corresponding solutions. Furthermore, the cost/benefit analysis of safe survivable and effective combat systems will be properly done through the science of the preceding steps of the ASIS guideline.The corresponding cost and benefits of the decision that would be done in order to develop the aforementioned area will properly done through the previous steps, which are accomplished through the use of research, document analysis, and survey. The use of the mixed methodology will give substantive data that will allow the proper analysis of cost and benefits of the project, which in turn, will help in making the appropriate decisions regarding the development of safe survivable and effective combat systems for United States military personnel.

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