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Innovation to Sustainability of Lexus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Innovation to Sustainability of Lexus - Essay Example2010, p.1). This paper will then critically discuss the sustainable innovation results of Lexus Company in relation to Lexus CT 200h series. Evaluative Points Innovation schema Lexus has been amongst the highest ranked bon ton in motor vehicle industry. The innovation of the name Lexus which is associated with luxury has attracted many a(prenominal) customers to these products since it is a symbol status. The smart set has introduced some of the most advanced vehicle with modern features to meet the users needs. The follow has splay day sessions where they involve their clients in displaying their vehicles. The customers give birth had an opportunity to make their contributions on the brand of vehicle that they need. unrivalled of the important aspects of innovation in Lexus is to bring about war-ridden advantage within the market. The company conducts content study and assess the customers tastes and preferences so as to come up with vehicles that meet their needs. The innovation in this company has led to continuous improvements in the industry. The vehicles argon produced with specific features that suit specific tasks. The materials used to develop the vehicles are mixed with chemicals therefore making them more durable. The vehicllles manufactured are safe for most users. They use less(prenominal) fuel therefore conservint the environment and saving on fuel expenditure. (Pellissier, 2008, p.98) Although this rear be achieved through many ways, the biggest problem or challenge is how to sustain it especially in the competitive auto humanity where cars are unveiled every year. The company products are being imitated by other companies therefore losing originality. The innovation comes with supernumerary cost thus making the price of vehicles too high to the customers. The vehicles require regular It is important to set out competitive markets but also it is equally important to look at the o rganization of firms. This is important for competitive advantage because organization is important in determining how resources are allocated and utilized. Lexus organization is similar to that of its mother company Toyota which is decentralized with each entity being autonomous (Stirman, Kimberly, Cook, Calloway, Castro, & Charns, 2012, p.1). Research and developments The company has carried out many researches to come up vehicles that suit the needs of different customers. The company conduct field studies to assess different terrain so that they can make vehicle for specific areas. In the materials used to make the vehicle they conduct tests to ascertain their military strength and strength. The vehicles have evolved through many stages, designs and designs to meet the changing trends in consumer tastes and preferences. The company has grown into an international company exporting vehicles to all regions of the globe. The company has set up assembly subsidiaries in many parts o f the world so as to meet the consumer needs wants and needs (Roy, 1994, p.103). The research and development have led to energetic transformation in the vehicles produced by the company. The vehicles of the company have been tailor made to adapt to various demographics. The researches have set up high standard on the quality of vehicle. The research and developments have led to an increase in market for the company products. The company has researcher for different matters therefore giving the company a competitive advantage since the researchers are specialized. The vehicles of Lexus are manufacture in accordance with the researchers

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