Friday, May 10, 2019

Assignment 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 12

3 - Assignment precedentThe spot gasoline prices are the prices that have an influence on the wholesale of gasoline. This is the price paid by stations when filling their storage tanks. The current price of commodity is $2.18 per gallon (Roseman n.d). This changes depending with season. For instance, during winter the prices are seeming to go down by almost a half. The stipulations for the commodity have changed since 1998 (Brand n.d). This is as way of keeping up with the new technologies being invented and especially in the oil production and refinery sectors. Also, the changes in the commodity specification are a method of creating environsal friendly products thereby reducing the products negative impacts on the environment (Roseman n.d). Sulphur levels in the Canadian gasoline are not to second-rate more than 30 move per million. Similarly, the sale of Benzene has been limited to 1.5% by volume.The current future of gasoline is that the prices are likely to shoot. This is because this is what has been trending from February 2015 until parade 9 2015 (Roseman n.d). For example, the price was $2.332 on February 23 2015, $2.473 on March 2 2015 and $2.487 on March 9 2015 (Brand n.d). This explains the trend that the prices are going up every week. I expect the price of gasoline to average $3/bbl. The reason for this projection is that the current futures are suggesting a very high uncertainty in the overall price outlook. For instance, the future contracts for May 2015 averaged $52/bbl. This indicates an average of 52% volatility and 95% speeding and lower limits. This confirms that the market expectations will widen over time.In my opinion, I would recommend that the projections for the commodity be set a month before the release of the commodity. The executive committee should avoid long ages predictions as this is affecting the price of gasoline. For example, if they predict the price shall go up even when the parsimoniousness is doing great, the

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