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Need And Benefits Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

Need And Benefits Of practise Life Balance Social mold EssayIntroductionWork animateness equaliser has become the vitriolic publicize around the world. In the united Kingdom, a high train of support has been stipulation to act as vitality commensurateness. Employers think people bunghole lone(prenomoal) bust best performance when they butt end strike a rest period of change state and behavior. In the United States, to a greater extent importance has been given to ladder animateness relaxation, it has accounted for to a greater extent than than ii-thirds of bend characteristics that has been rated by pursueed companies which they think to be absolutely essential to attract and retain the talent. (Michaels, Handfield- Jones Axelrod, 2001)In Hong Kong, a survey is conducted on stool spiritedness residuum has indicated that more than 80% of employees universe interviewed and they put one over considered snuff it flavor chemical equilibrium as substanti al to them and only slight accordingly 50% of them said that they were able to extend to it. books ReviewOver the past decades, balance amongst lick and some other factors of action has been do much difficult which happened ascribable to changes in technology, demographic doingforce and melodic phrase environment. It is flat become a ch all toldenge for new(a) employees to achieve subject area sustenance balance without jeopardizing their well being and gaiety with other aspect of the lives and boilers suit quality of liveliness. Technological advancements, like prompt phones, internet, fix enabled people to conduct work anywhere and at any clipping, whether they atomic number 18 on holidays or flying on planes. Furthermore the use of computers has changed their lives as people argon taking their work to home. Long functionals hours now becomes a norm in many countries worldwide. Which progress to indirectly change magnitude the workload, persistent hours culture and job insecurity?Over the past decades, the consumption of women has increased substantially. In some developed economies, women are occupied one-half or more of workforce (International Labor Office 2007). In 2005, approximately 88 million women whose ages lie between 20 to 64 were engaged in the United States, which was the 50.8% of the total workforce (US Census Bureau, 2005) and 70.9% of the women were participated in working class force in 2005.Work Life BalanceWork life balance was first used in the late 1970 that actually describes that the case-by-case has a in the flesh(predicate) life too. Work and life balance is of the essence(predicate) and it should be get away in way that increases merriment. Individuals ad hominem life in which family, friends, love, play and so oncomes.Work life balance is about people manage the difference between work and life. How they manage work and life. Work life balance is important only in the framework of what clappe rclawer-up does for the single worker.The work life balance however is a two branched approach, it is achievement with enjoyment. If the employee is freehanded his best input to the ecesis but not really enjoying the same then happiness then satisfaction bathroom not be achieved.Work life balance does not mean value only balancing the profession and family, it means balancing the mental and billet quo and balancing the emotional intelligence. Organizations facilitate their employees via implementing work life balance and training.thither is a life at home and at work and life having space for leisure time. If the employee work life is unstableness then it feeling comes on productivity means productivity is declining and efficiency direct is in any case decreasing, the imbalance work life has a negative impact in professional and personal life. Imbalance work life conducts in absenteeism, turnover, less pull to organization.Employee retention is seriously important for o rganizations. Now organizations are think on grooming their employees and treating them as human capital of the organization.Thats why companies approximately of the companies are implementing work life balance by facilitating part time work, work at home, attend meeting via video conferencing, can do job sharing.Work life and personal life are two sides of the same coin. According to various work life balance surveys, more then 60% respondents said they are not able to relegate the balance between them. They contribute to make difficult decision between work and personal life. But now it is close to equilibrium. Traditionally managing a balance between life and work was considered to be a womans bed but increasing work pressure, technological changes and globalization have made this issue for male and female, all professionals working across all countries. Achieving a balance work life is not simple as it seen. private life and work life both are inter-connected and interdepen dent and doing long hours job, dealing with clients, deadlines in jobs can interfere and affect the personal life of an individualistic and sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the relationship. On the other side, personal life can also be demanding such as kids, wife, parents and relatives, full-grown them time is very important. If not managing then it leads to absenteeism form work, stress direct increases and concentration on work diminishes.The work life balance meshing occurs when burden, obligations and responsibilities and family roles becomes incompatible.Need and Benefits of Work Life BalanceToday the deadlines of work are getting tighter and its really much difficult for an individual to achieve it. collect to these deadlines it becomes difficult to maintain a family life. It is difficult to have engagement of min with the engagement of body. In every individuals life there are four-spot stakeholders- his or her personality, family, job and the society.It is very important for an individual person to give equal importance to all stakeholders (personality, family, job and society) and then an individual can term as successful person. When a life is imbalance then happiness, peace and harmony of life vanishes and it has a negative impact on work life too. So it is very important to nullify imbalance of life. The transition of work life imbalance and work life balance has negative and positive impact on organizations success.On an individual level work life balance bring phenomenal changes in his life and also have impact on society. A balance work life results in good wellness, stress level decline due to health levels and can derive more value form work and life and which leads to satisfaction and self actualization.At the organizational level, balance work life enables productivity and efficiency and employees becomes more creative and derive more satisfaction. Employee better communicate and do better teamwork in a working environmen t. Work life balance leads to fully enjoying the work and which increases passion for it, which results in employees commitment level increases and thus develops a strong value system.Advantages of Work Life BalanceMany organizations such as IBM, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer and Accenture have introduced work life programme within their companies to help their employees to achieve effective