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Consumer Behavior Sample Exam (Master)

1. The process of the exposure, attention, and assureation of fighters is cognise as which of the fol sufferinging? a. apprehension b. seeing c. thinking d. sensing e. interpretation drug user Responses a 2. An on derivation shopping experience in which you can try on clothes is an example of which of the sideline? a. 4D pragmatism b. differential domain c. raw populace d. augment reality e. digitized reality drug user Responses d. 3. Which of the following senses is near closely linked to the limbic system? a. taste b. touch c. facial expression d. conk out e. sight drug user Responses c 4. Marketing messages that accommodate a clearly defined stimulus as the focal point falsify use of which of the following prescripts? a. principle of interpretational bow b. schema principle c. end principle d. figure-ground principle e. principle of similarity substance abuser Responses d. figure-ground principle 5. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans be an example of which of the following? a. fictional reality b. merchandiseion placement c. augmented reality d. harvest-home positioning e. hyperreality substance abuser Responses e. 6. Which of the following best exemplifies a difference among absolute brink and differential threshold? a. Absolute thresholds be defined by the j. n. d. , whereas differential thresholds argon scientific eachy measured. b. Absolute thresholds are the same between all people, whereas differential thresholds vary depending on the person. c. derivative thresholds do not believe on relative difference, which is a key factor of absolute thresholds. d. Differ ential thresholds constantly change, whereas absolute thresholds remain the same. e. Differential thresholds apply to the difference between two stimuli, whereas absolute thresholds apply to only one. User Responses e 7. In large portions of the developing world, refrigeration is a luxury. Because of this, ice cream and unheated coca-Cola are viewed as status symbols. In creating an advertising campaign for a refreshful ice cream, advertisers may wish to draw on the intemperate feelings associated with cold harvestings by utilizing which of the following? a. evaluation b. arresting perception c. luxurious exercise d. sensory inputs e. attention User Responses c 8. Which of the following is a similarity between the emotional impact and the design of a mathematical product? a. Both are key elements of the market strategies of Proctor and Gamble. b. Both en tertain an increasing impact on consumers buying decisions. c. Both are slight eventful than price and product quality. d. Both matter only when grapple items that are household staples. e. Both are shown to be more grave for older consumers. User Responses b 9. You notice a giant new billboard when driving to work one sidereal day. It has been cut out in the skeletal frame of the car it is advertising, and its bright red color continually catches your attention, as you look at it out of the corner of your eye as you drive. The marketing team behind this ad was likely trying to create which of the following? a. discrimination b. contrast c. adaptation d. relevance e. exposure User Responses b 10. You grew up drinking ginger ale only when you were sick. Now, you associate ginger ale with creation sick but well-taken care of. This is an example of whic h of the following? a. belief b. gestalt c. fund d. sublimination e. schema User Responses e 11. Which of the following close to likely does non re stage a key factor in Methods ability to secure a major contract with Target oer more traditional brands, such as Proctor and Gamble? a. a move away from traditional, staid forms of marketing b. an increased emphasis on emotional impact and surprise c. the appeal of a tried and true, high-quality product d. the use of a unique, esthetically pleasing design e. a identification that consumers want unusual, exotic products User Responses c 12. As technologies improve, which of the following marketing techniques do you expect to see expand in use? a. psychophysics b. trade dress c. hedonic marketing d. subliminal messaging e. augmented reality User Responses e 13. As debate rages over whether there are several(prenominal) places that should inherently be off limits to advertisements, which of the following king present an additional argument from a marketing perspective towards keeping some spaces sacred? a. Advertisements may have a negative impact on brain function and young childrens ability to focus. b. Hedonic consumption can extend to place and time, so marketers may one day be able to market the absence of ads. c. Maintaining natural beauty and unaffected places is critical so that these images can be used for marketing campaigns. d. Consumers have only limited attentions, so offering them certain breaks ordaining postulate them more likely to pay attention to ads in other places. e. It is important for advertisers to stay on the good side of consumers otherwise, marketing would cease to be effective. User Responses d. 14. As the economy begins to recover after the global banking crises of 2009 and 2010, which might you expect to see? a. increased package sizes b. less frivolous product placement c. higher differential thresholds d. more sensory marketing e. break advertising campaigns User Responses a. 15. Considering what you know about sensory marketing, which of the following would most likely non have contributed to the success of Apples iPhone? a. subliminal messaging b. emotional impact c. use of the haptic sense d. an aesthetically appealing design e. a natural user interface User Responses a 16. You have been tasked with designing a marketing campaign for a new flavor of ice cream. Outline your campaign in detail, describing how you will not only appeal to hedonic consumption, but also take care that your message will be heard by consumers. 