Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 41

Art - Essay ExampleThis shamefulboard is painted in black with some writings inside, and this creates attention to the watchman. On the left side below the blackboard is a chair, which seems to countenance been used in the ancient times. The chair is well decorated and design in a stylus that creates attention to the viewer. On the right side is a cupboard and boney to it is woman standing near to the cupboard.Additionally, on the forefront of the cupboard is a woman wearing a blue dress, which is not real a dress but a painting decorated on the body thus do it appear like a blue dress. The blue color offers the impression of hope, honesty and loyalty to the viewer. It overly exhibit inner sanctuary and confidence thus communicates or creates to the viewer the sense of calmness and peace. downwards to the legs of the woman is a black painting, which appears like black shoes that she is wearing. The black color of these shoes communicates to the viewer about the power and aut hority. The black color can also imply submission because some experts press that when a woman is wearing a black garment or shoes, the black to them implies submission to a man.The second stratagem work which is compose Sara Lighting is another artistic feature, which offers varied impressions to the viewer. First, the wall where the spoken communication are written has a smooth surface which glitters. In the middle of the wall is word written in block letters Sara Lightening and immediately other words follows, which is Courtney, Waiting Room, 2012, oil on canvas. This style of writing letters in block letters in the typography way is the nerve center component of the design. Thus, it offers the reader or the viewer an insight or understanding the heritage behind the art work. It is one way through which the artists pass information to the viewers thus making them to have a feeling of knowing more about what is inside the room.Axel and Nina (230) argue that one way of describ ing the technique of the

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