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Strategic Management - BBC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Strategic Management - BBC - Essay exemplificationThe corporation has indeed been trying hard to come up to the expectations by implementing changes from time to time. BBC provides a long range of programs and services, including television, radio, webcasts, interactive applications with programmes serving, national, local, childrens, educational, spoken communication interests.SWOT AnalysisStrengthsBBC is on the bare horizon since the days wireless was invented, i.e. it is the first corporation to make use of Broadcasting technique.Even in todays securities industry driven dynamics, BBC has maintained a unique identity of serving the interests of public broadcasts over and above the interests of advertisers and stakeholders.It has a strong infrastructure with 10 TV channels, 10 radio channels and runs 33 radio language services around the world.The staff strength of around 27, 000.Since it was the first one having started the broadcasts, therefore the inherent receipts of ma crocosm the first one off the block will remain always with BBC.It earns its operating cash in hand from the licenses paid by the households.The corporation has the backing of the government.BBC Re roots is one of the largest production facilities in the UK offering services which all(prenominal)ow in studios, away(p) broadcasts, post production, design, costumes and wigs.BBC Training provides courses, tailored training and consultancy services to help individuals and companies working in broadcasting and related industries.BBC caters to a wide range of viewers across the globe with services like BBC America, BBC Canada, BBC Japan, BBC Food, BBC Kids (Canada), BBC anchor BBC World, Animal Planet, People+Arts, UKTV, UK.TV (Australia)The ability to do truthful introspection and admit its shortcomings.WeaknessesFunctioning of the corporation is being criticized in the public domain for quite some time now.In the recent past, BBC has tried to make up too many changes with limited success. Many of the steps have invited sharp reactions from different quarters.Its share of viewership/ audiences is on a downslide for quite a while now.With the high percentage of repeat broadcasts it appears there is dearth of genius in the corporation.Though BBC is an autonomous broadcasting corporation, yet in the recent past it has been mired in controversies on account of its overtly pro-government stance particularly for handling the stories of Iraq war and West Bank stories.Differences betwixt different departments within the corporationIts dependence on the License fee as the main source of financing the operations.OpportunitiesOnset of digital technology in the field of terrestrial as well as satellite broadcasting. In fact, BBC Radio pioneered the worlds first national digital radio service in kinsfolk 1995.Corporation sees the need for improving the role of governors, which will help the corporation in managing the affairs to a greater extent impartially.New editori al policy makes the corporation to improve the quality of editorials and the news content.Large number of BBC fans all across the globe. The corporation can provide them with quality content and truthful analysis, to make way for increase the number of listeners/ viewers.BBCs urge to come of the London centric mould by shifting some of its offices outside London. This will provide the corporation better and wider perspective. The web space provides a hunting ground for ply to almost all segments

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