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Explain in your own words Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Explain in your own words - Assignment Example rase that, the indefinite underlyings of a function only differ by a constant (Dawkins 2014). Intuitively, this second part, opens the start-off part of the theorem to include the entire interval, not limited by (a,b).It holds that if F (x)and f(x) are functions such that , F(x) is an integral of f(x), then F(x) = f(x)Assuming that a,is constant, then f (a) is home in, and if f(x) is x, then g(x) =1, hence the whole endpoint becomes f (g(x). at that placefore, the definite integral is only influenced by the derivative, with the constant in the indefinite integral cosmos a dummy.LHospitals rule is a principle that helps to determine the limits of indeterminate forms. There are two most common indeterminate forms I.e. 0/0 and /- in which Linfirmary rule majorly occurs. Note that these indeterminate forms create a controversy in the expected results. For instance, if we divide zero by zero, the answer may be 1(any number divided by it self is one), (any number divided by 0 = ) or 0 (zero divided by any number is zero) and so does the second case. thitherfore, there is need to manipulate indeterminate functions in order to obtain limits. Secondly, factoring out functions could be so tedious, and since derivatives reduce the highest power, then Lhospital rule can also be used (Ikenaga, 2005). Lhospital rule states thatNote that as x approaches infinity then the numerator also approaches infinity spot the denominator approaches negative infinity, and thus (/-), moreover, if we x takes the value 2, then the function becomes (0/0), both of which are indeterminate forms.The Taylor serial is an expression of a given function as the summation of infinite term obtained from its derivatives about a point. The effectiveness of Taylors function in approximating the function is based on the fact that, it sums up all the

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