Sunday, February 3, 2019

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Josies Triumph   Even though I am the older brother and shes the younger sister, Josie was always a head taller, and a good 40 pounds heavier than me when we were growing up. I hated that. I was the bounteous brother. I was supposed to be dominant and protective. But while she was the biggest minor in school, I was nearly the smallest.   Josies size and strength just now do my lack of those two qualities more apparent. I was two years up of her in school, which meant that by the time she got to middle school I was already an 8th grader. Kids in middle school are non lovely or accepting, and over the years they had continually made fun of my pint-sized size and lack of athletic ability. But the teasing reached a full-page new level when Josie entered middle school. Now they had a new careen for tormenting me.   They would taunt, Hey Shrimp Your sister still beat you up? Or, they would chant over again and again on the bus, Paul, Paul, hes so small, unless his sisters ten feet tall I guess that rhyme was hurtful to both of us, but I only felt my own humiliation. It still baffles me that I took no notice of my sisters feelings. The quantify when the jokes centered around her, like when they called her Josie the Giant, it was such a relief not to be their target that I did nothing to stop them. Nothing seemed to release Josie anyway. I never heard her complain or so ofttimes as saw her wince. I just assumed that her interior was a steely as her exterior.   That was until the day she snapped.   There was a new girl, Ginny, in Josies class who wore really thick glasses, and without them, was nearly blind. She, to my relief, had temporarily become the queen of jokes and pranks. The latest chant that the kids had come up with was, Ginny, Ginny, short and fat, squinty-eyed and blind as a bat In all fairness, Ginny wasnt fat at all, but the kids chanted that because it rhymed with bat.   It started as a nor mal lunch break, with Josie and Ginny stand up together in line.

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