Monday, May 6, 2019

Operations Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Operations Management - look Paper ExampleThe aim of this project is to identify key weaknesses in the operations management outline of the Religious Health Cargon, review of literature on the topics, and offer recommendations that the firm could use to improve on its weaknesses.Religious Health C argon has been experiencing continual decline in employee morale, which has resulted in reduced quality of operate provided to clients this phenomenon has been blamed on the poor or non-existent sense of leadership in the organization. Junior employees do not have models in the precedential employees that they can use as a guide in their careers, or even in the provision of services in Religious Health Care. It is well known that the beaver way to lead people is by example, and though the firm has elaborate guidelines for the provision of health care, the senior employees do not abide by those guidelines, and junior employees do not see the need for doing so too. Moreover, there seems to be no consequences for not abiding by the company rules in any case, recruits are not familiarized with these guidelines during induction, and with the passage of time, it is as if these guidelines are non-existent.Communication is another key functional element that is underrated at Religious Health Care the firm does not seem to have enough of it. For instance, decisions are made by the management without consulting internal or external stakeholders which is destructive for the organization since the former are the implementers of company policies and the latter are the recipients of the effects of the implementation of these policies. The management holds meetings with employees only to inform them of decisions that have already been made, making employees, like any other business resources, to be exploited without caring about their feelings or welfare. Religious Health Care has a top-to-bottom management style, whereby employees do not have a theatrical role to

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