Thursday, February 7, 2019

Characteristics and Behaviors of Pterosaurs :: Anthropology Essays Paleontology Papers

Characteristics and Behaviors of PterosaursOverview Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs still were closely re belatedd, and existed for 150 gazillion years beginning in the late Triassic period through the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods until yettually sightly extinct along with the rest of the earths population at what is now know as the KT boundary event. The KT boundary event was the host extinction that occurred at some point in time among the Cretaceous (K) and the Tertiary (T). This is famous because it marks the end of the 160 million years of dinosaur life. The theory is that asteroid rock hit the earth and caused the pile extinction. 1 Pterosaurs are commonly feeling to be ancestors of modern daylight birds, but this is not true, even though they resemble bird and even bats of today. Much has been debated over what kind of behaviors pterosaurs exhibited when they existed. Today, more is cognise of what they were akin 150 million years ago. Pterosaurs existe d as different kinds of flying creatures. Their sizes ranged from a wing span of 6 inches to 40 feet and had different shaped and sizes of skulls. The devil major kinds of pterosaurs were rhamphorhynchoids and pterodactyls. 2 Rhamphorhynchoids were a smaller type of pterosaur and pterodactyls were large and rarer in numbers. Stereotypes and False ImpressionsMany people once believed that pterosaurs were weak flyers, or at least the larger ones were. The idea was that they used their large travel to glide instead of flap like flying creatures. This is now known to be false. Pterosaurs were also thought to be dinosaurs with correspondent anatomical features. Studies invite shown now though that since the pterosaurs were not flappers but active flyers, their hearts were similar to those of mammals with four chambers, needed for an active way of life, unlike reptiles. In the erstwhile(prenominal) century, pterosaurs fossils have been known to be found with fur, which leads scien tists to believe that pterosaurs needed withdrawal to keep in heat which indicated pterosaurs were active like mammals and warm blooded. 1Like many sea birds or birds who fish out of the water, it was thought that pterosaurs dove strait into the water to catch their meal. This is not the case. Because pterosaurs have been known to grow as large as 40 feet in space and it would be impossible for such(prenominal) a large creature with such frail frames to crash into the water and survive.

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