balance between the work and personal life because they believe that it makes good business sense to provide such programmes to their employees due to financial and non-financial benefits that can be reaped.Policies and practices of work life balance are good for business there are many benefits for the business who have implemented it.The one of the most important advantage of work life balance is that employee feel satisfaction because of managing the work and life.Organizations implement work life balance in locate to attract or retain ingenious employees.This work life balance was implemented by o rganizations to decrease the labor turnover in the organizations.It increases the productivity in the organizations because of the work life balance.When people are satisfied with their life as well as work means they have unplowed the balance between work and personal life, which results in less absenteeism in the organization.It increases the overall profit in the organization because of balance between work and personal life.Organizations implemented work life balance then it increases overall profit in any organization as employees are working hard to increase productivity.Employees are loyal where organizations have implemented work life balance.An overall more enjoyable workplace as all employees are achieving and enjoying.Employees give best input to organization as they are happy with their life and work balance.Work life balance initiates an individual to give his best input to organization and work hard to achieve organizational goals and provides innovative ideas and thus organization rapidly grow in the direction of success.When an individual has work life balance then he or she can better know how to egest the time.Employees less bunk the time as they have well manage the work and personal life.Depression is a condition of mental disturbance and when employees work life is balance and he or she can perfectly manages everything.Individual have other things to do in life then work which is as playing, giving time to family means expense time with the family, meeting with friends etc. So work life balance is very important in individuals life.There are many responsibilities of an individual such responsibility parents, wife, children and as well as of society so work life balance is very important in respect to managing these multiple responsibilities at a time.Companies who have implemented work life balance programme, they have reduces the health cost as employee have to work less and thats the reason they have good health.According to the Corpor ate Executive Boards Research, effective work life balance encourages workers to work harder and discourage them for leaving the job.The worker can soft meet the need of family, personal obligations and the life responsibility.Employees are more committed to organizations who have implemented it.Employer can recruit outstanding or talented employees in the company.Implementation, heart and soul and Results of work life balance in PakistanImplementation, Effect and Results of work life balance in PakistanThe Unilever Pakistan LimitedThe Unilever Pakistan Limited, formerly open Brothers Pakistan Limited was constituted in 1948. Unilever Pakistan is one of the largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in the Pakistan and has a multinational operational network.The Unilever Pakistan Limited has implemented work life balance to facilitate their employees to enjoy and improve productivity in the organization.Unilever, Pakistan has given employees the chance to work flexibly wi th different schemes which is as part time job, work at home and job sharing.They have change the way they work in past. But now they avoid travelling to meetings which cost money and it also impacts the environment and takes the people faraway away from home. Thats why they have introduced effective ways to communicate through new generation video conferencing, virtual meetings, videophones and online collaboration environments.In the result of work life balance implementation in Unilever, Pakistan employees are more committed, highly satisfied and loyal to the company and have less turnover.Procter Gamble, PakistanProcter Gamble, Pakistan was established in 1991 and is global consumer goods company which is locally operating in a Pakistan that provides premium quality product for their consumers.Procter and Gamble has implemented work life balance. According to their view, they believe that work life balance is as important as the performance. They have fitness clubs, days-off to work from home programmes. They are giving special consideration to working mothers. In results of implementing the work life in Procter Gamble employees are more productive which translates to success.Telenor PakistanTelenor Pakistan is owned by the Telenor base and is an international provider of voice, data, and content and mobile communication service.Telenor has implemented work life balance which they believe is critical to their business success. They have provided in-office facilities to their employees such as gyms, game rooms and cafes to get relax at work and enjoy these facilities.The other organizations who have implemented work life balance in Pakistan are swanIslami Pakistan, Pakistan State Oil, Netsol Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Pfizer Pakistan, Nestl Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, Daewoo Pakistan, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan, Pakistan Steel Mills, Dubai Moslem Bank Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Gourmet F oods (Pakistan), State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan, PEPCO Pakistan, Qubee (Augere Pakistan), Citibank Pakistan, United Energy Pakistan Limited, OCS Pakistan, Tetra Pak Pakistan, Mobilink Pakistan, PepsiCo, Chartis Insurance Company, Pakistan Water and Power Supply Authority, Roche Pakistan Limited, Publicis Pakistan, Engro Foods, The Coca-Cola Company, World call Telecom, Nokia, XavorConclusionWork life balance remains an important issue that requires considerable attention from organizations. Nowadays many organizations operates 24/7 enrolment and technological advancement has made it easy to connect all the time. Employers have found out that burnt-out employees are nearly useless term satisfied employees are the key to organizations success in future. To this ends, many organization has implemented work life balance programs to facilitate employees in handling conflicts that may arise between work and life. The work life balance programs incorporated at organization s providing the flexibility and support that help employees manage the complexities of juvenile life.Outcomes of imperfect Work life balanceStressThe number of employees damage from many ailments including hypertension, heart attack, diabetes has grown in recent years, which worst effect by long working hours and stressful working hours.Relational ProblemsIf the employees spend more time in the workplace rather then spending time with the parents, spouses, children and family, can disturb the relationship as there is no longer time to give for these relations.Unethical PracticesTo handle the stress in the organizations as well as in the home, employees tend to adopt unethical practices such as smoking, drugs, improper relations etc.

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