Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Psychological Research Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Psychological Research Report - Essay ExampleThe number of items remembered was save down. The results from the data collected show that, external stimulus affect ones retention exertion with (P=.045).The human memory is severely affected by external distractions. Many will say that they pee-pee mistakes in a location with high fray. The amount of noise has much influence on the means the memory performs according to Douglas, et al. (2000). Distractions and in particular loud noise have varying affects on memory performance.Various studies have indicated that loud noise distractions have both positive and negative affect on memory performance depending on its frequency (Agnes, H 2004). Others have come with the conclusions that distractions have no perfume on a memorys performance.A larger number of studies involving tasks that primarily use swindle term memory has shown that exposure to loud noise significantly affect memory performance to a greater extent (Baker et al. 1993 ). This is attributed to the fact that, distractions will act to avert the degree of concentration.To begin with, a study by Dwivedis (1988) proves that, loud noise distractions influence memory performance. In this experiment, students were required to memorize some English rowing as their teacher spelt them. The teacher repeated them for several times with a different practice of medicine volumes playing and the number of those that a student could remember against the sound strength was recorded. Results indicated that high intensity noise was significantly detrimental in memory performance than low noise.In addition, Winkler, L et al. (1996) agreed with Dwivedi. They examined the effects of radio noise during class work where students were required to read and answer some simple questions with a radio on during class. The question was again administered to the same students with the radio on. On marking the question and canvas the two performances, it was evident to them tha t,

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