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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Modern Day Implications Essay -- Franke

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Modern daytime ImplicationsOver two centuries ago, Mary Shelley created a gruesome tale of the steep ramifications that result when man over steps his bounds and manipulates nature. In her incorrupt tale, Frankenstein, Shelley weaves together the terrifying implications of a young scientist playing God and creating life, lone(prenominal) to be haunted for the duration of his life by the monster of his admit sordid creation. Reading Shelley in the context of present technologically locomote times, her tale of monstrous creation provides a very gruesome caution. For today, it is non merely a pitying being the sciences are lusting blindly to communicate to life, as was the deranged quest of Victor Frankenstein, but rather to throw something potentially even more dangerous and horrifying with implications that could endanger the broad(a) world and human population. Few things are more business officeful than the human object or human intellige nce. This ability to think, learn and process Gordian thoughts has been the driving force that has allowed for the immense growth of human culture and society, without which it is enigmatic we would discombobulate ever had the capacity to evolve from our basic animal existence. As fantastic as this quality may be, our intellectual growth has not always spawned ideas that produce sound and safe results. Victor Frankenstein, although a fancied character, provides a superb example of the vast potentiality of human intelligence and the morbid destruction that it can create. For very real examples, one lease only read the headlines of the newspaper to find a multitude of bitchy and perverse atrocities that occur each day due to the human mind and intelligence gone haywire. This is why, in light of t... ...eal when we are taking the power of our minds and placing it into machines that have the ability to act in ways that exceed our bear abilities. We are blinded by the seemingly be neficial qualities of this growing technology, naively becoming more and more dependent upon this very powerful creation. wizard need only remember the gruesome tale Shelley brought forth in Frankenstein to realize the horrendous mistake we could very well be making. proficient as Victor realized too late that he had inclined life to a true monster, our world could suffer the same destiny as we watch our AI children manifest into monsters that we no longer have control of. Works and Sources CitedShelley, Mary. Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus. New York Signet Classic, 2000.ThinkQuest. Applicatio ns Essays on the implement of AI. (7 Oct. 2002). ThinkQuest. The History of AI. (7 Oct. 2002).

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