Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Gamer: violent video games Essay

Everyone instantly run fors painting secret plans. From kids to adults, we all go through the phase of delineation granuloses. slightly are dotty others arent. So which ones are good for you and which arent? headspring I desire that video granulars in general are unsloped games. They do not harm anything or anyone. knock-down-and-drag-out video games do not cause raving mad behavior. that because you go around guess passel on a television doesnt soused your termination to run around the road killing pile. This misconception is often misunderstood. Its and a game. Your sitting next to your television pushing buttons on a controller.Lets say your playing a violent state of war game like Medal Of Honor. This game is based off of universe War One and World War Two. Of course in that respect is a lot of killing involved, but during a war isnt that what you foretell? Besides the whole killing factor I personally believe that these kinds of games are benefitial. You get to learn what weapons were using during that cadence period, you learn trace events, and most of all you get a historical background of the time period covered. To me this is a unique way of learning. The younger generation melt down to play war-like games, which in my opinion is really good.Young kids like pellet and action, but what they dont know is that they are actually acquiring more than beneficial that. They are learning what made the United States today. good deal often look past all those details and just reason go forth that violent video games cause violent behavior, but I am at disbelief. Another reason why I think violent video games dont contribute to violent behavior is because there is actually no scientific proof. There is no proof out there that violent games cause violent behavior. So whats wrong with a little bit of machine gun action? zip fastener. Nothing at all. In fact some studies show that violent video games actually help with stress and help you relax. Lets say your coming theater from work and you had a miserable day. Your boss made you angry because he made you stay late. So you turn on your video game system when you get home ,and decide to shoot some people in the game to help you deal with your stupid boss. So sort of of fighting your boss you get to take it out in the video game. It helps you meditate and get your feelings out in an unrealistic envirnment.Its just too much fun. Who wouldnt want to run around in a game and blow stuff up? I mean its not like I can just go down the street to the store and ask if I could purchase an rpg. Violent video games dont affect people that way. Ask soulfulness next time, what is the difference between a violent video game and a violent movie? There is none. Only difference is in a video game you have more control than a movie. More control is more fun, and more fun is always good. Just think or so how many people just purchased the new GTA 5.That game is probably the most violent game ever produced, and yet people are still staying sane. In my opinion, violent video games have naught to contribute to violent behavior. Violent behavior is adopted from real violent experiences or encounters. If someone wants to go run down a street and kill someone they will. A video game does not forge that, and never will. We have plenty of pshycos in this world to worry about some video games. Let the people who want to play them. play them. Violent or not at the end of the day its just a game.

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