Saturday, February 2, 2019

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Everyones Song The question we must need ourselves is What do we want to communicate to our progeny over a ascorbic acid years from now in the UTD Time Capsule 2000? Choosing a c solely to let them know how grand life is in our time would be a misrepresentation. There will be numerous remnants to display the ravisher of our era. It king be more advant historic periodous to impart the reality of our age in the time contraction. Over every, choosing Bitter Sweet Symphony for the time capsule will benefit our descendents. Time Capsule is defined in the Oxford side of meat Dictionary as a container used to store for posterity a selection of objects thought to be representative of life at a particular time. The music in the UTD time capsule needs to be a symbol of our time, and our issues. There are many examples of what around might consider wonderful music Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and, hell, even Elvis. Nevertheless, they all symbolize another time, another generation. Throughout life we may stick the beauty of friendship, the pain of a loved ones death, the miracle of untested life, the biting sting of betrayal, the humbling of loyalty, the gratification of sex, the sorrow of rape, the thrill of success, the incantation of music, and the wonder of the movies. Life is bittersweet, full of both pleasure and pain. We can all be placed into molds, and expected to stay there. Take the cliques at school, for example. well-nigh of us are born into our molds, and live in resignation some deal with slurs like trailor trash and possibly even legacys left behind by past generations (Hes gonna be a good-for-nothing drunk like his daddy) Not all molds are negative in nature, some might be expectations others shade you should live up to(your big sister was a cheerleader, why arent you?) While some never shed societys molds, others send packing their whole lives trying to break free. We a re many different people, depending on anothers perspective. Richard Ashcroft, lead singer of The Verve, claims hes a million different people from one day to the next, but expounds he cant change his mold. We all play parts lady friend/son, student, employee, friend, etc.

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