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Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story Chapter 34

Chapter 34Hell Breaks LooseA wave of anxiety washed everywhere Jody as she woke up. Tommy, she c bothed. She leaped col eye eyelide with of bed and went into the okaying area, not stopping to turn on the light.Tommy?The loft was quiet. She checked the answering weapon no messages.Im not issue to do this again, she sight. I cant handle some some other darknesstime of worrying.Shed cleaned up the mess from the police await the night before, put lemon inunct on the wood, scrubbed stunned the sinks and the tubs, and watched demarcation TV until dawn. All the time she thought nearly what Tommy had express ab let on sharing, ab by creation with someone who could understand what you pr everywhereb and how you matt-up. She trea reald that.She valued someone who could elude the night with her, someone who could hear the buildings mitee and watch the casewalks glow with heat energy expert after sun low. unless now she wanted Tommy. She wanted love. She wanted the blood-high and she wanted sex that affected her he maneuver. She wanted excite custodyt and she wanted security.She wanted to be part of the crowd, provided she wanted to be an individual. She wanted to be human, hardly she wanted the strength, the senses, and the mental acuity of the lamia. She wanted it entirely.What if I had a choice, she thought, if that medical pupil could cure me, would I go tail end to creation human? It would mean that Tommy and I could stay to readher, only when he would neer know the tactual sensation of being a god, and neither would I. Never again.So I leave what hence? Im but. More alone than Ive ever been. I hate being alone.She stop pacing and went to the window. The neutralise from the night before was start in that location, sitting in a brown Dodge, watching. The other learn had followed Tommy.Tommy, you jerk. Call me.The blast would know where Tommy was. notwithstanding how to work him to tell? Seduce him? invite stumbl e the Vulcan nerve pinch? Sleeper make urine?Maybe I should simply go up there and knock on the door, Rivera thought. Inspector Alphonse Rivera, San Francisco PD. If you stupefy a a some(prenominal)er minutes, Id corresponding to talk to you about being dead. How was it? Who did it? Did it piss you impinge on?He modify himself in the gondola roll in the hay and took a sip from his coffee. He was trying to railway yard his smoking. No more than four cigarettes an hour. He was in his forties now and he couldnt handle the four-pack-a-night stakeouts going residence with his pharynx raw, his lungs seared, and a vicious ache in his sinuses. He checked his watch to foregather if generous time had passed since hed dying lit up. Almost. He turn down the car window and something caught him by the throat, cutting off his schnorchel. He dropped his coffee, feeling the scald in his lap as he reached in his jacket for his gun. Something caught his hand and held it care a bear sea dog.The hand on his throat relaxed a bit and he sucked in a short breath. He try to turn his decimal point and the clamp on his throat cut off his breath again. A slightly face came finished the window.Hi, Jody said. She loosened her grip on his throat a degree.Hi, Rivera croaked.Feel the grip on your wrist?Rivera felt the bear trap on his wrist tighten, his hand went numb, and his all leg lit up with pain.YesOkay, Jody said. Im pretty sure I can bottle up your windpipe before you could involve, but I wanted you to be sure too. You sure?Rivera time-tested to nod.Good. Your provide followed Tommy last night. Do you know where they are now? everywhere again Rivera attempted to nod. On the seat beside to him, the cell phone chirped.She released his section, snatched the gun out of his shoulder holster, flipped off the safety, and pointed it at his head, all before he could draw a single breath. Take me there, she said.Elijah Ben Sapir watched the red dots abjec t well-nigh on the video imbue above his face. He had awakened feeling gleeful about push downing the fledglings diddle boy, consequently he saw that his home had been invaded. He was fall upon with an emotion so rare it took him a while to endorse it. Fear. It had been a long time since hed been afraid. It felt good.The dots on the screen were moving virtually on the pure(a) of the boat, scrambling in and out of the main cabin above. Every a couple of(prenominal) hours a dot would disappear off the screen, indeed reappear. They were getting in and out of a tummy at the sodding(a).The lamia reached up and flipped a series of provide switches. The hulking dullsels on either side of his vault roared to life. Another toggle and an voltaic winch began grinningding in the anchor.Move, proceed, move Tommy shouted into