Saturday, July 27, 2019

Opinion Editorial Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Opinion Editorial Paper - Essay Example Whereas college education is also needed in the work industry, the same faces danger of extinction with the increasing number of university graduates who become potential candidates for college based professions. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss the claim that college education has been sidelined in the work industry Whereas a sizeable part of the population has already obtained at least a degree academic level, jobs available for graduates are becoming rare and more competitive. One of the viable alternatives is to empower academically and technically, lower academic persons to equip them with profound skills necessary to handle job opportunities in this category. Our broad economy needs to have a diverse system of incorporating all sorts of skills in the market since not all professionals need a college education. This can be done by increasing the salaries involved of the workers in this category. Mostly, these jobs needs people with less educational skills but have an abili ty to perform in the labor market. It is upon the government to evaluate and come up with a better education schemes and policy that will incorporate this system of education (Mishel, 2012). The question whether college education is for everyone has remained as a controversial question in most societies. Arguments constructed from intellectual point of view are biased towards acquisition of college education. People working in real working environment will argue that their college education has little or no significance to the work they do in their workplace. In such cases, people argue that they had to learn new skills in order to fit into their current work environment despite having gone through relevant education. Although college education is important in the work place, it is not sufficient. This is because the success of college graduate is measured by their success in the job market. In most cases, the relevance of a course will be measured with reference to the number of em ployed graduate and the amount of their earnings. Various measurements also include the duration within which college graduate stays without acquiring employment. According to most of such measurements, college education plays a less significant role in determining the success of a college graduate in the job market. It is important to appreciate that college students represent an important part of the society. Indeed, their role in the work industry cannot be underestimated. there are many jobs particularly demanding college level qualifications. However, employers are certainly tempted to employ highly qualified university students for the same jobs because of the competition. This implies that college education may become useless with time. A time will come when college education will just be a formality and not a lifetime investment. Ideally, college education focuses on how things ought to be with little or no emphasis on how thing work out in the real job environment. The emph asis on the theoretical aspect of college education is the sources of disconnection between college education and the real work environment. The disconnection can however, be minimized by creating a more practical-based education than a theoretical based education. In such case, colleges will train their students on how to apply knowledge acquired through their studies more than how to acquire the knowledge (Juhl 3). Due to the

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