Monday, April 22, 2019

History questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History questions - hear ExampleAbraham Lincoln told enemy is at your door, wait not to meet him at your hearthstone, meet him at the doorsill, and drive him from the temple of liberty, or pull down its pillars and involve him in a common maltreat (McPherson 212).This should be considered as evidence that our country is not safe anymore. Abraham Lincoln also mentioned that he soundly disliked to comment on the various tactics employed by historical leaders who play an instrumental role in earlier wars. Government always must be of the flock, by the pot and for the people and victory always must be an anti slavery triumph (McPherson 218). Jefferson Davis strongly disagreed on excessive individualism that were ruling the states. He pointed out that this kind of extreme individualism wont bring any good to the state. Instead, it will only create neglect towards teamwork. He also show that war meant its for all and not for single. This means, war is always for a group of people and not for a single person. He told each state has the right of novelty (McPherson 240). Political revolution or any kind of revolution always placed the state in a crucial, determinate position and the right of revolution is for everyone.2. If as Mr. Sparks contends what is Past is prologue, there is much in the Civil war Era that is relevant to your lives today. Please provide 3 examples of how a playing field of The Civil War helps you fancy the United States in 2010.If a civil war breaks out in the Unites States in 2010, it, will, perhaps trail the end of this country. There would be violence, bloodshed, riots and insurgencies all over the country, leading to loss of millions of human lives as wellspring as the ultimate breakdown of the countrys vast social and economic infrastructure. A study of the civil war has helped us to understand the

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