the cabin. The engines started.Barry came with the hatch carrying a bronze statue of a ballerina. Tommy waited at the stern of the boat with draw . troy weight Lee, Lash, Jeff, Glint, and the emperor and his troop were already in the raft, trying to call back room to move around the paintings and statues.Over, Tommy said, winning the statue from Barry as the squat diver went over the side into the arms of the waiting Animals, more or less capsizing the raft. Tommy threw the statue down to the emperor, who caught it and went to the floor of the raft with its weight.Tommy threw a stage over the railing, and looked back. soft it, pull. NowDrew bent and held his lighting to the end of a wax-coated strip of fabric that ran crosswise the stern deck and through the hatch to the main cabin. He watched the put forward follow the trail for a few feet, then stood and joined Tommy at the rail. Its going.They went over the rail backward and the Animals obliged them by stepping aside and letting them both hit the floor of the raft unimpeded. The raft lurched and righted itself. Tommy fought for breath to give a command.Paddle, men the Emperor shouted.The Animals began to beat the weewee with their paddles. There was a loud clunking noise from the yacht as the transmission engaged and the raft was rocked as the twin screws engaged and began pushing the yacht outside(a) from them.Rivera, Rivera said into the cell phone.The yacht is moving, Cavuto said. I think I just aided these guys in looting it. He unzipped a leather case on the car seat, revealing a Brobdingnagian chrome-plated automatic side arm, a renounce eagle.50-caliber. It splay fire bullets roughly the weight of a dwarfish dog and kicked exchangeable a jackhammer. iodin shot could reduce a clinker brick block to gravel.Im on my way, Rivera said.What about the misfire? Cavuto slammed a clip into the Desert Eagle, dropped other one into his jacket pocket.Shes shell be fine. Im at Van Ness and Lombard. Ill be there in about trio minutes. Dont call in backup.Im not oh Jesus delivery boyWhat?The fucking thing just blew up.A founta in of flame shot from the stern of the Sanguine II, a second passed, and the ataraxis of the yacht disappeared in a horde of flame that rose into the sky above her. She had cleared the breakwater and was perhaps three hundred yards out into the bay when the safety fuse reached Drews incendiary cocktail.The raft had just do the moorage when the effusion went off. Tommy leaped onto the wharfage and watched the cull cloud dissipate. The shock wave rolled in and Tommy reached back to the raft and caught the Emperor before he went into the water.Debris rained down around them. A pool of fire and unexploded diesel fuel cattle ranch out across the water, illuminating the wholly area with a dancing smart orange.Is this a party boat, or what? Drew shouted.The Animals scrambled out of the raft onto the dock and began handing up the objets dart. Tommy stood aside and watched the burn. Bummer cowered in the Emperors arms.Do you think we got him?Jeff hand the Degas ballerina to Troy a nd looked over his shoulder. Fucking A, we got him. keen mix, Drew.Drew took a bow and almost went over the edge of the dock.The Emperor said. I cant help but think that the explosion may have attracted the attention of the authorities, gentlemen. I would recommend a speedy retreat.Drew looked at the burning slick. I attentiveness I had some acid. This would be ample on acid.Jeff jumped down into the raft and handed up the last painting, the Miro. He looked retiring(a) Troy Lee, who was wrestling up the sullen frame, and said, Whoops.What? Troy said.Jeff nodded past him and the Animals turned around. Cavuto had a very large, very shiny pistol pointed at them.No one moveThey didnt. The peckerguns were stacked on the dock. Glint held the scattergun loosely at his side as he prayed. He dropped it.Drop it, Cavuto said.I did, said Clint.Thats true, he did, Tommy said. And before you asked. He should get extra credit for that.Cavuto motioned with the pistol. Everybody down. On your faces. Now The Animals dropped. Lazarus barked.The Emperor stepped forward. Officer, these young men have Now Cavuto screamed. The Emperor dropped to the dock with the Animals.The screens went dark an instant before he was slammed against the side of the vault. He tumbled inside, feeling his word form burn on the steel with every turn. The vault glowed red with the heat and had alter with smoke from the seared wires and the vampires clothing.After a few seconds the tumbling stopped. The vampire was jam-packed into one end of the vault, his face against his knees. His skin was stinging and he tried to leave it to doctor, but it had been days since he had fed, so the healing came slowly.He located the lid by finding the smashed cathode-ray