Sunday, June 16, 2019

Week 7 Assignments Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week 7 Assignments - Assignment ExampleLeaders argon good listeners and are able to elicit information by constantly asking questions (Burns 2012).Good communication learnings alter leaders to create good relationships with their subordinates, course partners and customers. These are the skills that will enable a leader to meet the objectives of an organization. Leaders to a fault need to be self-motivated, charter high integrity levels, be team players, pass emotional intelligence and be able to think critically. Thinking critically will enable a leader to delegate duties effectively and as well as be able solve day to day problems facing the organization. Leaders also need to be charismatic and have excellent personal skills to enable them to deal effectively with customers. Charisma will enable a leader to influence subordinates to follow them without much struggle (Burns 2012).Managers can develop leadership skill by learning the art of communication, how to solve problems, how to manage their time effectively. Managers can also develop leadership skill by learning to trust their subordinates and encourage their subordinates.Managers now are able to deal with employees working in international locations. Management is also tasked with transferring employees to other organizational branches and determining compensation offered for relocating. There have also been increased opportunities for management as globalization has made the world a global village and this has led to more competition for goods and services.Management has also been forced to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Management has to make sure that their organization is able to meet the tastes and preferences in a foreign country. Many countries have their own cultures, ethics, customs and management has to adapt to the above so as to be successful in a foreign country.Managers also have to be having knowledge on what is happening through the world. Through globalization mana gers can be

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