Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Essay --

Air superiority pass on continue to be vital for the preservation of the U. S. Military well into proximo contingency operations. Airpower is one of the militarys greatest strengths providing global sphere and deterrence, and will continue well into the time to come. However, the traditional atm missions of air combat and bombing are being replaced by Unmanned light Vehicles (UAVs) and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities still imagined in the past. UAVs are not only in great demand by forces deployed in Afghanistan, they are in any case at work in a wide range of civilian applications, from law enforcement surveillance to mundane tasks such as checking remote pipelines or monitoring livestock. 1 The demand is so high that it surpasses supply, which naturally heart fast track development of new systems, to meet the needs of increase requirements. 2 For example, Lockheed Martin is developing a football sized UAV that can go away in and out of t he water. This adds to the reach of a submarine by having its knowledge fleet of small flying UAVs that can search a grid the ...

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