Friday, August 2, 2019


In the beginning of my research, I learned some basic information about college and preparation. Since I'm a senior, I felt that academic preparation was already too late since colleges mainly look at my gpa from grades from 10-11. The grades I have now will still affect my gpa and most importantly scholarship eligibility, so I'm aiming to do my best. So far, IVe met the fall checklist by checking with my counselor to see if I make graduation requirements. What I haven't done is register for and take the standardized tests required for college admission.I was recently informed at Vista's college night that in order to go straight into a four year you have to have already taken the SAT for college leveled class placement and submit your scores to the college you are applying at. Also, there are business I and my parents need to visit colleges campuses during the spring and in the winter apply to FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) or any other financial aid applications t he school I apply at may require. I also learned about the different types of Aid there are. There is Federal and Nonfederal.Federal Aid is money given to you that you dont have to payback, that is if you qualify. But if there is still more help needed, there is the federal student loan. But Just Just like any loan, money borrowed is money paid back. These loans are often more advised rather than other types of loans such as private student loans because of the often lower fixed interest rates. Another feature Federal Aid includes are Grants and Scholarships. These are sometimes known as â€Å"gift aids†, as said on the website, because its free money given without owing. Financial Aid is for definitely a main focus for me.

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