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Women Are Better Than Men

Wo custody atomic number 18 Better than Men English seek Paper Regina Erica T. Varilla January 25, 2012 Introduction As to the talk of sexual urge high quality, it is unfastened that history had given men the advantage. For the past several millennia, men had exhausted the crown of authority, seated upon the highest seat of honor, and wielded the mighty arm of agent. For tout ensemble those years, women had no chance but to fall under power, to live a bread and butter of service and obedience, and to remain invisible, oppressed and inferior. Times change, however, and a tenacious with modernization came a tsunami of altercation.Riding on confidential information of those powerful waves, with full control of the situation, ar women. seek and statistics present proven that women atomic number 18 rapidly gaining dominion of almost every(prenominal) good aspect in life. In academics, for example, girls ar receiving most of the awards and positions, including the top ran kings and extra-curricular activities such as the yearbook and the student diary. Even in field wherein men ar k fall outrightn to be specialized in, women are nowadays thriving. In jobs, statistics show that the dead places for men are sky-rocketing succession the jobless rates for women are going to an all- epoch low.Simply put, this compresseds that men are universe put out of commission while women are flourishing. More and to a greater extent women are now standing up from their previous position of kneeling at the feet of men. Recently in India, 285 girls shed unsought names. In Africa, 49% of the parliament is now composed of women. A alteproportionn is happening, and this is proof of it. Scope This question theme c all everywheres the comparison between men and women at the subjects of corporeal weakness, emotional weakness, Biblical origins, safe driving, and the ability to prevail in society, including academic ability, ndurance, and independence. Object ive The main objective of this research makeup is to prove womens superiority in most aspects, especially in this generation. opposite aspects include * To empower women much * To show the true capability of women * To prove to society that this is an era for women * To bring about a reclamation * To end the debate over gender superiority for all time * To end discrimination on women * To let the demesne see the eight-fold values of women in valetkind Significance of Study This research stem strives to prove the superiority of women over men as multiple evidences prove.Due to a long history of males being the superior gender, society has failed to see unaccompanied the concept that a new era has come, and along with it, another bellow for change a change which demands society to remove the blindfold of accustomed ways and to accept the world with its new leaders Women First and foremost, his research paper will affect women in the sense that they will hopefully see and un derstand that humanity, even though it whitethorn not provided fully realize it, has already accepted them as the new superpowers, and that the world is ready for their taking.They just stupefy to stand and adopt the confidence, which hopefully shall be further strengthened by this collection of data, to rule supreme, as they are make to be. This research paper shall help empower other women to portray the world without fear, knowing that the circumstances are favorably on their side. The contents of this research paper shall also affect men, though in a different approach. It shall be an eye-opener for them who believe in women being the inferior gender, and hopefully make them see that women are no longer the weaklings they previously ideal women are.As for those who are not subject to such beliefs, this shall also affect them delinquent to the huge probability of men being overrun soon, and may be required to find a way to save themselves in the adjacent future. Another group of people ventureed to find interest in this paper shall be the feminists. By showing that women are steadily growing into power and seating themselves in chairs of authority, it is then be that these feminists efforts were not in vain. On the contrary, they arrive worked exceedingly well.If the citizens change, then it is mandatory for the government shall evolve with them. It may not be long before majority of the cabinet members construct women, and perhaps even sooner, the head of the country itself. Women in history stimulate always worked behind the scenes. As the quotation History repeats itself tells us, the reign of women in the field of politics will no doubt be oft less scandalous than present. The workforce of the country may also be severely infected. Businesses up until now have preferred men over women.Modern machinery, however, have tipped the balance of the scale. With the need of physical strength no longer in play, women now have a fair or perhaps an e ven better chance at jobs than men. It can be estimated that at the late 21st century, women shall be the expected breadwinner of the family. Body tangible failing When it comes to the battle of the sexes, the subject of physical vulnerability can never be ignored. People generally have this misconception