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Classroom Environment Management Essay

Designing a school inhabit where the environment is safe for the students and those providers who lead be training with him or her exit have adequate distance, flexibility of surroundings, safety, and ease of access and mobility for both the students and providers is essential. The classroom environment for those students identified with breeding, gain vigord and behavioral disabilities fosters positive educational and social growth by providing exclusive argonas for students as well as establishing atomic group atomic number 18as in an inviting environment. anxiety to every styles of learning is sufficiently addressed through the uses of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic stimuli. In this reflection, an appropriate classroom environment plan will be highlighted relating to students with learning, wound up and behavioral disabilities in a high school setting and will be accompanied by a visual diagram of the positive set-up of our classroom through a graphic representa tion of the classroom link up as Appendix A.In order to establish a lovable classroom design for students with learning, emotional and behavioral disabilities (Kauffman, 2005), one of the first considerations would be to allow spaces for structured and non structured soulfulness and small group financial statement and activities Students need personal space to work independently with staff in a one-on-one setting, specifically if they are not cooperating, are hyperactive, are displaying limited self-control, or simply need to be alone for a brief period of time .In addition to providing for individual stations, or so(prenominal) round tables are necessary which allow for small group interaction, thus, creating a sense of connection and collaboration, are included in the classroom (Bos & Vaughn, 2006, p. 462-463). Moreover, the classroom should reflect an open floor concept through allowing adequate space between the individual and small group stations. Two round tables are l ocated on one side of the room with three individual work stations on the other.Bookshelves (mounted to the wall) containing clearly labeled multiple resources are located on one end of the classroom. Separate bowls of mental strain relieving balls are placed on the tables and desks. These stress balls are especially recyclable when students are frustrated or having difficulty focusing his or her attention. essential exits are well-marked with evacuation and emergency procedures, next to classroom rules and expectations. schoolroom exits are visually marked and all students are trained on emergency evacuation procedures, promoting safety and security in the classroom.Loose materials, such(prenominal) as scissors, rules, pens, pencils, markers and other instruments are located in support staff desks. The classroom environment is well-lit with both artificial energy efficient dismission and abundant natural lighting, and has large windows so the students nooky view the out of d oors (U. S. Department of Energy, 2008). The lower halves of all windows are covered with bright root word so students will not be distracted by the outdoors (e. g. , people walking by, cars passing by), leaving the top half of the windows uncover which allows for the sunlight to still come through.The natural lighting in the room is exhilarating when reflecting off the walls, which at times engages students to speak about stomach and nature, promoting a accept learning environment. The atmosphere of the room is homey and welcoming and the walls are brightly painted and decorated with inspirationally themed posters throughout. Student work is displayed throughout the classroom, further enhancing the room and contributing to a sense of community and family. Background low volume music of various types is played to stimulate the environment.Technology is an effective and essential tool for delivering instruction and must be integrated into the classroom (Bos & Vaughn, 2006, p. 46 2-463). Computers are located on the individual desks throughout the room. Students all have unique ways of learning, some visually, some tactilely, and some auditorally. Given that an environment should be conducive to all types of learners, all of the preceding(prenominal) must be incorporated into classroom environment plan. Lastly, proper airing in a classroom is important.Temperatures that are too hot or too cold are not productive to student learning and performance and can generate or contribute to an increase in undesired behaviors or attitudes (U. S. Department of Energy, 2008). Students will become distracted by changes in the classroom and, as such, careful monitoring of the classroom temperature is required. Having windows in the classroom allows the students and staff to enjoy the fresh air outside, which again can promote discussion about nature, weather and the environment.Classrooms can be modified according to the specific disability being served regardless of th e populations limitations. An environment that is safe for the students and for those working with students is essential. Appropriately arranging the classroom to touch the specific needs of the students with whom one works is important. Properly defining small group areas, individual stations, a conducive, welcoming environment, with integrated technology, will all be beneficial to meet the needs of all students. This paper outlines a classroom environment for students with learning, emotional and behavioral disabilities.

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