1. Which o f the following is NOT an example of a sensation? a. thought b. texture c. light d. sound e. odor User Responses a. thought 2. The process by which people select, organize, and interpret sensations is known as which of the following? a. attention b. exposure c. perception d. training processing e. interpretation User Responses c 3. Which of the following companies capitalized on consumer entrust for pleasing product design? a. Clorox b. Walmart c. Proctor and Gamble d. Coca-Cola e. Method User Responses e 4. Brain scans of consumers have shown that respondents show the fastest reaction measure to which of the following? a. aesthetically pleasing packaging b. well-known brands c. unique products d. low pricing e. luxury goods User Responses a 5. Which of the following best describes the haptic sense? a. sound b. sight c. sight d. touch e. smell User Responses d 6. Marketing strategies where companies use the impact of sensations to attract consumers are known as which of the following? a. subliminal marketing b. flash marketing c. belligerent marketing d. over marketing e. sensory marketing User Responses e 7. The science of how the physical environment is integrated into our personal, subjective world is referred to as which of the following? a. biology b. neuroscience c. psychophysics d. sensology e. perceptional psychology User Responses c 8. Combining a physical layer with a digital layer is known as which of the following? a. augmented reality b. four dimensional reality c. digitized reality d. differential reality e. web-based reality User Responses a. augmented reality 9. alone of the following are factors that determine which stimuli consumers process EXCEPT which? a. perceptual defense mechanism b. perceptual vigilance c. experience d. attention e. adaptation User Responses d 10. Tiny figures inserted into magazine advertising via high-speed photography or airbrushing are forms of which of the following? a. sensory overload b. subliminal messaging c. attention d. flush media e. perceptual filters User Responses b. subliminal messaging 11. Which of the following is the process of duty assignment meaning to sensory stimuli? a. form b. interpretation c. relevance d. priming e. chance User Responses b. 12. Which of the following principles states that one part of a stimulus will dominate while other parts recede? a. principle of interpretational predetermine b. figure-ground principle c. closure principle d. principle of similarity e. schema principle User Responses b. 13. The process of making real what is initially simulation is referred to as which of the following? a. price leadership b. subliminal perception c. reverse product placement d. hyperreality e. perceptual positioning User Responses d. 14. Which of the following is one of the terzetto raw material components of a marketing message? a. size b. sign c. shape d. index e. color User Responses b. 1. Which of the following is one of the 3 basic components of a marketing message? Size/sign or aspiration/shape/index/col or 2. Which of the following is not a sensory reception? Eyes/nose/ears/brain/mouth 3. The immediate resolution of our sensory receptors to basic stimuli is known as which of the following? Perception/sensation/attention/exposure/ learning processing 4. Target used consumer grip for great design to make all of the following designers household happen upon EXCEPT which of the following?Philippe starch/karim Rashid/todd Oldham/Isaac Mizrahi/Aradhna Krishna 5. All but which of the following are examples of companies that capitalized on consumer desire for pleasing product design? Method/Coca Cola/Gillette/Apple/Target 6. The Limbic system is a distinction of which sense? Smell/sight/sound/sight/touch 7. A characteristic that sticks with a consumer, helping him or her to remember a product in a positive and unique way, is referred to as which of the following? Phoneme/ opthalmic cue/trade dress/sensory signature/audio water line . Which of the following fields examines how we pick up and integrate sensory information? Neurobiology/perception studies/sensory dynamic/phrenology/psychophysics 9. Which of the following is NOT an example of an augmented reality? A fashionista virtual room/a yellow line showing a first down in football/ goggle goggles/iButterifly/ video games 10. The fact that consumers are more likely to be aware of stimuli that relate to their current needs is known as? perceptual defense/adaptation/attention/experience/perceptual vigilance 1. Embeds are forms of which of the following Augmented reality/subliminal messaging/perceptual filters/ liberal media/sensory overload 12. Which of the following principles states that consumers tend to group together objects that role physical characteristics Principle of similarity/closure principle/principle of Interpretational bias/figure-ground principle/schema principle 13. When certain stimuli evoke a case-hardened of benefits that we assign to the stimuli, it is referred to as which of the followin gSchema/priming/expectation/imprinting/interpretation 14. Which of the following is a way that signs or symbols can consociate to products Size/sign/index/color/shape 15. Cases where fictional products that come to the fore in shows become popular in the real world are known as Reverse product placement/subliminal perception/augmented reality/perceptual positioning/price leadership Which of the following principles states that people are likely to fill in the pieces in an partial picture, often without realizing it? (1point) picpic picschema principle picpicpic picprinciple of interpretational bias pic picpicpic picclosure principle picpic picprinciple of similarity picpic picfigure-ground principle

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