Friday, August 16, 2019

Cultural Baggage Essay

In the essay, â€Å"Cultural Baggage† by Barbara Ehrenreich believed that you do not have to be the religion or culture you were raised with. Ehrenreich believed that everyone was their own person and could be who they want to be. She was apart of her own culture called â€Å"nothing† culture, that meant she didn’t follow any of the cultural acts that her family would. She believe she could do whatever she wanted even if it wasn’t like her culture. I think she was right with everything she said in this essay. I believe everyone should have their own beliefs and do things the way they want to do them. Because in life once you 18, you are able to do whatever you want without your parents permission. Her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother referred to the family as â€Å"nothing†. Her mother always told her to try new things because they all ate different kinds of foods and did what other ethnicities did. She didn’t believe in a certain type of culture. Close to the end of the essay, she asked her children if they felt any ethnic or religious identity. The children said ‘none† which made her very proud to hear that her children picked up on their own tradition to think for themselves and hoped for them to carry it on. The author believes that people today have a problem.

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