Friday, August 9, 2019

Intelligent Design is it Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Intelligent Design is it Science - Essay Example To support his view, he has used example of the law of physics, with relevance to radio signals. Dembski states that radio signals take diverse form as a contingent form, extensive and multifaceted. To further supports the theory of Specified complexity, he states that intelligence leaves behind a mark or a trail, which makes up a design community, hence it describes the nature of specified complexity. An event is considered to be specified complexity if the element in it, can’t be explained by probability, which is the amount of expectation of occurrence of the unpredictable event. Meaning, an individual never expects an event to occur, because of its unusual and unware nature and the individual’s inability to explain that event is intelligence (Dembski, 712). Dembski believes that intelligent design should be taught in school as natural and scientific phenomena, but teachers face problem of fate and beliefs while teaching the intelligent design theory. The core of the problem is, the explanation of intelligent design theory to students, how intelligent design is science and not a religion. He further states that intelligent design should be taught in biology classes, to high school students. Keeping in view that the method of conversion does not account for specified structure, which is compound in nature, in biology. Although educators should act passively while teaching intelligent theory as one tends to comply to his own perceptions with the design theory (Dembski, 715).

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