Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Higher Education and International Relations Essay

Higher grooming and International Relations - Essay ExampleIt is a deliberate process of transformation of improved abilities from unmatched level to another level which starts from an individual and train to an end in the greater advantage of the world. Education develops the inborn potential of an individual and helps to increase the current knowledge. Education facilitates the growth of an individual in all areas like physical, behavior, mental, social, economic, spiritual etc. Education bring livelihood for an individual and determines his/her social status. Individual lives in a society, his/her improved status bring betterment to the life of the people connected to them in any manner. Here starts the role of education in the society. It compels members of the society to abundant old views and thoughts and provides equal opportunities to all irrespective of their cast, color, sex and religion. It helps in development of social and object lesson values like tolerance, affect ion, sympathy, cooperation etc. Most important role of education towards society is to compete with the technological and scientific advancement. Education helps to raise all typeface of the country like healthy living, improve literacy rate, social change, growing economy, decrease poverty etc. Education of individuals in respective(a) fields determines the need of establishing of various industries which obtain different advantages for the country in the global marketplace. Competitive advantage of one country forces other countries to develop their economies to the highest level. It is a rare possibility that one country specializes into each and every sector of the economy or has all the natural resources of the world. Countries have to depend on each other to get admission price to these resources and felt the need of trade. International relations establish by means of trade between two or more countries. Poor education conditions of growing countries restrain them to achi eve better living conditions, health facilities, law and order situation, economy etc. Most developing countries are facing political dissymmetry and deprived law and order situation, due to which developed nations of the world are hesitant in bringing their investments to the developing countries. Even international universities and colleges are in addition unable to bring their campuses to the developing nations. In one way or other, poor law and order situations and political instability links to the underprivileged educational system of these countries. Most of the developing countries are in the elementary stage of their education system. They are struggling to achieve the level of secondary or blank space secondary education. Higher education can also serve as a medium to establish international relations between countries. It is witnessed that large procedure of students, faculty and staff members are taking education outside of their native land. Indeed, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 3.7 million tertiary level students analyse outside of their home country in 2009. (Lane and Kinser, 2012) Governments are working on the internationalization of higher educations system and institutions. Several measure have been taken in this regard by the government and institutions like student exchange programs, consultancy programs by universities and colleges, cultural centers, inviting higher education institutions from other countries. For example, world-recognized institutions such as New York University,

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