Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The City To Surf Fun Run Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

The City To pasture delight get - Case Study ExampleThe race is conducted in four categories which are Marathon, Half Marathon,12km Run and 4km Run while each category has two sub-categories for male and female (City 2 Surf b). The way out calls for a large number of runners around 60,000 runners from around the world to participate in the run in different groups to promote fast runners. On its 40th anniversary in August 2010 almost 80,000 muckle joined race making it largest run of its kind (The Sun Herald, 2012). A number of participants have been development since then and last year 85000 people joined (Richardson, 2012). A similar event is also conducted in Perth state of Australia initiated by ACTIV foundation with the road course of 4km, 12 km and 42 km starting time initiated in the year 1975. This event is the largest in state and second largest in the nation (City 2 Surf c). This report will conduct the analysis of the event in reference to the project management facto rs in project management domain. Project Management, first coined in 1950s has largely grown its domain in years. From the beginning of the topic, it was only confined with planning, budgeting and controlling areas of the given project (Bredillet, 2005) whereas now it has grown to link projects with collective strategies to enhance corporate competitiveness (Richardson, 2012). For understanding nature of projects, it requires understanding the two fundamental modes in which unfaltering operates an operational mode and project management mode. In former existing competencies are exploited to augment firms competitiveness whereas latter is aimed at researching new opportunities, new competitive advantage by using resources and cash (Alojairi and Safayeni, 2009). Difference between both is given in the image below

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