Friday, March 22, 2019

Is the Government doing the right thing? :: essays research papers

Is the governing doing the right(a) thing?The statement made by Honorable Jess A. Helms seems to be pretty clear when he says that the political science, instead of giving sources to save the country, is genuinely providing freedom for crime rates to increase. You can stand on the Capitol step and closely throw a rock into neighborhoods where you can non walk at wickedness because of the violence that takes place nightly (Helms 1). From this statement it is possible to understand why Helms is criticizing the government politics that are only pass money to combat violence, instead of spending money to prevent it. So as a possible solution for the violence chore, Helms defends the reinstitution of the prayer in public schools. He finds support for it on three main arguments first is the situation that the government is spending huge amounts of money and it is not solving the violence problem second because people agree with it and actually want it back to schools, and lastly because the freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution. Throughout his arguments becomes to see that instead of spending that amount of money to combat the crime, it is cheaper and better effective to use god and religion as a weapon against violence.Honorable Helms criticize the item that since he got into US Senate a lot of money grant been dog-tired on violence combat, specially on motions described by the landmark crime bills after crime bills (Helms 1). He criticizes this attitude because it is not been efficient, since The linked States has right now a higher crime rate than ever. we have been passing crime bill after crime bill almost since I came here in 1973. And what has been the result? (Helms 1). Helms also believes that the senators are quality that their job is done. They think that they really took care of it (Helms 1), but the real fact is that crime rates are still going up, what proves that their job is not even close to be done. It is time to st art looking for various alternatives to solve the problem.Seeing that all the money spent on the engineer combat of crime is not working as well as expected, Helms starts to analyze a different approach to solve the problem. Seeking for the right move Helms find a possible solution on the term published by Readers Digest called Let Us Pray that defends the reinstitution of prayer classes to public schools.

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