Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Critically assess the virtues and shortcomings of Britain's Essay

Critically assess the virtues and shortcomings of Britains un- systematise Constitution. Critically assess the Pr - judge ExampleFor this reason, the acts and laws lasted in parliament become the constitution, as prospicient as they have respect to the reign of parliament as well as the principles of governance and legislation. The parliament in this case is sovereign and schoolmaster to every other institution in Britain, which means that it has the mandate of interpreting the constitution, thereby representing the sovereign forget of the people. The un-codified British constitution constitutes value and political ideas that atomic number 18 based on ideals and precepts rather than fundamentals that are based on texts or documents (Williams, 1998 p 57). This means that the constitution and laws are symbols of the embodiment of their political culture, traditions and values of the British society. One of the strengths of the un-codified British constitution is that it is flexibl e. Many countries with the codified constitution find it rugged to pass legislation since the political relation is accountable and the constitution is protects individuals. For instance, Britain was able to pass legislation meant to detain terror suspects for a long period after several terrorist attacks. Other countries with the codified constitution during this period found it difficult to do the same since their constitutions were protecting the liberties of individuals (Watts, 2007 p 204). For this reason, these governments were not able to detain the terror suspects for a long duration, as the relevant authorities continued with their investigations. Apart from the flexibility of the un-codified constitution, its other strength is that it is able to evolve. Individuals in society live according to the changes in the political climate. This gives the British parliament the power to change rough(a) of the laws that seem to be outdated, consequently changing the way people liv e in the society (Watts, 2007 p 202). The ability of the evolution of the un-codified constitution creates an environment that is comfortable for individuals to reside. For instance, in 1867, sovereignty was given to parliament, after it was taken away from the monarchy, which was responsible for the creation of a democratic political environment. This change made it possible for individuals to slam their place in society. On the other hand, other than the opposition in parliament, there are no provisions for checking the government. This is one of the major shortcomings of the un-codified constitution. The absence of the checks and balance mechanisms faculty lead to the creation of an unjust political system, where the government might be in a position to oppress individuals in the society selectively. victimization the previous example on terrorism, the British government had the capability of holding suspects for long periods, and with the probability that they might be lackin g enough evidence to charge them, the detainment would be an infringement on the rights of the individual. Contrary to this, the codified constitution presents an opportunity for the creation of a political system that is just (Williams, 1998 p 52). In this case, the government will not be able to oppress individuals in the society, unless they have concrete evidence that a suspect is a terrorist. Before charging the suspect, he or she will be able to continue enjoying some of the rights and freedoms in society.

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