Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Importance of Palliative Care to the Old Dying Individuals Dissertation

The Importance of Palliative Care to the Old Dying Individuals - Dissertation ExampleThe authors of this article carried out a study on 1,254 physicians using questionnaires. Most of the respondents used were women with a mean age of 45. This study was the first Dutch study carried out to give an shrewdness into the practice of CPS by nursing home physicians. The study fails to recognize the importance of temporary palliative sedation, which was not included in the study. However, I summate with the findings of the study that administration of CPS to patients with cancer and dementia differ in several ways. This study was carried out in six veterans affairs medical centers turn up in the southeast United States. It implemented palliative manage, a multi-component, and nurture based intervention through staff training, written materials, electronic order set, and comply up consultations. The study was a qualitative research that involved the use of telephone interviews and quali tative data analysis. The results of the research carried out are useful in optimizing the best practices in acute care settings. The article focuses on the end of life nursing education consortium captious care (ELNEC-CC) programs that were funded by skanky stone foundation to improve end of life care education of care nurses in California. From the study, ELNEC-CC offers an emphasis on the end of life areas specific to critical care. It is evident that the participants consider the ELNEC-CC materials as helpful in giving professional education.The authors carry out a research on acute and critical care nurses on the aging population. From the findings, the authors conclude that there is no adequate education on the nurses to take care of the population 388 participants were used for the study through education in ELNEC modules. The participants revised policies and made changes in their workplaces so that better care is provided for dying critical care patients. The authors of t his article carried out a study to run along an evaluation of ELNEC oncology training program. The study was carried out using 124 nurses representing 74 chapters of ONS.

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