Thursday, March 28, 2019

Romanicism In 19th Century Lit Essay -- essays research papers

1)If one were to look up realism in the thesaurus, romanticism will be found as the antonym. However in the works of Harriet Prescott Spofford and Kate Chopin these cardinal elements go hand in hand. Focusing on Spoffords short tommyrot, Circumstance, and Chopins short story, The Storm, these two selections maintain a smooth transition between realism and romanticism.In Harriet Prescott Spoffords Circumstance she tells of a woman who is visiting a eliminate neighbor. Where they live neighbors are miles apart, with the woods between being berth for numerous wild animals, as well as Indian tribes. The woman waistcloth with the neighbor too long and does not realize night is approaching, and she hurries home. Spofford begins the story in a very realistic tone. On her way home she is attacked by a sort of mountain lion. Spofford gives a romantic explanation of the beast, never giving the exact name of the animal. Suddenly, a swift shadow, desire the fabulous trajectory-dragon, w rithed through the air before her, and she felt herself at once seized and borne aloft. It was that wild beast- the most savage and serpentine and subtle and unafraid(p) of out latitudes- known by hunters as the Indian Devil. (86) In her description she keeps the beast from being real. Describing the animal as a beast, a flying dragon, and a devil gives the reader a mysterious impression of the animal, kinda than being realistic and calling this flying dragon ...

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