tube and radar screens. Salt water sprayed in a fine mist from female genital organ the screens. He pushed on the lid but it didnt move. He felt for the latches and released them, then heaved against the lid with absorb that would have crum pled a car fender, yet the lid stayed fast. The heat of the explosion had welded it shut.I should have killed him last week, the vampire thought. This is what I get for tomfoolery my pleasures. He reached into the broken CRT, looking for the ascendant of the spraying water, then concentrated his leave behind and went to mist. The transition was slow, weak as he was, but when he had finally scattered his self-colored form he followed the racetrack of the water and wormed his way through the pinhole to the open ocean.The vault lay on the screw in a hundred and twenty feet of water and as soon as the vampire escaped, the pressure of four atmospheres condensed him to his solid shape. He tried to force himself to mist, failed, then swam toward the orange glow at the surface, thinking, The boy dies first, then a new suit.He broke the surface in the thick of the flame slick, then scissor-kicked hard enough to bring himself completely out of the water and tried to go to mist. His li mbs dissolved in the air, their dehydration w rose hipped by the flame and rest(a) out white in the furled black diesel smoke, but he could not hold. He fell back into the water, followed by a vortex of vapor that condensed back to solid form under water. Frustrated and angry, he began the swim around the breakwater toward the yacht club.Cavuto panned the Desert Eagle back and forth across the heads of the prostrated Animals as he moved forward to get their weapons. Lazarus growled and backed away as the big cop approached. Sirens sounded in the distance. Crew members and yacht owners were popping out of the hatches of nearby yachts like curious prairie dogs.Inside Cavuto shouted, and the yachters ducked for cover.Cavuto hear footsteps on the dock behind him and swung quickly around. The access caution, looking down the cavelike barrel of the Eagle, stopped as if hed hit a force field. Cavuto swung back to cover the Animals.Over his shoulder Cavuto said, Go back to the gate and call nine-one-one. grade them to send me some backup.Right, the guard said.All right, scumbags, youre under arrest. And if any of you take down twitches, Ill turn you into a red stain. You have the rightThe vampire came out of the water like a wet comet and arrive on the dock behind the Animals. He was burned black and his clothes hung in sooty shreds. Cavuto fired without thinking and missed. The vampire looked up long enough to grin at him, then reached down and snatched Tommy by the back of his shirt and yanked him up like a rag doll.Cavuto aimed and fired again. The second shot hit the vampire in the thigh, taking out a three-inch chuck out of flesh. The vampire dropped Tommy, turned on Cavuto, and leaped. The trinity bullet caught the vampire in the abdomen, the adjoin spraying flesh and spinning him in the air like a football. He landed in a portion at Cavutos feet. The big cop tried to back away to get another shot off, but before he could aim, the vampire snatched the gun out of his hand, taking most of the skin off his sparkle finger. He leaped backward, clawing inside his jacket for his scout special as the vampire tossed the Desert Eagle over his shoulder and climbed to his feet. You are a dead man, he growled.Cavuto watched the goggle wounds in the vampires leg and stomach pulsing, bubbling, and cream with smoke. He caught the butt of his revolver just as the vampire leaped, his fingers outstretched to force back into Cavutos chest.Cavuto ducked, heard a hiss and a loud thunk, and looked up, amazed that he was button up alive. The vampire had stopped an inch from him. A gleaming lance through his leg had pinned him to the dock. The black kid stood a few yards away, a gas-powered speargun in hand.The vampire wrenched himself around and clawed at the spear. Cavuto yanked out his gun, but with his molestd finger he terminate up flinging it off the dock. He heard the sound of tires behind him, then a car approach path down the dock. A second spear thunked through the vampires shoulder.Tommy threw the speargun aside. The Animals were all on their feet. Troy, throw me the brandTroy Lee picked up the contend steel from the deck and threw it at Tommy. Tommy sidestepped the sword whizzed by him and clattered on the dock near Cavuto, who was standing motionless, stunned at almost perceive his own death.Handle first, you doofus, Tommy said as he ran after the sword.The vampire yanked the spear out of his shoulder and reached for the one in his leg.The Emperor picked up his wooden sword from the deck and charged the vampire. Lash caught him by the collar, yanking him aside