where in girls are the weaker gender between the two. It is a misconception, be condition they are not the weaker gender at all.They cannot be blamed for having this wrong idea, as boys have more cerebrospinal smooth-spoken (protects skull from damage) and are more fitting to receive painful blows. The medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery even stated that women have 34 nerve fibers per square centimeter of facial skin, while men scarce have 17 nerve fibers per square centimeter of facial skin. Also, gibe to a 2008 report from the University of Georgia in Athens, boys have a more advanced pain suppressing circuit that is less effectively wired in women.Thus, it ca nnot be denied that girls save interpret more pain in their lifetime. A few more examples are giving birth, having menstruation, and possessing more weak spots. Furthermore, these hurt come naturally to them, as opposed to boys, wherein the fights they get into are rigorously their decision. They know it, but chose to ignore this fact. Men, however, do not have familiarity of one of womens secret weapons, that is, estrogen. In 2002, researchers at the University of Michigan have proven that high levels of estrogen mean at least decent or high pain tolerance than men.This can be super useful during menstruation, pregnancy, and even child birth. Estrogen, however, is not the hardly weapon that womankind has. all those ear piercings, body waxing and high heeled shoes must have hurt very much, and since a girl is not on her occlusion all the time, then it must not only be estrogen at work. jibe to a professor from Columbia University, research has shown that the more a pers on notices pain, the more it is amplified. Since women are willing to go by means of such pains for extensive periods of time, they have gotten use these pain signals.Not long after, the brain will start ignoring these signals, leading(p) to better pain tolerance. everywhere time, women can develop this endurance to surpass that of mens. Emotional Weakness Both genders experience emotional and psychological letdowns. The conflict between how they react, however, is extremely huge. Thanks to Hollywood, women are generally mistaken as the weaker gender. This holds absolutely no truth at all. Research has proven that both men and women experience the same depression and vulnerability during an emotional letdown. What differs, however, is how they let the stress out of their systems.According to SAGE, women tend to turn to social circles, thus their depression is observed and understood, while men tend to confine themselves and avoid any social contact, leading to a build-up of even more stress and depression due to being hidden and misunderstood. This is disastrous for men as the loss of socialization is the cause of the problem in the first place, and may resort to drugs, drinking, and violence just to numb the feeling off. This then may lead to crime, resulting to a higher crime rate for men, and a chain of events and statistics. Survival in the SocietyA customs duty that goes back in time is the thinking that males are the breadwinner of the family. The reason for this is in ancient history, when food is mainly acquired from hunting, needing attributes equal developed muscles and huge arise structures. This task is best fitted for men. Modern times, however, has a different sort of battlefield. The difference in the demand for physical strength between then and now is vast. During the past millennia, physical labor is extremely high. In this modernized world, however, adapted or even greater strength can be achieved through with(predicate) the press o f only a few buttons.The industrial era of straightaway involves intelligence and skill, both attributes being thoroughly honed by women to make up for the lack of strength. One reason for these differences is the different composition of the male and female person brains. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvanias Brain Behavior wear uponatory ensnare out that although the females brains are on average 11% smaller than males, they still have more grey matter (used for processing information). Males have more white matter (fat-covered long fibers that transmit electrical impulses) and cerebrospinal mobile (acts as buffer from the skull).This may mean that women are knowing to have certain advantages in processing information and men are designed to have quicker reflexes and more solid protection for physical blows. Other factors responsible for the female brain boost maybe the higher rate of blood flow to certain cracks of the brain and again, estrogen levels. According to Dr. Legato, author of Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget, the part of the brain that controls languages in females receive more nutrition, therefore making it easier for women to consider what they have heard or read.This may explain the ability of women to interact and to manage conversation well, and possibly the exceptional ability of data interpretation. As for estrogen, he had said that it activates a larger field of neurons in a womans brain, so they experience stress in a more accurate way, even when only reliving the memory. Proofs of females having superior academic abilities are already cropping