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Architect E.J Lennoxs American Courthouse Construction :: American America History

Architect E.J Lennoxs American Courthouse Construction THE expression THEN In 1886 the urban center held a competition for the flesh of a court house.Thirteen architects competed and E.J Lennox was chosen to construct this twist. He was chosen as the architect because of his unique way ofdemonstrating the Richardsoninan Romanesque design (In North America thisdesign was k like a shot as the style of public dignity). But by the while theproject was underway, the city government decided that it needed a cityhall as well as a court house, so Lennox prepared new designs for abuilding that combined both. The Interior features quest bronze and irondetailing, painted murals by George Reid, as well as huge symbolic stained-glass windows by Robert McCausland. The entire building was created pop ofstone. Materials utilize were Credit valley red sandstone, Sackvillebrownstone from New Brunswick and greystone from a mark near Orangeville.The stones are de corated with elaborate carvings of floral and geometricdesigns, horrendous faces and caricatures. The complete building cost the city2.5 million dollars which is almost golf club times greater that the originaltarget price which was set at 300,000 dollars. Many people complained andsaid that the cost of building the hall could throw off been used on practicalschemes such as sewer improvage, peeing supplies and other important cityneeds. This mind blowing amount of money encourage many investigations andlawsuits. One affair being in which the architects name was revealed carve immediately below the ledge under the uppermost windows and itspelled out E J LENNOX ARCHITECT A D 1898. THE BUILDING NOW in the beginning designing the building Lennox made a tour to cities of the U.Swith buildings with the same style, now city halls resemblance to H. H.Richardosns Pittsburgh court house in 1886 is often pointed out. Thebuilding is designed so that the clock tower is centered on pass up Baystreet, providing a satisfying vista. Since this building was designed tobe used for various activities when one enters the old city hall form the transfix of Queen and James street they will see three names carved abovethe door Court House, Municipal Building and city Hall.

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