Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Catfish in the Bathtub

Catfish in the bathtub Response As you walk in past the brown hazel colored door, the aroma of Chinese herbs fill your nose and analogous both other Asian house, theres a shoe dart right when you walk in the door. Around dinner while, the meter long table would be filled with fare near looking nourishment while some makes you want to feed it to the dogs. Sometimes the food for thought would be predate blood and liver made into a soup or chicken feet.To me, I dont eat that stuff and if I had a decision you would see me running to the nearest fast food restaurant for something I considered normal. But its one of my put ups favorite dishes, so its usually made very much and thus giving me the feeling of wanting to throw up every(prenominal) time I see it. However, to every else thats fitting desire me Americanized, it would probably be gross. I mean who would want to eat pig liver and blood or even chicken feetwhere it looked like a legit foot chopped straight off from a chicken just seasoned, cooked, and flavored.But to top it off, macrocosm from a Chinese family also meant that anything that was considered weird was non accepted, so since cosmos a left-handed person/writer, have cipher piercings, and so many other things was thought to be weird. For my sister, she started off being a left-handed person, so my mother would slap her hands when she was diminished to make sure she would write with the proper hand. Of course directlyadays, being a left-handed person is normal, but before my parents didnt believe so.But straight off that my parents have been living here in the United States for some time now, they have become more Americanized and have let go of some of their cultural traditionswhich, at times I am glad of because now I dont have to worry about being the straight A student or being perfect at everything. But in the end, despite all these weird traditional food and Chinese culture this is who I am. No matter if its having dishes like pig liver and blood for soup or chicken feet on the kitchen table, this is my familys catfish in the bathtub that I end up living and abiding by.

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