Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ismg 11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ismg 11 - Essay Example Laptops or PCs and other technology equipments are among some of the most frequently stolen company items. However, installing locks, which tether them to desks, can decrease the likelihood of stealing. Finally, IVK could imprint metal tags with company information on the equipments. Tying to remove these metal equipments will harm of spoil the equipments, and hence, people will not steal the equipments. According to Barton, exposing too much information of their IT Company to regular customers is both an advantage and a disadvantage to them. It is an advantage in the sense that exposing information to customers will likely improve the proceeding of their company (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell 182). For instance, using websites to expose a company’s information will likely attract more clients than companies that do not use the internet to advertise themselves. However, giving out too much information might also attract hackers to the company. This makes the company extremely vulnerable (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell 182). Hackers are able to note weak points of a company’s information system using the slightest information they can get. Therefore, what to disclose to regular clients is only the information that regards them, which will not enable them to exploit the company. Barton still has his job because of the admiration he receives from the Board of Directors (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell 184). According to the board, even though Barton is not acting as fast as they expected, he still brings in innovations to the company that no other CIO has ever done. Barton, at every board meeting, has been able to capture the attention of the key leaders who always seek for his advice. Barton’s boss, Williams, always asks Barton to advice him whenever he wants to incorporate something new in the company (Austin, Nolan and ODonnell 184). According to Williams, Barton was extremely talented in his job. Therefore, losing such a person

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