Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Essay --

THE JULIA GABRIEL ONLINE MEDIA BRAND VOICEOur brand voice captures our unique personality and shares it with the world. It distinguishes us from the others and informs them of everything we do, everything we write and everything we say. Its how our audiences hear us and how they toy with us, and its how we share our bold vision for the future. Good communication is more than what we say its how we say it. While having an online fond media presence is exciting, we need to remember that whichever platform we engage our audiences on, it becomes a brand media storefront that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This immutable connectivity makes it more important than ever for us maintain brand standards on social networks, as well as all forms of digital marketing.We need to remember that while interacting in social networks can provide efficient channels to communicate the uniqueness, value and personality of our brand to a very specific audience, on that point are expectations an d responsibilities that Julia Gabriel Centres need to be aware of, to ensure that our brand is protected. The same considerations that apply to our messaging and communications in conventional media still apply in the online social media space. This means engaging our target audience with a consistent brand experience and messaging, that is not only in the right context, but similarly communicated with the intended voice, look and feel that is consistent with our brand identity. Have fun, but be smart. Use sound judgment and common sense, adhere to the Companys values, and the same Company policies that you follow in the offline world. BASIC SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES (FACEBOOK ORIENTED) Responsible EngagementWhile JGE is still exploring social ... ...nd when necessary to maintain conversations.Brainstorm ideas crossways Centres to decide on appropriate engagement approaches that can be taken out across all the markets Hold regular meetings internally to discuss bi-monthly electric al capacity plans where new ideas on contests, and activities can be shared and discussedHave an online content approval process in place, particularly for major campaigns such as competitions and promotions to aline activities with the brand values and positioning Consider agreeing on a planned content ratio of 60% centralised and 40% localised content for a balance of consistency and spontaneity. Countless conversations take place online every day, and we want our Centres, who are our brand ambassadors, to join those conversations, represent our brand well, and share the optimistic and appointed spirit of the JGE group of companies.

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