Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sex in the Media Essay -- Television Commercial Advertising Essays

Sex in the Media One of the most important resources of a business is its advertisement team. Due to the fact that people can and get out buy your product only if they know about it. This is the reason that selling and advertisement have the biggest budgets in a business. This is the reason that places such as Amazon.com spend up to four million dollars on advertisement a year, according to Dream-Biz.com written by Burke Hedges. There is a formula that goes Sex-sells is this true? Most people would argue that it does. Since choosing this topic it has forced me to suck up everything different. When I sit and watch television I can?t help but notice all of the strong sexual messages that ar macrocosm thrown at me every second. This project will office on many venues of advertisement, from television to radio and even printed advertisement. It seems to me that sex is being used to sell everything. It has become custom to see promotions for a celluloid t hat would have a hot and seductive scene, or even in a music video which have become short movies themselves. I feel that the use of sex in advertisement has gone a little too far, when sex is used to sell juice that?s were I draw the line. Snapple had a disturb to reach ages 18-24 year old(a) consumers. Their previous commercials targeted consumers in their 30?s and 40?s. Their new campaign was supposed to reach a broad spectrum of demographics while continuing to salute to older Snapple fans. So what did they use ?Sex?. Fruit sex, that is. These commercials have the well-known(prenominal) fruit faces of Snapple?s prior commercials just a little racier film of these ads with references to sex and jail. One of their commercials goes a little someth... ...rial away from our youth and others who may be offended or easily impressionable. Works Cited Congressional enroll (2001). Proceedings and Debates on the 107th Congress.Available online http//www.house.gov/ bernie/town_meeting/2001/Rutland.html (accessed November 1, 2002) Gunter, Barrie (2002). Media Sex What Are the Issues? Mahwah, NJ Lawrence ErlbaumAssociates, INC. man-about-town (November 2002). Bourbon Whiskey, an Aged Whisky Maxim. Star Tribune (2002). One Minnesota Family Loves Watching the Vikings on TV. But,whew Those Ads Available Onlinehttp//www.startribune.com/stories/565/892703.html (accessed November 14, 2001) Visual Art Trends (2000). Weight Loss or glass over? Available Onlinehttp//www.visualartstrends.com/Ea/Ea4/candy(eS7.html (accessed November 12, 2002) USA Today Magazine (May 2001). Sexy Ads Target infantile Adults

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