Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Global Health Care and International Healthcare Systems vs. US Health Research Paper

Global Health Care and International Healthcare Systems vs. US Health Care Systems and the Impact on a Vulnrable Population - Research Paper Example The general structure of health system in a society comprises of private health service providers, occupational health and safety legislation, health insurance organizations, and presence of any unit working for the education and promotion of health. In spite of the presence of the World health Organization and other international health regulating body the overall standard of health of the majority of world population has not taken any drastic improvement. Development of goals for health in the world’s poorest countries still lacks planning and the spread of chronic diseases and epidemics has not been encountered properly. Inadequate health policies still persist in many nations of the world and the overall health standard is falling drastically. On this context it is quite important to know the international health care system. The older citizens are quite susceptible to various ailments, and dementia being one of them. The discrimination faced by the older people relating t o their health associated problem needs to be studied carefully. The paper focuses on the study of the article† Sustaining citizenship: people with dementia and the phenomenon of social death†. The paper deals with the nature of relief provided to the patients of dementia and the concept of social death. Problem: What role does the society play in providing relief to the sufferers of dementia and sustaining their citizenship? Purpose of Study The global health care and the international health care system require close study owing to the importance of the matter of its concern. Health related issues have gained much importance in the modern society though there is still lacking of appropriate measures to be incorporated. Certain target groups has been vulnerable to the lack of proper healthcare facilities. It is important to study the relevance of the international healthcare system and their efforts aimed to provide suitable solutions. The problem of dementia has been e ncountered by people all around and often they are considered to be socially dead individuals. The social disregard faced by the older citizens is studied. The benefits and the nature of help they receive have been closely investigated. The discrimination faced by the diseased people owing to their inactive participation as citizen has been closely highlighted. Literature Summary: The numbers of people suffering from dementia is also considerably on a rise and the three tier health system is working for the prevention and treatment of such diseases. It has also been noted that the cost of healthcare for dementia patients increases significantly with the change in functional impairment. There is a growing awareness among the people to prevent the occurrence of such catastrophic disease which is hampering the health of so many elderly people worldwide. People affected with fatal illness for a long period of time and those found to have a tendency of losing their personality are often declared to be socially dead. The viewpoint of the careers of people with dementia is detrimental in providing a social status to the patients. Four sets of beliefs were considered. A portion of the people in charge of the patients held the life of the sufferer’s as of no value and they wait for the patients to die. A second set of people held the proposition that the life of the patient is less of worth and they also eagerly wait for the patient’s death. A third group of carrier viewed the life of the p

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