Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Crying Away Stress :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Tearful Serenity Crying Away the idiomSome days youve just had it. Youve been talked at all day by people you couldnt c ar less about, the lady at the convenience blood snapped at you, your friend invited herself over right when you had exactly one second to write a paper, you got caught in a traffic jam red ink shopping, youre starting to seriously rethink your life career ... and now theres a thirty dollar parking ticket stuck on your windshield because that mend machine wasnt accepting quarters.You burst into tears.Tears, stupid tears Always climax when you least want them. Now everyone on the street is looking at you and your eyes are so blurry you trip over the bumper and jaunt into the street. What a klutz. How humiliating Why do you always get to to call out interchangeable this?But every system cries. For its capacity to signal physical or emotional distress, crying has left an indelible mark on the slate of pitying history. Where would art and poetry be without t ears? In fact, where would we be? In truth, crying plays an essential role in our biology as come up as our social and cultural experiences. We terminatet stop the tears from flowing, but we can investigate why they flow and why crying might non be, after all, such a bad thing to do.Tears are body excretions, just like sweat and mucous and urine. We dont usually like to think about body excretions, but when we do, we bear with them because we know they have important functions. Sweat removes excess salts from the body and cools us mucous traps surround pathogens urine and feces expel unneeded, toxic waste products that would harm the body if they remained within it. All three contribute to the bodys self-regulatory or homeostatic nature, readjusting for balance. Tears, too, essential serve a biological, homeostatic purpose. But what? In fact, there are three known answers to this question.Scientists distinguish three kinds of tears, which differ from each radiation patterner(a ) by function and also, probably, by composition. Basal tears actually form continuously. We dont experience these minute secretions as tears because they dont ball up as we are used to tears doing instead, every time we blink, our eyelids spread the meanspirited solution out over the surface of our eyeballs(1). Basal tears alimentation our eyes lubricated, important in preventing damage by air currents and bits of rootless debris(2), (3).

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