Friday, March 22, 2019

Essay examples --

1. Describe the rest between public practice of police and private law, including the difference between criminal law and tort law.The difference between public law and private law is that each rate two different types of individuals. Public law deals with citizens, companies, and state issues. Private law deals with catchs and obligations. This is the main difference between these two laws, save they also punctuate in the laws they obtain. For example public law has constitutional law, administrative law and criminal law. As for private law has civil law which includes contract law, law of torts and property law. Criminal law is the how the criminal is going to be punished, with either a fine of a certain amount or jail time. Tort law is similar in punishment to the criminal, but the punishment is payment to the person who was injured in the iniquity for injuries and damages that may have occurred. 2. List the reasons tidy sum commit crimes, and why they do not.People co mmit crimes because it is a choice they make, but all their choices pay off with an reason and motive. They may commit a crime because of their own own(prenominal) self-interest and based on how they will avoid getting caught. The environs they put out in may cause interest in committing crimes also. on that point are people who get tired of getting stepped on and neer seem to achieve societys expectations therefore they do crime to obtain a self-rewarding achievement. Being poor and not having money to yield for themselves or their families may cause a moment of stress star(p) that person to steal money. The reason why a lot of people do not commit crimes is because they are satisfied with the life they live in. For example life may not be one cytowickedness percent great, but they... ...eing arbitrary and oppressive over them. 6. Discuss the message of the phrase nulla poena sine lege.Nulla poena sine lege refers to the substance that no one should be punished for doin g something that the law does not prohibit. There are four types of nulla poena sine lege which are praevia, scripta, certa and stricta. Praevia states that there should not be any punishment without preceding(prenominal) law. Scripta states that there should not be no punishment without any scripted law. Certa states that there should be no punishment without a definite law, meaning that the punishment must be defined first. Stricta states that there should be no punishment without the strict law. Nulla poena sine lege helps by protecting those who could be convicted and punished when no laws exists. It also helps by preventing the creation of new laws to punish for gone action and behaviors.

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