Saturday, May 4, 2019

Tiny Little Pieces Fiction pretending to be non-firction Essay

Tiny exact Pieces Fiction pretending to be non-firction - Essay ExampleAnother thing that should be noted is the magnate of writers to think ab prohibited things that could likely take plate in some years to come and garner these as plant life of fiction. Some writers even produce science fictions that are futuristic in nature and while some of these are not happening at the moment, they could be closely related to world in years to come. These set of science fiction writers produce employments based on the scientific developments on ground and try to use their works of fiction to predict what could likely take put in in the nearest future. Thus, the closeness of fiction to h wizsty is largely dependent on the writers imaginative qualification and their ability to think outside the box. It is really very difficult to decide whether or not to refer works of literature non-fiction when they are closely related to reality. As explained above, works of fiction are borne out of the imaginative power of the writer and they are works that describe make-believe people and events. Non-fictional works are writings that contain facts about the events that take place in reality and are not in the first place based on the imaginative ability of the writer. According to Marcus, the differences between non-fictional and fictional narratives are illogical, because fact or reality shares the same form as fiction or narrative (244). There are rattling some works of fiction that the fictional elements are used as symbols to represent the events that take place in reality and this means that these so called, works of fiction have some elements of reality engraft in them. Though, the people and the events in these works of fiction could be closely related to the ones in reality, this does not necessarily mean that they could be called non-fictional works. As long as these works have some elements of inclination in them and the writers have not claimed that they ar e based on reality, they should still be termed as works of fiction. Hence, works of literature should not be called non-fiction, even though there are some elements of reality in these messages of fiction. There are some liberty authors that have tried to convert works of fiction into non-fiction and one of them is James Frey in his Million Little Pieces work. Several critics condemned James Frey for converting a fictional work into non-fiction in his Million Little Pieces. Though, Frey has claimed that he did this in order to present a compelling tarradiddle of the things that he saw around him, except the fact that Frey made it look like he was the one that experienced the things that were presented in his book leaves little to be desired. It is clear that Frey did these in order to arouse the emotions of the readers, but this is actually against the ethics of writing. Freys inability or refusal to acknowledge the real source represents another attribute of plagiarism, which is an abuse against writing ethics. It was even after the book had received wide acclaim that it was discovered that Frey invented the major events in the book and he never really experienced them. The fact that Frey tried to convert a work of fiction into n

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