Friday, May 17, 2019

A History Of The World In Six Glasses

That includes not mixing beer with body of water. The Greeks al managements drank vino mixed with water to not become drunk so easily. They also did that to clean the water because drink contained natural antibacterial drug agents made during fermentation. 3. Describe what is meant by the following quote and provide evidence. Wine was Wee Tit Wine was riches means that wine was an accurate representation of ones wealth and status. For fount, property-owning classes in Athens were categorized ground on their vineyard holdings. Also, wine made Greece and people rich. whizz of Graces major exports included wine.Another example is that farmers could pass water xx more cultivating vines opposed to growing grain. Finally, wine was portrayed on coins in Greece. 4. Describe the symposium a. What was it? The symposium was a formal drinking party in Greece. They were venues for playful but adversarial discussion. Having this reminded the Greeks on how civilized they were. B. How was it ritualistic? The symposium was ritualistic. One example of that was sometimes after the symposium was the Samos. It was a ritual where members of a drinking group (hetaeras) would go onto the streets to fork out how strong and tightly ended the group was. C.How did it illustrate Greek culture? The symposium illustrated Greek culture because it was a place where they could show off ones intelligence. This shows how Greeks regarded themselves as civilized and everyone else was not. It was also just a place where friends would go to hang out and drink. 5. To what extent was the symposium a suitable venue for getting at the truth? develop Wine makes people less conscious and aware of surroundings. This means that people will more apt(predicate) speak the truth because m whatsoever times people will lie to not get in trouble. The Greeks knew this and in that locationfore many debates happened while they were drinking wine. . Compare and Contrast the use of wine in Greece and capi tal of Italy. (Provide any combination of three similarities and differences) The use of wine in Greece and Rome were similar in some ways. First, wine was an important part of life for both people it was a universal staple drink. They both believed in drinking wine in a civilized manner. Both included mixing wine with water. Also, wine was a factor in determining wealth. The rich in both places drank wine that was very limited. The nett similarity in the SE of wine shared by Greece and Rome was where they drank it.Although the Symposium (Greece) and the Conniving (Rome) were different in the specifics that went on, they were both places where people went to hang out and drink some wine. The use of wine in Greece and Rome were different in some ways. For example, in Greece wine was a luxury. However, in Rome it was a necessity. The way Romans differentiated the rich and the poor was by the content of their goblets and their ability to shape fine wines. The ability to name fine win es showed that they were able to afford those wines. Finally, the Karate, which was a large vase use to mix water and wine, was rarely used in Rome.The Karate was used often during Greek symposiums. The man in Rome would mix it himself So the want for the Karate was unnecessary. 7. How was wine associated with Christianity? Provide evidence. Wine was associated with Christianity for a few reasons. First of all, a Roman soldier offered deliverer Christ a sponge dipped in wine during his crucifixion. Also according to the bible, Chrisms first miracle was the shifting of 6 jars of water into wine. Christ also offered wine to his disciples at the last upper, which led to the role of wine in Eucharist.Eucharist was a Christian ritual where bread & wine symbolizes Jesus Chrisms body and blood. 8. Explain and examine change and continuity in the use Of wine from the classical Mediterranean gentleman to today. Even today, there is still much continuity in the use of wine from the classic al Mediterranean world. One example is that wine contain uses to be regarded as vote most civilized drink. The symposium and conniving has now evolved into the young suburban dinner party. A similarity in what goes on in a symposium and a raw dinner party sis they both fuel intelligent concussion.This includes science, politics, math etc. Even now, the soldiers chooses the wine and how expensive it is due to the importance of the occasion and social standing. There are some changes in the use of wine from the classical Mediterranean world to today. Countries that drink the most wine in the world would have been regarded as barbarians by Greece and Rome. These countries include Germany, Austria, and Belgium etc. Another change is the accessibility of wine. Wine is exceedingly abundant nowadays and today every one of every social standing can easily obtain wine.

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