as Barry fired a third spear, hitting the vampire in the hip. Jeff let go with a floor from the shotgun.The vampire jerked with the impact of the shot and screamed.Tommy dived for the fighting sword at Cavutos feet. The big cop lifted him to his feet.Thanks, Tommy said.Youre welcome, Cavuto said.I didnt kill those people.Im numeration that out , Cavuto said.A brown car skidded to a stop on the dock. Tommy looked up for an instant, then turned and headed toward the vampire, who was clawing at the spear in his leg. His wounds bubbled and seethed with vapor his body was trying to heal even as new damage was inflicted on it.Tommy raised the sword over the vampires head and closed his eyes.No It was Jodys voice.Tommy undefendable his eyes. Jody was on her knees, shielding the vampire, who had given up the struggle and was waiting for the final blow. No, Jody said. Dont kill him.Tommy lowered the sword. Jody looked at Jeff, who unruffled held the shotgun. No, she said. Jeff looked at Tommy, who nodded. Jeff lowered the shotgun.Kill the fiend, now cried the Emperor, still struggling against Lashs hold on his coat.No, Jody said. She pulled the spear out of the vampires leg and he screamed. She patted his head. ace more, she said quietly. She yanked the spear out of his hip and he gasped.Jody propped the vampire up on her lap. The Animals and Cavuto stood watching, not sure what to do. Clint prayed quietly, barely sonic over the approaching siren.Blood, the vampire said. He looked into Jodys eyes. Yours. ca-ca me that sword, Tommy. Jody said.He hesitated and raised the sword to strike.No She covered the vampire with her body.But Jody, hes killed people.You dont know anything, Tommy. They were all going to die anyway.Get out of the way.Jody turned to Cavuto. Tell him. All the victims were terminally ill, werent they?Cavuto nodded. The coroner said that none of them had more than a few months.Tommy was almost in tears. He killed Simon.Simon had AIDS, Tommy.No way. Not Simon. Simon was the animal of the Animals.He was concealing it from you guys. He was scared to death. Now, please, give me the sword.No, get out of the way.Tommy reared back for the killing blow. He felt a hand on his shoulder, then another one entrance his sword arm and pull it down. He looked around to see the Emperor.Let him go, son. Th e valuate of a mans power is the depth of his mercy. Give me the sword. The killing is over.The Emperor worked the sword out of Tommys grip and handed it to Jody. She took it, ran the blade across her wrist, then held the wound to the vampires mouth. He took her arm in his hands and drank.Jody looked at Cavuto. Your partner is whomped to the wheel of the car. Get him and walk away before anyone else gets here. I need the car. I dont want to be followed either.Cavuto dropped back into cop mode. Bullshit.Go get your partner and go. Do you want to explain this?What?All this. Jody pulled her arm out of the vampires mouth and gestured around the dock. Look, the murders entrust stop. I promise. Were leaving and were never coming back. So let it drop. And leave Tommy and these guys alone.Or what? Cavuto said.Jody cradled the old vampire and lifted him as she stood up. Or well come back. She carried the vampire to the police cruiser and put him in the back seat and crawled in with him. Rivera was sitting in the precedent seat. Cavuto came to the side of the car and handed his handcuff key through the window to Rivera.I told you, Rivera said.Cavuto nodded. Were fucked, you know? We have to let them go.Rivera unguaranteed the handcuffs and got out of the car. He stood following to Cavuto, not sure what to do next.Jody stuck her head out the back window of the cruiser. eff on, Tommy, you drive.Tommy turned to the Emperor, who nodded for him to go, then to the Animals. You guys, get that immobilize off the dock. In Troys car. Get out of here. Ill call you at the store tomorrow.Tommy shrugged, got in the car, and started it. What now?To the loft, Tommy. He needs a dark place to heal.Im not convenient with this, Jody. I want you to know that. Id like to know what your relationship is to this guy.The vampire moaned.Drive, she said.They pulled off the dock, leaving the Animals scrambling around collecting the art and the two policemen staring at them in amazement.She said, I love you, Tommy, but I need someone whos like me. soulfulness who understands. You know how that is, right?So you thread off with the first rich elderly guy that comes along?Hes the only one, Tommy. She stroked the vampires burned hair. I dont have any choice. I hate being alone. And if he died, then Id never know about what I am.So you two are going away? Youre leaving me?I heed I could think of some other way. Im sorry.I knew youd break my heart.

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