Monday, June 10, 2019

BUS 187 Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

BUS 187 Project - Essay ExampleHofstede also emphasized on the understanding of peoples behavior and frankincense their previous, present and future behavior can be predicted (Hofstede, 150). In this regard, five dimensions of culture have been identified uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and masculinity versus femininity, individualism versus sovietism and long term versus short term orientation.France exhibit 15-16 power distance, 10-11 individualism, 35-36 masculinity and 10-15 and uncertainty avoidance (Hofstede, 180). Individualism and collectivism have been cited as the most of the essence(p) aspects in which societies differ. According to Patwardhan (249), the understanding of the difference between individualistic and collectivist society is crucial in understanding consumer behavior (Patwardhan, 249). France with individualism versus collectivism great power of 10th and 11th shows that it is highly individualistic. This shows that both countries are not compatible wit h direct selling as a strategy. Since France is highly individualistic, the ties between individuals are calorie-free thus actions are rarely taken in a collective manner and everyone is expected to bother much about his or her immediate families (Patwardhan, 250). In this respect, the interest of French society does not prevail over the interest of individual members of the society. This is a very key factor LOREAL Company in designing the brands and their respective marketing, promotional and advertisement campaigns. Unlike collectivism, the French think of themselves as I and do not act collectively or shed their identity from the society. This analysis therefore presents the consumer behavior of France which must be considered in marketing.France as an individualistic society does not promote direct selling as a mode of promotion of products. However, advertisement is likely to perform very well in

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