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Role of Confucian scholars or advisors in government on the period of Research Paper

Role of Confucian scholars or advisors in government on the period of Tang Dynasty - Research Paper ExampleThe Tang dynasty was a dynasty that was characterized by such strength and brilliance that it is unprecedented by any other. The elegant service examination was so refined, that the tests basic form was used in the 20th century. The role of the imperial and local government was amplified so that it centralized presidentship and enacted an elaborate code of administrative and penal laws. (Tang Dynasty.)The coup by Li Shihmin, the founder of the Tang Dynasty, proved to be a remarkable event in the history of China and it heralded many structural and administrative changes in the system of governance. The highlights of the achievements were new concepts in foreign relations, unification of national culture, more centralisation of powers, radical changes in the fiscal policy that helped the overall growth of the nation from all ends. The good spadework done by the Sui dynasty that ruled previously in administrative, revel and communication areas helped Tang dynasty rulers to consolidate the gains. Tang Empire was able to create a strong centralized government and work towards unifying the political and ethnical divisions between its people..The Tang emperors set up a strong centralized system of government, in which the emperor was the supreme authority Although most of the officials came from influential noble families, some officials were chosen through civil service examinations which tested a persons knowledge of classical Confucian learning and literary composition. With a cater of only 13,465 officials the Tang government was able to oversee a population of more than 50 million people. (Influences..)To understand the influence of Confucian Teachings on family and society, it is essential for us to know something in brief about Confucianism. Wing-tsit Chan writes, Confucianism did not begin with a tradition. Confucius (551-479 BC) taught various subje cts on self-cultivation and the ordering of the society. To be

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