up. According to a report from CBSNews, boys are travel behind as girls tend to outshine them. Peter Badalment, principal of Hanover noble School in Massachusetts, said that girls took home almost all the honors for almost the past decade.Once again, it was a girl who became valedictorian, the latest of a nine-year-streak. In the develops advanced placement classes (equivalent of a cream section or a star section), majority (about 70%-80%) of the students comprise of girls, even in the field of Math, which is the section boys used to dominate. He also stated that in AP biology, there were no boys around at all. Also according to Badalment, 3 out of 4 class leadership positions belong to girls. Not only are they achieving in class, they are also the leaders of extracurricular activities and clubs such as the National Honor Society and the batchs yearbook.Even in college, campuses get more qualified women applicants. Women now comprise nearly 60% of the campus student body, earning 170,000 more degrees It is not only in the field of academics that women are proving to be much more efficient, but also in acquiring high paying jobs. When comparing charts for jobless rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Haver Analytics, it is clear that the trend for jobless men is rising, while the trend for jobless women is plunging. If this trend persi sts, it will mean that in the future, there will be more working women than working men.The possibility of having a househusband may be hovering before humanity in the near future. Driving It is ballpark experience that cars and driving skills are a boy thing. This, however, does not mean that they do it well this battle is, as the common saying goes, select versus quantity. Although men are generally known to drive more, women are found to drive safer. Statistics show that on percentage basis, men have about 5% more violations than women. Reckless driving tops the list, with mens violations more than 340% than that of womens.DUI (Driving Under Influence or Drunk Driving) and Seatbelt violations are next in line, also more than 300% in ratio than the violations of women. Reports does not make it easier for men, as it say that women, for one, tend to survive in accidents more often, and two, they make less damage to the vehicles, as confirmed by many auto insurance industry expert s. Biblical Origins It is commonly repeat by anti-feminists that God created men first, then the woman, out of the man, as it states in Genesis 222(KJV Bible) clearly And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, make he a woman.This, however, is not a mark of superiority there simply has to be a filtering process first. It is just like the process involved in producing white sugar. The raw material comes in the form of sugar canes. These are just like the mud used to form man. They are useful, but in a different, less evidentiary way when compared to their output products. These canes are then crushed and refined until they establish brown sugar, coarse and as the name indicates, brown. This is man, as first made by God. They are crude sketches. This brown sugar is further processed and refined. The end result shall be white sugar.This white sugar is, at last, women. Being refined, they are finer, improved, and much more preferred. Another common mistake made by the genera l public is the misconception of the ledger sons. In old times, son can refer to 2 definitions. The first defines the word as male child the second defines the word as human offspring, with no particular gender involved. It is, therefore, of no substantial argument. synopsis and Conclusion To put it simply, women are scientifically and statistically proven to be the greater gender. Physical and emotional weaknesses have fewer tolls upon women.The lack of physical strength has been overcome by technological advances. There are no shortages to brain power, and independence has been steadily growing for the past few decades. With all these facts and data supporting the side of women, it is clear that the battle has been won. Modernization has proved an invaluable friend, having provided women access to fields they have never been allowed to step upon before. instantly that they are at those fields, they are proving good at it. It is simple to predict that in a few decades time, wome n will have taken over completely. BibliographyAbrams, Dan. Man Down. USA Abrams Imagery Animated. 2011 Belkin, Lisa. Preferring Girls Over Boys. The New York Times. February 25, 2010 emailprotected com Preference for Sons on the Wane. April 29, 2011. http//English. chosun. com/site/data/html_dir/2011/04/29/2011042901189. html How Sugar is make http//www. sucrose. com KJV Bible Kohn, David. The Gender Gap. CBNNews. February 11, 2009. http//www. cbsnews. com/stories/2002/10/31/60minutes/main527678. shtml Lazarus, Clifford N. PhD. Why Women are the Superior Gender. Think Well. February 2, 2011 Lee, Yonson and Beth Mowry. Gender Differences in Emplyment Statistics. http//www. clecelandfed. org/research/trends/2008/0508/04ecoact. cfm Lewin, Tamar. At Colleges, Women are Leaving Men in the Dust. The New York Times. July 9, 2006 Mackey, Maureen. Who Remembers What? . reviewers Digest. 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